Porsche Wants To Get in On Some of That Classic Porsche Action

Classic Porsche Center

Porsche announced Friday that it opened its 1st classic Porsche center in the Netherlands, the initial among practically one hundred centers that will sell, service and make funds on maintain old sports automobiles.

The network will sooner or later include a center (or centers) inside North America, according to the automaker.

Porsche says that practically 70 percent of all the cars that it has produced are nonetheless on the road, and that its centers would be staffed with specially trained technicians that can determine and function on any problem. (Plus, Singer can not make all the money on old Porsches.)

According to the automaker, the centers will offer partial and total overhauls of Porsches and make accessible 52,000 distinct spare components for their automobiles.

Porsche stated all of its Porsche Classic Centre places — like those in North America — will be open by 2018.

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