Honda Confirms Civic Type R for Geneva Debut and Summer Production

Civic Type R Prototype

There has been so a lot nonsense surrounding the 2018 Honda Civic Type R that it was becoming difficult to separate reality from the fiction. Speculation on the car’s engine and transmission was endless. There have been rumors that it could be as huge as three.five liters or a substantially smaller mill mated to a continuously variable transmission. Nevertheless, it turned out the most expected configuration was the correct a single — Occam’s razor, and all that.

Despite the fact that, right after so a lot conflicting data, when and where the two. liter turbo VTEC and its manual transmission would show up seemed uncertain. The Kind R was supposed to come to North America in the middle of this year, one thing 36 year olds have been begging for because they had been 16, but Honda hadn’t mentioned something concrete and that deadline is rapidly approaching without having anybody even having laid eyes on the production model.

Then, late final week, Honda Europe slipped in a modest mention that the Civic Sort R would debut in Geneva alongside the Clarity Fuel Cell and the NeuV electric concept whilst confirming the summer time production and quick export for North America.

While every person is chuffed that the wait to see the final production model will only be one more month, couple of count on it to look wildly various from the prototype we have been treated to last fall in Asia. Extended wheel arches, splitters, spoilers, and all of the other aggressive bodywork from its earlier incarnation are anticipated to remain — perhaps toned down slightly.

The 2. liter turbo is confirmed and anticipated to make much more than the prior model’s 306 hp and 295 lb-ft worth of torque, casting a lengthy shadow onto the friendlier Civic Si.

Assembly of the new Type R will begin in summer at Honda’s Swindon manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom and the car is to be simultaneously be released in Europe, Japan, and the United States. If you’re taking into consideration taking delivery on the Civic, the Geneva Motor Show runs from March 9 to March 19 and we’ll have the complete allotment of information on the production car then.

Civic Type R Prototype

[Images: Honda]

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The Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup is Definitely Going to Occur, CEO Confirms

2015 Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept

If you collected all of the ink spilled more than the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup’s chances of entering production, it would overflow the unibody model’s abbreviated bed.

Well, Hyundai just put a year and a half’s worth of rumors to rest, confirming to Motor Trend that the automobile-primarily based pickup is certainly a go, and will seem in 2018 as a 2019 model.

“We have created the decision,” stated Dave Zuchowski, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America. “We have not produced the announcement.”

That announcement will come at either the Los Angeles or Detroit auto show.

Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept

The youthful Santa Cruz notion first appeared at the North American International Auto Show in 2015, producing a lot of buzz — even from these with no personal memories of the long-departed Chevrolet El Camino. Blending a crossover and a pickup, the concept seemed destined to fill an untapped niche industry.

Even this past week, speculation was rampant about the model’s looming approval.

According to Motor Trend, the Tucson-based pickup underwent a design and style assessment earlier this month. The automaker is close to finalizing a style, and anticipates that it can sell 50,000 units a year. Outsider estimates put the figure at 70,000.

Hyundai engineers are busy creating a diesel engine for European Genesis models, and that mill could uncover its way into the production Santa Cruz, providing the pickup respectable grunt.

In the interview, Zuchowski laments his company’s automobile-heavy industry share, calling its model lineup an “adverse mix” of vehicles. Adding the Santa Cruz would diversify the company’s offerings, potentially luring new buyers to the brand with a exclusive solution.

The timing appears correct for the Santa Cruz, provided recent sales development in the midsize pickup market place.

[Pictures: Hyundai]

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Nissan Confirms $23,325 Value For Altima We Can Be Correct – When

2016 Nissan Altima SR

Nissan announced Tuesday that its refreshed Altima would start at $ 23,325 (including $ 825 destination) when that car goes on sale later next month (you read it here first!) and outlined pricing for its seven different trims.

The newly introduced SR trim, with smoked headlights, rear spoiler (probably adds 10 percent fast or so), 18-inch wheels and other unique features, will start at $ 25,295 for the 2.5-liter four, or $ 28,215 for the 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine.

The base S trim is $ 200 more than the current model; the top-trimmed 2016 3.6 SL is priced $ 260 lower than the 2015 model.

The base 2016 Altima comes in at $ 400 more than the base 2016 Honda Accord and $ 240 more than a base 2016 Ford Fusion and $ 1,010 less than an entry Mazda6. Compared to the 2016 Toyota Camry, the Altima rings up $ 580 less. It’s closest competitor in terms of price is the Chevrolet Malibu, where the Nissan rings in $ 45 cheaper.

If you’re cross-shopping the rest of the world, here’s a shotgun spray of comparative pricing:

• The 2016 Altima costs $ 335 more than the base 2015 Chrysler 200;
• A base 2015 Volkswagen Passat costs $ 1,165 less than the Altima;
• A base 2016 Buick Regal costs $ 5,060 more than a 2016 Altima;
• A base 2016 Kia Optima runs $ 365 less than the 2016 Altima;
• The 2016 Altima is $ 740 more than a base 2016 Hyundai Sonata.

According to Nissan, the volume models — which will likely be the S or SV trims when the car goes on sale — will cost $ 23,725 and $ 26,285.

The higher trims of the Altima will run from $ 29,395 for the 2.5 SL, $ 28,215 for the 3.5 SR and $ 32,915 for the 3.5 SL.

(All prices include destination and delivery because who doesn’t have to pay that?)

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