Honda Confirms Civic Type R for Geneva Debut and Summer Production

Civic Type R Prototype

There has been so a lot nonsense surrounding the 2018 Honda Civic Type R that it was becoming difficult to separate reality from the fiction. Speculation on the car’s engine and transmission was endless. There have been rumors that it could be as huge as three.five liters or a substantially smaller mill mated to a continuously variable transmission. Nevertheless, it turned out the most expected configuration was the correct a single — Occam’s razor, and all that.

Despite the fact that, right after so a lot conflicting data, when and where the two. liter turbo VTEC and its manual transmission would show up seemed uncertain. The Kind R was supposed to come to North America in the middle of this year, one thing 36 year olds have been begging for because they had been 16, but Honda hadn’t mentioned something concrete and that deadline is rapidly approaching without having anybody even having laid eyes on the production model.

Then, late final week, Honda Europe slipped in a modest mention that the Civic Sort R would debut in Geneva alongside the Clarity Fuel Cell and the NeuV electric concept whilst confirming the summer time production and quick export for North America.

While every person is chuffed that the wait to see the final production model will only be one more month, couple of count on it to look wildly various from the prototype we have been treated to last fall in Asia. Extended wheel arches, splitters, spoilers, and all of the other aggressive bodywork from its earlier incarnation are anticipated to remain — perhaps toned down slightly.

The 2. liter turbo is confirmed and anticipated to make much more than the prior model’s 306 hp and 295 lb-ft worth of torque, casting a lengthy shadow onto the friendlier Civic Si.

Assembly of the new Type R will begin in summer at Honda’s Swindon manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom and the car is to be simultaneously be released in Europe, Japan, and the United States. If you’re taking into consideration taking delivery on the Civic, the Geneva Motor Show runs from March 9 to March 19 and we’ll have the complete allotment of information on the production car then.

Civic Type R Prototype

[Images: Honda]

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2017 Volvo V90 Cross Nation: The Swedes Debut an Anti-Crossover

New Volvo V90 Cross Country Studio

What a distinction a lift makes.

Often the purveyors of some thing distinct, Sweden’s Volvo Car Corporation has officially lifted the veil on its newest product — a lifted, all-terrain version of its sophisticated V90 wagon.

Just do not get in touch with it a crossover. It’s a Cross Nation.

Perhaps all-terrain is a misnomer. Feel “more terrain” instead. The V90 Cross Nation, very first revealed at final November’s Los Angeles Auto Show, is meant to replace the brand’s slow-selling XC70. That wagon also sported a raised ride height and all-wheel drive, with a very wholesome dash of plastic bodyside cladding.

Thankfully, the body cladding has gone the way of the Aztek and Avalanche.

With the Cross Nation, Volvo has fleshed out its 90-series lineup. Long, sophisticated and packed with technologies, the best shelf sedan and wagons compliment the XC90 SUV that sparked the as soon as-struggling brand’s turnaround.

New Volvo V90 Cross Country Driving Matte

Specifications released by Volvo show the ground clearance of the Cross Nation rising from six inches to eight.two inches. The automaker lists the model’s approach and departure angles at 18.9 degrees and 20.7 degrees, respectively. Owners aren’t probably to danger a Jeep-worthy off-road excursion in the pricey V90 Cross Country, but you never know when the woods will come calling.

Speaking of coniferous trees standing starkly against a brilliant white sky, the promotional videos accompanying the Cross Country’s launch need to have been filmed by the Swedish Tourism Bureau. You will want to freeze your ass off after watching them. Oh, and the Volvo seems nice, too.

V90 Cross Country models are offered in T5 and T6 guise, with the former turbocharged 2.-liter 4-cylinder producing 254 horsepower and the latter producing 320. T6 engines are supercharged and turbocharged. There’s as a lot air blowing under the wagon’s hood as there is in the vast Scandinavian mountains.

Each engines are bolted to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

When the going gets rough (in a refined way), Cross Nation owners can engage the vehicle’s “Off Road” drive mode, one of four modes available — like Eco, Comfort and Dynamic (meaning high performance). Rear air suspension with laptop-controlled dampers are optional.

Tested in the bone-chilling snows of northern Sweden and the butt-scorching flats of Arizona, Volvo claims the Cross Country’s all-climate capabilities are sufficiently vetted. Anything less, of course, would be un-Scandinavian. The V90 Cross Country begins production this fall.

[Pictures: Volvo Automobile Corporation]

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