‘Backfire’ Documentary Focuses Lens On Volkswagen Diesel Scandal

Volkswagen Jetta TDI emissions test, Image: University of West Virginia

Oscar-nominated documentarian and businessman Steve Kalafer is again placing on his producer hat in his most current project, named “Backfire: The Volkswagen Fraud of the Century,” a documentary that aims to find the truth behind the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, reports Automotive News.

And he’s the excellent individual to do it: Kalafer is also a Volkswagen dealer.

Kalafer, very best known for “Sister Rose’s Passion,” a documentary about a nun’s efforts to fight anti-Semitism in the Catholic Church, and for “The Soprano State: New Jersey’s Culture of Corruption,” which examined corruption and politics in New Jersey, will team up with his son, Jonathan, to make the film.

The film producer owns a 17-franchise group in New Jersey, one particular of them a Volkswagen store, so the project hits close to property for him. Nonetheless, he will remain behind the camera as he believes any on-camera involvement on his element will have a unfavorable impact on the film.

“I will not have a point of view,” he stated. “The participants will.”

The documentary will concentrate on other stakeholders, such as clients, dealers, regulators, and even former Volkswagen executives.

To date, Kalafer hasn’t launched a website for the film, and it is not listed as a existing project on IMDB. Nonetheless, we hope Kalafer is successful his project, if for no other cause than this a single line in the course of his interview with AN.

“When I came to Volkswagen [to discuss the film], they stated, “Why are you carrying out this?’ I said, “To tell the truth.’”

Atta boy.

[Image: University of West Virginia]

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Volkswagen 2-Liter Diesel Repair Plan Will not Be Ready by Deadline

2016 Volkswagen Jetta rear 3/4

Volkswagen won’t be meeting a March 24 deadline to outline a diesel fix for U.S. regulators, Automotive News reports.

Volkswagen brand chief Herbert Diess produced the admission in a German newspaper on March 5, claiming it will take the embattled business months, not weeks, to operate out a repair for automobiles affected by the the diesel emissions scandal.

The business has been possessing difficulty coming up with a strategy to modify hundreds of thousands of diesel automobiles sold in the U.S. in order to meet state and federal guidelines. Any fix to cars that left the factory with an emissions-cheating defeat device would have to meet the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Sources Board, and U.S. Division of Justice.

Final week, a U.S. District Court judge turned up the heat on Volkswagen by issuing a deadline for the repair — a date that will now have to be ignored.

“I think we have good chances to obtain an agreement with the authorities in the United States in the subsequent months,” Diess told the Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung.

In January, a lawyer functioning for Volkswagen said in court that the organization was ready to get back autos that couldn’t be fixed in a timely manner, as nicely as those that couldn’t be fixed at all.

Older Volkswagen TDI models sold in the U.S. would probably require substantial perform performed to bring their emissions up to acceptable levels. Even if a software fix was capable to bring the older engines into compliance without greater modifications, owners would suffer a noticeable erosion of efficiency and fuel economy.

Final October, Volkswagen of America boss Michael Horn told Congress that the bulk of the cars impacted by the scandal in the U.S. had been older models.

Horn’s statements had been the initial indication that Volkswagen might be ready to purchase affected cars.

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Common Motors Says Diesel Canyon and Colorado Are On Their Way

2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel

Right after delaying its Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon diesel trucks for a “final validation” situation, Basic Motors mentioned Tuesday that the trucks would be on their way to dealers.

“The extremely anticipated 2016 GMC Canyon diesel has begun shipping to dealers. We appear forward to getting these trucks in the hands of our customers and appreciate their patience,” GMC spokeswoman Kelly Wysocki said in a statement.

Earlier this month we reported that folks who ordered the truck — in some cases as far back as August — said GM was delaying delivery. A GM spokesman said the trucks were delayed due to a “final validation” problem. GM didn’t specify what the “final validation” situation was with the trucks, nor did they say why they were delayed.

When it announced the truck last year, GM mentioned it would deliver those trucks by Fall 2015. The diesel-powered truck underwent extra testing by environmental officials ahead of receiving its certification in November.

A spokesman for GM mentioned the delay was not associated to the trucks’ certification by the EPA, but did say that the delay only affected diesel-powered trucks.

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A lot more Volkswagen, Audi Cars Incorporated in EPA’s three-liter Diesel Notice of Violation

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By on November 20, 2015

2014 Audi A7 TDI (11 of 34)

In the course of a meeting Thursday among the Environmental Protection Agency, Volkswagen and Audi, officials from the automakers told the regulator an emissions system for three-liter turbodiesel engines is also utilised on 2009 via 2016 model year autos, the EPA mentioned in a statement right now.

An earlier statement from the EPA on November 2 pointed the finger at a restricted number of models and model years equipped with the 3-liter diesels, even though other model years of these same autos are practically identical with regards to their emissions systems.

In the newest statement, the EPA is still calling the emissions program a defeat device, though Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche have however to recant their claim that the emissions system is legal and does not violate emissions laws.

The admission from Volkswagen and Audi explains the confusion knowledgeable by members of a Touareg enthusiast forum. These members were flummoxed the 2014 Volkswagen Touareg was identified by the EPA as employing the auxiliary emissions manage device, though earlier models that utilized the identical drivetrain and ECU were not.

Volkswagen and Audi are supposed to detail to the EPA right now a fix for illegally polluting four-cylinder diesels, even though there’s been no word on no matter whether that has happened or not at the time of publication.

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