Report: Supplier Warned VW About Illegal Device in 2007

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According to German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, Bosch engineers told Volkswagen in 2007 that computer software the supplier had offered for the vehicles in testing, which produced it into road vehicles, was illegal and ought to not be utilized.

The newspaper, which did not cite any sources in the story, stated a spokesperson for Bosch did not comment on the report.

If true, the report shows a fast push from the supplier — who admitted it supplied Volkswagen with the parts used to circumvent emissions requirements — to isolate the automaker’s duty for the scandal. Bosch issued a statement last week saying as a lot (emphasis mine):

As is usual in the automotive supply sector, Bosch supplies these elements to the automaker’s specifications. How these elements are calibrated and integrated into comprehensive vehicle systems is the responsibility of each automaker.

Bild’s story also suggests that VW executives had known about the deceitful measures its cars utilised to pass emissions tests, though it didn’t specify who or when executives may have identified.

Former VW CEO Martin Winterkorn said last week when he resigned that he was unaware of the “defeat devices” used by his diesel cars to cheat emissions tests.

The German newspaper (through Automotive News) mentioned that a 2005 initiative — just before Winterkorn’s tenure as CEO — to develop a diesel engine for the U.S. market place initially showed promise, but when engineers said that when a urea-based method would be required to clean emissions, executives balked at the additional $ 335 cost per car. The engines had been at some point developed with faulty application to skirt emissions guidelines.

Separately, German newspaper FAZ said Volkswagen was produced conscious by a single of its personal engineers in 2011 that its emissions management systems had been illegal.

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