Audi Demands Porsche’s Support for the R6


Despite sharing the comfort of a corporate umbrella, it appears that two standoffish German luxury tends to make are now pushing the beds together.

According to the German publication Autobild (through Autoguide), Audi is tapping Porsche’s expertise to create a new efficiency automobile, designed to occupy the vast gap in between the TT and R8 supercar.

Carrying the R6 moniker, which Audi trademarked in 2012 to created sure people kept their paws off it, the midrange sports vehicle is getting developed by a group that draws experience from both brands. The vehicle would ride atop a mid-engined Porsche Cayman/Boxster platform.

Creating a new platform for a single car would be a pricey affair for Audi, which explains the interest in Porsche.

Audi does not want a badge-engineered knockoff, so there’s significantly speculation more than what the end product would appear like. Autobild assumes that all-wheel drive and an Audi engine will be needed to differentiate the R6 from its Porsche brethren, on a mechanical level, at least.

Porsche has announced a line of four-cylinder engines for its smaller sized offerings, but those are horizontally-opposed mills (flat fours), so there’s a query of whether an Audi engine could fit in a Boxster-primarily based car. Though the report mentions a turbocharged 5-cylinder possibility, the dimensions of the vehicle will figure out if the R6 — if built — becomes a fast 5.

Slant Five, possibly?

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