2014 Honda Accord V6 Coupe 6MT Lengthy-Term Test: 36 Months and 45,500 Miles


It is been about seven months since I ran out of warranty in my 2014 Accord EX-L V6 6MT. We’re now just a touch more than 45,500 miles at the third anniversary of acquire, and I’ll confess I’m beginning to get a little itchy about the notion of keeping a new automobile for this extended. Only four times in my life have I kept a street-titled automobile past the 3-year mark: my 1990 Fox stuck about 67 months, my 944 was in my possession for the greater element of 10 years, and I nonetheless have two Porsches I bought during the initial term of the G.W. Bush administration. Other than that, it is been churn-and-burn, usually someplace amongst the 18-month and 30-month marks.

There are sound factors to swap the Accord out, and sound causes to maintain it, as you will see below. I’ve also had a few exciting incidents with the vehicle, a single of which might even be regarded as a legitimate blotting of the proverbial copybook.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Pedals, Image: © 2017 Jack Baruth

The sensible-footwear crowd likes to feel of “prestige” car purchasers as spendthrift morons effortlessly distracted by shiny issues and cynical marketing and advertising, but I’m beginning to see a genuine benefit to owning anything like a late-model Audi or BMW right after three years taking pretty great care of my Accord. That benefit can very best be described as “touchable durability.” Fairly a lot almost everything that I put my hands or feet on in this car now has severe signs of wear, from the fragile, straightforward-scratch leather of the steering wheel to the shiny metal cutting by way of the clutch pedal pad.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Worn Leather Seat, Image: © 2017 Jack Baruth

I often clean and situation the Accord’s interior from prime to bottom, but that doesn’t cease the plasticized leather from creasing or the plastic from receiving shiny. And the paint … nicely, it does not bear mentioning. The 1986 Jaguar Vanden Plas that I owned from 1995 to 1999 looked far better right after fourteen years and 95,000 miles than this almost new Honda does nowadays. The front bumper and hood are a constellation of primer-colored dots and chips. Any bird droppings not cleaned within the very first hour or so end up leaving a bumpy surface in the clearcoat. Not even a quadruple application of Zaino could stop the carnage, but I’ll be stripping the paint down once again in April and quad-coating it with the Jersey plastic pseudo-wax just to slow down the pace at which the finish disintegrates.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Damaged Bumper, Image: © 2017 Jack Baruth

To make matters worse, last week my son and I were stopped at a train crossing when we were hit in the rear bumper by an amiable, completely-insured stoner in a Mazda three with evidence of a number of earlier low-speed crashes. The 3 of us became quickly close friends — he’s a harmonica player who is searching to play some gigs, assuming his roommate stops harshing his buzz by stealing his rolling papers — but the Honda’s back bumper is going to want some significant refinishing. Luckily for us I light-footed the brake and let the impact roll us forward a handful of feet that saved us from a total smash-up and kept my sons’s neck from being also sore.

This is all trivial stuff, nonetheless, and if you want a vehicle that is painted properly in this day and age I can only suggest that you find a Silver Spur III or 1 of the South African kit vehicles that are sprayed in an environment that doesn’t need to have to comply with any environmental regulations whatsoever. I’m serious about that the Superformance I owned back in 2001 was the very best-painted sports vehicle I’ve ever observed. It was like seeking into a black lake at midnight. I had a lot of time to contemplate the excellence of the paint every single time I was waiting for a flatbed.

Less excellent: the Mystery Oil Leak. A month ago, I swapped out the front and rear brake pads simply because they’d ultimately given up the ghost at the 45,000-mile mark. This integrated numerous trackdays so I wasn’t especially bitter about possessing to invest $ 110 on new pads with the expectation of new rotors in the spring. It was 31 degrees outside and dark to boot when I lastly got about to carrying out the pads, but fortunately for me I had a head-mounted flashlight and all of the correct tools, like the machine to twist the Accord’s rear-caliper pistons back. What a crappy program that is, by the way. There’s no way that the calipers would survive a lot more than about 3 pad modifications with out losing the integrity of the piston seals.

Anyway, when I backed the automobile out the next morning, I saw there was fluid underneath. I originally thought it was brake fluid, but it was oil. And when I put the Accord in the air, I discovered oil on the crossmember. There was nothing at all above it, nonetheless, and the oil level seems regular. Nor has the Mystery Leak returned. In 45 days or so, when I put the summer time tires back on, I’m going to degrease almost everything and then check once more right after a month has passed. In the meantime, I’m remaining both each confused and watchful.

There’s been 1 final oddity three instances now the Bluetooth media interface on the method has decided to play music from the appropriate speakers but not the left ones. It doesn’t influence the CD player or the radio, and it does not take place each time. This would point to a dilemma with a stereo-conductor cable except the whole point of Bluetooth is to dispense with mentioned cable. Oh properly. It is my problem, I suppose, because the warranty on that stuff elapsed now.

The rest of the Accord is as you would expect. The engine remains robust during a current Focus RS test, I found the Accord could match Ford’s hyper-hatch in a “60 roll.” The transmission is a bit notchy in the winter but the clutch shows no true signs of put on. The wind noise that has plagued the driver’s B-pillar is, if anything, obtaining greater.

Which leaves me with just one particular query: Sell or keep? I’m now down to about $ 12,100 on the loan, so I’m in equity. This was a condition that none of my precious German sedans and coupes ever actually reached. Need to I just pay it off and preserve it? Or must I sell it, get my income, and take delivery of a 2018 Accord coupe EX-L 6MT? That is supposedly the final year for this engine/powertrain combination.

Pros of swapping cars: newer, far better audio interface, a couple of a lot more years exactly where I’ll be in a position to drive a stick-shift auto to work each day, could clear-bra the new coupe the day I get it, may get the pearl white alternatively of the plain grey.

Cons: would rather be spending my vehicle payment on one thing is not an Accord in March of 2019, new front end of 2016-and-up Accord Coupes is pretty stupid-looking, may possibly be seized with uncontrollable want to get Challenger T/A six-speed rather and therefore derail the one particular aspect of my life that tends to make vague financial sense.

Really feel free to supply your opinions in the comments. Or if you are interested in becoming an Accord-ian your self, proper now, then I believe I’d take $ 19,999 for the car post-bumper repair, with brand-new tires on the factory wheels and new rotors on all four corners. It would be nice to have an individual take the choice out of my hands like that. But if that does not come about, I’ll see you at the 42-month mark, exactly where we’ll answer the queries: What was that mystery leak? Is the clutch pedal pad really the identical a single that is found on the ’93 Civic, as a single of my Instagram followers told me? And will the V6 get even stronger in its fourth year? Tune in half a year from now and uncover out!

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Honda Confirms Civic Type R for Geneva Debut and Summer Production

Civic Type R Prototype

There has been so a lot nonsense surrounding the 2018 Honda Civic Type R that it was becoming difficult to separate reality from the fiction. Speculation on the car’s engine and transmission was endless. There have been rumors that it could be as huge as three.five liters or a substantially smaller mill mated to a continuously variable transmission. Nevertheless, it turned out the most expected configuration was the correct a single — Occam’s razor, and all that.

Despite the fact that, right after so a lot conflicting data, when and where the two. liter turbo VTEC and its manual transmission would show up seemed uncertain. The Kind R was supposed to come to North America in the middle of this year, one thing 36 year olds have been begging for because they had been 16, but Honda hadn’t mentioned something concrete and that deadline is rapidly approaching without having anybody even having laid eyes on the production model.

Then, late final week, Honda Europe slipped in a modest mention that the Civic Sort R would debut in Geneva alongside the Clarity Fuel Cell and the NeuV electric concept whilst confirming the summer time production and quick export for North America.

While every person is chuffed that the wait to see the final production model will only be one more month, couple of count on it to look wildly various from the prototype we have been treated to last fall in Asia. Extended wheel arches, splitters, spoilers, and all of the other aggressive bodywork from its earlier incarnation are anticipated to remain — perhaps toned down slightly.

The 2. liter turbo is confirmed and anticipated to make much more than the prior model’s 306 hp and 295 lb-ft worth of torque, casting a lengthy shadow onto the friendlier Civic Si.

Assembly of the new Type R will begin in summer at Honda’s Swindon manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom and the car is to be simultaneously be released in Europe, Japan, and the United States. If you’re taking into consideration taking delivery on the Civic, the Geneva Motor Show runs from March 9 to March 19 and we’ll have the complete allotment of information on the production car then.

Civic Type R Prototype

[Images: Honda]

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What to Do When Your Honda Dealership Has the Identical Name as a Dead Klansman

Honda dealer sign

It is been a rough week at Frank Ancona Honda of Olathe, Kansas.

The loved ones-owned dealership, in operation just southwest of Kansas City considering that 1961, has successfully weathered all of the storms that periodically pummel dealers of all stripes.

Then, final weekend, a body discovered on the banks of Missouri’s Large River — about a 5-hour drive to the east — gave the dealership the type of consideration that no business wants. The corpse, which had a bullet hole in its head, also had a name: Frank Ancona.

No, the founder of Frank Ancona Honda is nevertheless alive and effectively at 85. But a lot to his dismay, the Frank Ancona found by the Massive River was none other than the 51-year-old imperial wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

There have been phone calls to the dealership. Numerous of them, in truth.

When Automotive News first broke the story, the dealership had currently posted a disclaimer on its internet site. “Frank Ancona Honda is not in any relation to the KKK leader that was not too long ago found dead,” read any car shopper browsing for deals on a Odyssey or Accord.

A excellent point to know. However, not everybody does the groundwork to steer clear of leaping to conclusions.

Ancona told AN not extended after news of the killing spread that his dealership received numerous calls from men and women “ranting and raving,” obtaining mistaken him for the KKK leader.

“I believed, ‘Here we go once more,’” Leon Wharton, the dealer’s basic manager, told the Kansas City Star. The dealer very first discovered there was a hateful duplicate name out there in 2014, when the same Frank Ancona was interviewed following the shooting deaths of three Jewish individuals in Overland Park, Kansas.

Wharton stated the news media has done a good job dispelling any connection between the dealer and the KKK leader, but social media is yet another story. Speculation has run rampant on the internet, and that has led to a lot more telephone calls. Most have come from those looking to uncover out the identity of the Honda-loving Frank Ancona, even though 1 offered sympathies for the dealer’s plight.

Other people, placed by people who think themselves mighty clever, have proved much more of an annoyance.

“We got a telephone get in touch with from a consumer yesterday who pretended to be a member of the KKK in Mississippi,” Wharton stated. “He stated he wanted to provide his condolences at the death of our leader. Our receptionist said, ‘After I explained that our “leader” is alive and effectively and not a KKK member, he fessed up and said, “I was just kidding.”‘”

In spite of the undesirable consideration, Wharton claims he isn’t too concerned about the name hurting the organization.

“February is normally 1 of the worst months in the automobile business as it is,” he explained. “It just by no means does do really properly in comparison to the other months. So could it have some impact? Yes. But can I pinpoint that it is negatively affected company? No, not actually.”

As for the dead man, Ancona’s wife and stepson have been charged in his killing.

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Basic Motors Wants $two Billion For Opel/Vauxhall: Report


What’s the selling price tag for a large automaker’s entire European operations? $ 2 billion, apparently — one billion in money and an additional billion in gained liabilities.

That is the valuation that General Motors and PSA Group are discussing as the American automaker attempts to unload its Opel and Vauxhall divisions, Bloomberg reports.

Sources close to the discussions claim an agreement could be reached as soon as subsequent Thursday. That’s when PSA releases its 2016 earnings report.

However, there’s no shortage of sticking points that could sink the deal. The sources claim issues like pension liabilities, brand worth and savings possible have however to be hammered out.

Germany was shocked to understand of GM’s plans earlier this week, with politicians joining Opel’s performs council and union in expressing concern — bordering on outrage — more than the American company’s failure to seek the advice of them. The sources claim that GM will require to stroll a economic tightrope. On one side, the price has to be low enough for PSA to shake hands, but there also requirements to be expense savings that Germany, Britain and the unions can agree on. A tall order.

Neither nation desires to see any if the assembly plants close, nor drop any of its workforce. Three Opel plants are situated in Germany, whilst Britain hosts two Vauxhall plants.

Whilst an acquisition of Opel/Vauxhall by PSA would assist the companies seize a greater European market share while sharing technology, some merchandise — and the factories in which they’re built — might not have a long lifespan.

“We are prepared to conduct talks with PSA in the case of an acquisition openly and in a constructive manner and to bring those talks to a conclusion as soon as possible,” said Wolfgang Schaefer-Klug, Opel’s top labor representative, stated in a statement these days.

“Our objective need to be to seize the current possibilities to safeguard employment and internet sites to produce a profitable Opel/Vauxhall.”

What the sell-off implies for Buick, which relies heavily on Opel for its U.S. lineup, is up for debate. TTAC, of course, has a handful of ideas.

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2018 Hyundai Accent – Familiar Lines on a Not-so-subcompact Subcompact


Does it look familiar?

If you haven’t seen a new product from Hyundai in the past year and a half, your answer is probably a half-hearted “maybe.” However, the 2018 Hyundai Accent borrows enough design cues from the larger Elantra that the answer should be a solid “Oh, definitely.”

Introduced today at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, the fifth-generation Accent promises more of the things that matter: interior room, length, width, acceleration and fuel economy.

It also breaks from the past in another way. Due to its growth spurt, the Accent — once among the most diminutive cars on the road — can now be classified as a compact.

So, how much did the Accent grow? Inside, volume is up by 1.27 cubic feet in sedan form, and 1.34 cubes in five-door hatchback guise. Cargo volume in the hatch increases by just over half a cubic foot. Not a huge increase, but vehicles have a way of nudging the size ceiling to compete in their respective segments. Many exist just inside the boundaries of their size class.

Outside, the Elantra adopts the long bodyside lines of the Elantra, boosting the vehicle’s impression of length. The wide corporate grille has a similar effect, bringing a newfound sense of “serious car” width to the entry-level model. It’s not all in your mind, however. Overall length of the sedan is up six-tenths of an inch, while the hatch now stretches an extra 2.8 inches.


Both bodystyles see four-tenths of an inch added to the wheelbase and an extra 1.1 inches of width. Roof height has stayed put, thought ground clearance has shrunk by four-tenths of an inch.

Hyundai Canada claims the Accent’s newly stiffened body boasts 13 percent more high-strength steel than before, translating into a 32-percent increase in torsional rigidity. That helps eliminate noise/vibration/harshness issues and improve ride quality. The automaker has also installed new rear shocks and a motor-driven power steering system for improved handling.

Inside, the industry-wide trend of packing more content and premium cues into compact and subcompact vehicles continues. More soft-touch surfaces, a standard backup camera and upgraded touchscreen display — which maxes out at 7 inches — joins firmness-adjustable seats for comfortable long-range cruising. A proximity key and push-button start is offered on higher-end trims, as is automatic emergency braking.

Crash protection is also expected to top the previous generation, thanks to reinforcements added to defeat the small overlap crash test.

For 2018, Hyundai engineers fine-tuned the direct-injection 1.6-liter engine for economy and passing performance. Power output drops, from 137 horsepower and 123 lb-ft of torque in 2017 models to 132 hp and 119 lb-ft in next-generation guise. While this would seem to make the new Accent pokier, it isn’t the case.

The automaker claims available torque at 1,500 rpm has increased 4.6 percent, which aids in launches, while acceleration times have been shortened by two-tenths of a second between 25 and 50 miles per hour, and by 1.3 seconds between 50 and 75 miles per hour. Hyundai is aiming at driveability with these improvements. Fuel economy should increase by 7 percent, Hyundai claims.

The same six-speed manual found in the current generation can also be found in the 2018 Accent, though the six-speed automatic has been reworked to shed weight. Automatic models also gain a Sport mode button to wring extra performance from the engine.

While subcompacts aren’t as hot as, say, anything with available all-wheel drive, Hyundai needs to stay competitive in a segment where the Accent currently ranks Number 2. The Accent finished behind the Versa in sales last year, but it did see its sales rise 30 percent to 79,766 units, 17 percent of a segment that slid 3 percent.

The 2018 Hyundai Accent sedan arrives on dealer lots in the fourth quarter of 2017, with the five-door variant appearing on Canadian lots in early 2018. Sorry, America, only sedans for you.

[Images: Hyundai Auto Canada]

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Jeep’s High-end Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer Won’t be Unibody Right after All


Following claiming that the upcoming Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer SUVs would use a variant of the subsequent-generation Grand Cherokee’s unibody platform, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has changed its mind.

Speaking at the North American International Auto Show, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne stated the prime-end SUVs will instead adopt physique-on frame architecture, Automotive News reports. The change tosses the vehicles’ lofty predicted value ceiling — $ 140,000, according to Jeep boss Mike Manley — in the trash heap.

Both models are bound for FCA’s aging Warren truck plant, which will acquire a significantly-needed money injection. Describing Warren as becoming “in dire need of a substantial overhaul,” Marchionne claimed that a portion of the automaker’s $ 1 billion will aid modernize and retool the plant soon after Ram 1500 production departs for Sterling Heights.

Given that the word “Wagoneer” initial left the lips of FCA executives, the trajectory of the two models has been a strange one. 1st, the two had been rumored to simply be upper-level trims of the Grand Cherokees. FCA then clarified the roles, although both future models remained without having a residence as FCA shuffled U.S. production in a bid to boost Ram and Jeep output. Even though no longer assembly plant orphans, this most current news just adds to the uncommon create-up.

Nevertheless, FCA’s greatest Jeep concern remains bringing the subsequent-generation Wrangler to marketplace. Describing it as “the ideal auto,” Marchionne mentioned boosted Wrangler output at the Toledo Assembly Complex (300,000 per year, on paper) will satisfy the worldwide demand for the off-roader as soon as the updated model comes on-line. “It fixes all the issues with the old vehicle and keeps the identity of the Wrangler,” he said.

The new Wrangler will seem as a 2018 model, to be followed by a pickup variant, while the two luxury SUVs could seem as 2019 models.

What frame will the new SUVs use? The updated platform employed by the next-gen Wrangler would be as well narrow, leaving the subsequent-gen Ram 1500 — due to start off production in January 2018 — as a possibility, at least.

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Say Hello to Your Next Rental Vehicle, the 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport

2017 Nissan Rogue Sport, Image: Nissan

You know it. Nissan knows it.

Buyers are fleeing automobiles in favor of higher-riding crossovers. And the Rogue Sport is yet another a single.

Regardless of the name, Nissan’s newest utility is much less Rogue Jr. and a lot more overseas transplant. Nissan America adapted the Qashqai, offered in global markets given that 2006, with a new name to meet North American tastes (although not in Canada, where it’ll nonetheless use its Turkic nomenclature). The renaming guarantees we can pronounce it (and Nissan can preserve its Star Wars connection). Much more importantly, it hitches the new crossover to Nissan’s ideal selling nameplate.

2017 Nissan Rogue Sport Interior, Image: Nissan

Rogue sales surged 15 percent to 330,000 units in the U.S. last year, representing practically one particular out of four Nissans sold. With the Rogue Sport, Nissan slots a crossover between the successful Rogue and the aging Juke, and connects the new crossover to one particular of the most successful nameplates in Nissan history.

2017 Nissan Rogue vs Rogue Sport, Image: Nissan

The 172-inch-long Rogue Sport is inside a couple inches in overall length of the new Jeep Compass and Toyota C-HR, and neatly splits the distinction amongst the 185-inch-lengthy Rogue and the 162-inch-lengthy Juke. It also shares far more than just a striking visual resemblance to its bigger stalemate thanks to a shared platform.

The two-row, five-passenger crossover gets a 141-horsepower two.-liter 4 (as opposed to the two.5-liter four-cylinder equipped Rogue) mated to a Xtronic CVT transmission. As one may count on, this is a front-wheel-drive vehicle with optional all-wheel drive.

2017 Nissan Rogue Sport, Image: Nissan

Nissan is going exactly where the consumers are. In this case, that indicates slicing its crossover offerings thinner than fleet profit margins.

Assembled in Japan, the Rogue Sport will be offered in familiar S, SV, and SL trim levels. Pricing has not however been announced, but the Rogue Sport should arrive at dealers and rental lots this spring.

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Volkswagen Can Save 70,000 TDI Vehicles, if their Owners Want It


Assuming owners of two.-liter diesel Volkswagens aren’t so pissed at the company that thoughts of money extraction and corporate punishment fill their each waking hour, up to 70,000 of the little polluters could be spared.

Soon after failing several times to whip up a fix for the emissions-rigged engines, VW has produced a breakthrough with the U.S. government. That implies owners of particular VW and Audi cars have a choice to make.

The automaker’s $ 16.5 billion settlement clearly spelled out owners of impacted automobiles could sell their cars back to the business (and be handed an extra pile of cash for their troubles), or opt for a but-undefined repair. Effectively, the Environmental Protection Agency has now authorized a repair, Reuters reports.

Due to a alter in engine design, only the newest models equipped with 2.-liter diesels have a likelihood at a longer life. These incorporate 2015 Volkswagen Beetle, Golf, Golf SportWagen, Jetta, and Passat models, as nicely as the 2015 Audi A3.

The approved repair is twofold. Owners opting to preserve their diesels can go in for a minor software tweak appropriate away, which ought to reduce emissions slightly. Nonetheless, in about a year, a significantly bigger repair ought to turn into offered. These modifications include each computer software and hardware updates, which includes the installation of a diesel particulate filter, diesel oxidation catalyst and NOx catalyst.

EPA claims the complete fix will not influence the vehicles’ “fuel economy, reliability, or durability.”

Below the settlement, 85 % of the 475,000 affected automobiles should be off the road by June 2019, which tends to make the 70,000 figure a rosy theoretical ceiling. So far, the buyout choice has established popular, and with great cause. When else will an automaker spend pre-scandal value for a automobile, and hand you up to $ 10,000 as a present?

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