2018 Hyundai Accent Completes Puberty, Becomes Complete-Grown Automobile

2018 hyundai accent

It appears like the awkward years are over for the subcompact Hyundai Accent.

Our first glimpse of the next-generation Accent comes courtesy of leaked pictures from China, where the model goes by the name Verna. In them, the Accent seems all grown up, adopting a huge grille and styling reminiscent of its bigger brother, the Elantra.

The model, which will appear sometime next year as a 2018 model, grows slightly in width and length. There’s talk that a hatchback version won’t accompany the sedan noticed in the leaked pictures, which seems practically sacrilegious, provided the Accent’s roots.

Speaking of speak, you’re not most likely to hear several animated water cooler conversations about the Accent, but it remains an critical model for the automaker. Hyundai sold 61,486 of them in the U.S. final year, so it is not about to start ignoring its entry in the subcompact industry.

But back to that grille. The 1st Accents to attain North American shores back in the mid-1990s featured a plastic-heavy face with a vestigial front air slot resembling something you’d see living near the ocean floor. The model received typical styling updates through the years, and a wholesome dose of competitive technology arrived in 2011, but this redesign genuinely closes the door on its lackluster econobox previous.


[Supply: AutoHome] [Image: Wikimedia Commons]

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