A lot more Effective, Turbocharged Mazda6 Most likely, No Speed3

Driving Matters Mazda6 Times Square Mesh Board South, Image: Mazda USA

Our personal Timothy Cain was smitten after spending a week with the midsize Mazda6. It’s a tough car to hate. With its attractive, sculpted sheetmetal, it’s a single of these cars you turn back to look at soon after you park it.

But the Mazda6, even with its prepared chassis and sporting demeanor, is nonetheless missing numerous ingredients, one of them energy. Call it the Miata Effect, or merely comprehend that Mazda does not have its own V6 to stuff below the Mazda6’s extended hood. Mazda’s midsize sedan isn’t nearly close to the most strong choice in the segment.

That may possibly alter though thanks to the Mazda CX-9 and its 2.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

According to CarAdvice, the new two.five-liter turbo powerplant, which pumps out 227 horsepower and 310 lbs-ft of torque, fits in models under the CX-9 thanks to clever packaging of the turbocharger and exhaust manifold.

“It fits in a lot of our vehicles, and exactly where we’re actually going to put it is another query,” David Coleman, Mazda North America’s car improvement engineer told the Australian outlet.

“It fits in the exact same package as the diesel fits in, and the identical package that the naturally aspirated 2.five-litre fits in. Generally, that large space we utilized for the bundle of snakes exhaust manifold, the turbo is in that space also. They’re all packaged to occupy the same space,” he said.

And even though the very same turbocharged engine fits in the Mazda3, do not get your hopes up.

“The efficiency autos of Mazda3 and other models, we don’t have plans at the moment,” stated Mazda international president and CEO Masamichi Kogai in October. “So we have to actually have one particular best model,” he stated in reference to a new rotary sports car.

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