2017 Chevrolet Spark ACTIV: America’s Tiniest Crossover

Chevy Spark ACTIV image: General Motors

Chevrolet most likely is not expecting clients to take their Spark ACTIVs down a fire road or out for a day of rock crawling. Nonetheless, it is leveraging the outdoorsy concept to say the ACTIV will somehow be greater at these issues than a standard Spark to encourage sales and rationalize a higher value tag.

America’s enjoy-affair with crossovers is bigger than ever and General Motors is hoping there’s room for this added-little entry into the very popular segment.

The ACTIV gives off the illusion that you can take the Spark out of the city and into the country with “trail-inspired accents.”

General Motors has modified the look of the regular itty-bitty Spark to give it a bit of sport utility flair. It gets unique front and rear fascias with accents influenced by off-road skid plates, dark plastic wheelhouse moldings, new rocker panels, 15-inch alloy wheels, and fog lamps.

The ACTIV has been raised 4 tenths of an inch and comes with roof rails for securing your mountain bike, camping supplies, or hang glider — based on how ACTIV you want your Instagram to be.

Chevrolet also set the tiny crossover up with a leather steering wheel and heated leatherette front seats.

For $ 16,945, Basic Motors will sell you a manual transmission ACTIV with a with 7-inch infotainment method, backup camera, steering controls, and a few other factors the Spark LS lacks. If you don’t want a clutch, the Spark CUV with a CVT is $ 18,045.

That may well sound like a lot compared to the $ 13,535 MSRP of the base LS but, at that cost, you are missing out on all the previously pointed out goodies and critical things like cruise handle. A similarly equipped 2LT is roughly the exact same, if not slightly more high-priced than the ACTIV.

Chevrolet estimates the 1.four-liter Ecotec engine with the CVT is capable of 30 miles to the gallon in the city and 37 on the highway. The manual is practically as very good at 29 city/37 highway.

Chevy Spark ACTIV image: General Motors

While Chevy’s intent here was clearly to capitalize on the sales achievement of crossover vehicles and make the Spark look more woodsy, it might’ve truly produced a superior city car by accident. Black molding scratches greater than paint and that .4 inches could be just enough to help your subcompact crawl more than a low curb.

General Motors says the Spark ACTIV will be show up on dealer lots in the very first quarter of 2017.

[Photos: General Motors]

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