Why Am I Here?

The Level3 Search Guide has been enabled to offer beneficial searches from net address errors. You entered an unknown name that the Armstrong service utilized to present website recommendations which you might locate useful. Clicking any of these suggestions offers you with Yahoo! search outcomes, which may possibly consist of relevant sponsored links.

Why should I use this?

The Level3 Search Guide makes locating what you are hunting for less difficult and much more practical. The service uses the entered non-current site name to figure out useful search benefits. Typically, you will see a preferred web site or web page that meets your needs.

Do you track my Internet usage?

No. The Level3 Search Guide basically redirects queries to non-current domain names to a helpful search results page instead of a cryptic error message web page or browser-defined web page.

What is DNS?

DNS is an acronym for the Internet’s Domain Name Method. The DNS is mostly used to map Web laptop addresses to domain names such as ‘’ For a lot more details, please pay a visit to

How do I disable this service?

If you really feel that this service is not right for you, please pay a visit to your Preferences to disable. However, in case you ever want to re-allow this free of charge service, you ought to bookmark or favourite this page in your browser, so that you can uncover and adjust your Preferences as preferred.

Who is Level 3?

Level three Communications is a premiere worldwide communications provider headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, that supplies communications services to enterprise, government and carrier clients.

Anchored by extensive fiber networks on three continents connected by undersea facilities, our worldwide solutions platform features deep metro assets reaching much more than 500 markets in more than 60 countries.

Level 3’s worldwide network reliably and securely gives enhanced, scalable network capabilities to address the increasingly complex operating atmosphere of today’s technology landscape.

We take finish-to-finish responsibility for monitoring and keeping the network. We listen to what you need and engineer solutions to your specifications. Our comprehensive portfolio of information, security, video, voice and unified communications options provide potent possibilities to address your most difficult IT challenges.

We can help you grow your company, expand into new markets and increase the efficiency of your operations. Since when it comes to your achievement, we think it is just as considerably our duty as it is yours.

Level three. Connecting and protecting the networked globe℠.

For a complete overview of Level 3 solutions, check out our Solutions and Products pages.

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