The Honda CR-Z is Now Dead Across North America

2016 Honda CR-Z, Image: Honda

So, Honda’s two-seater hybrid sports vehicle is officially belly-up in North America. There will not be a nicely-attended service or procession, just a solemn trickle of old models off of dealer lots.

Following TTAC confirmed that the CR-Z was done in Canada, and soon after a ‘Final Label’ edition bowed in Japan, word comes that the model has shuffled off into history everywhere else. Honda representatives confirmed to Auto and Driver that the automaker has pulled the plug on the CR-Z in North America.

Sales of the CR-Z rivaled continental drift for momentum, so it is no surprise the firm desires to turn its interest to two “volume models,” which is how the Honda reps referred to the 2017 Accord Hybrid and EV/plug-in/fuel cell Clarity lineup.

The CR-Z didn’t excel as a sports vehicle or a hybrid. For far less money, a utilised Chevrolet Cruze Eco beats it by 4 miles per gallon on the highway, and a sporty Civic can at least carry more than a single passenger. The model didn’t just fail to capture its niche — it killed it altogether.

With production discontinued (or slated to finish soon — either way, 2016 will be the last year), the flow of new models onto dealer lots will soon end. Neglect a funeral, celebrations may possibly spontaneously break out. Soon after the tap turns off, salespeople can begin getting rid of the enormous backlog of CR-Zs currently clogging inventories. Who knows, they may possibly truly mark them down.

[Image: Honda]

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