2015 Ford Fiesta 1. EcoBoost Long-Term Test – The Obtain

2015 Ford Fiesta SFE Front 3/4, Image: © 2016 Mark Stevenson/The Truth About Cars

Earlier this year, I was preparing on showcasing on TTAC my 2008 Saturn Astra as a testbed of Millennial ingenuity.

Us Millennials want the newest technologies in our rides, but we don’t necessarily have the funds to purchase brand-new cars. We’re a debt-laden demographic, thanks to a combination of increasing education and living charges, but we want all that fancy connectivity. I figured I could most likely get away with adding all the technology I wanted to a vehicle that is eight years old, thus saving on the outlay demanded by a new automobile buy and the corresponding improve in my insurance premium.

Then the Fiesta occurred.

“Maybe we need to get a new auto,” I mentioned to Jennifer as I mulled the current state of the Astra. Following all, we are moving in a couple of months, and the last thing I want is for the aging Saturn to be stuck on the side of the road at the exit of Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! en route to Ontario.

My suggestion was, predictably, met with Jenn’s total and utter indifference.

“Maybe,” she verbally shrugged.

It was a Friday. Both of us had place in extended weeks at operate, both burnt out. We generally communicate through a series of grunts and facial expressions by this point in the week, so her response wasn’t unusual. Yet, for some purpose, the Astra’s present condition weighed heavily on my mind.

The Saturn was a buy of necessity. At the time, I had subcompact-vehicle money to devote on a compact vehicle. My substantial other at the time required a car that could safely cart about an infant, requiring four doors. I have two dogs, which necessitated a hatchback. The Astra fit the bill at that time. Now the Belgium-built compact was at that age when any unexpected future problem was probably to arrive hand-in-hand with a higher-dollar repair bill, all thanks to Basic Motors’ wise selection to import a automobile that has no components commonality with any of its other automobiles in North America.

“I feel we should seriously take into account a new automobile,” I mentioned.

“Maybe,” she replied once again.

The subsequent day, I produced a mental list of all the automobiles I’d driven in the final couple of years that were in our cost variety and also exciting to drive. The Nissan Micra was there. As were the Volkswagen Golf 1.8 TSI, Beetle 1.8 TSI, and Jetta 1.4 TSI. Rounding out the candidates had been the Kia Forte5, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (it is surprisingly not horrible), Scion iM, Subaru Impreza, Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta.

In fact, I drove three manual Fiestas in the last couple of years. One particular was the normal 1.6-liter 4. I also drove a brief stint in a Fiesta ST at a Ford occasion a couple of years ago — but that was outside our spending budget. The third Fiesta I tested, which produced nearly identical horsepower and torque figures as the naturally aspirated 1.6, was the 1.-liter EcoBoost three-pot. That was a entertaining small car, I remembered, and so was the Beetle.

It need to be mentioned I have a soft spot for the Beetle Classic. Retro wheels. A shape that is no longer too cute. And you can have it with a manual transmission and the 1.8 TSI. I dove into Volkswagen Canada’s website and discovered that VW was offering $ 3,000 discounts on ’15 Beetles.

When you’re in the store once again, could you verify to see if there are any leftover ’15 Beetle Classics in the system?” I asked my buddy who’s the general sales manager at a regional VW dealership. “With a $ three,000 discount, that may be a buy for us.

I did a search of Canada for new, non-reported sold 2015 Beetle Classic manuals. None came up in the search,” he replied.

Off to the Ford site I went, and this time the incentive to get was even higher.

Ford Canada was (and still is) providing $ four,250 in discounts on leftover ’15 Ford Fiestas. I once more remembered the littlest of EcoBoosts was a blast to hustle, even if it isn’t actually going that quickly.

2015 Ford Fiesta Incentives from Ford Canada website

The Ford website erroneously reported an unsold 2015 Fiesta SFE at the closest Ford dealer, MacPhee Ford, so I gave it a call.

“Do you nonetheless have a 1.-liter Fiesta in stock?” I asked. “The Ford website says you have a leftover ’15 Fiesta in Green Envy.”

“Erm, I don’t know. Let me check, ” stated the salesman. “I’ll call you back in ten minutes.”

Ten minutes went previous. Then 20 minutes. Then an hour.

Screw this. I’ll just drive more than there.

Upon my arrival, I walked about the showroom and waited for a person to say hello.

“Has a person helped you yet, sir?” asked an additional salesman.

“No, I was speaking to an additional salesman on the telephone, but he in no way named back.”

“What was his name?”

I gave his name and was passed back to him.

“Sorry I didn’t get in touch with you back. We don’t have that car. But we do have this Concentrate and some other Fiestas. To tell you the truth, the Fiesta is also tiny for you anyway,” he stated ahead of asking me about my actual demands. “You have close friends, don’t you? I bet you do. They won’t match in the back of the Fiesta. Why do not I get you the window sticker for the Concentrate?”

This banter continued interrupted many occasions by the salesman’s ADHD approach to consumer service for 45 minutes before he looked at his personal computer to find the closest ’15 Fiesta SFE.

“It’s at Fairley and Stevens … but how about I perform you up a deal on this Focus?”

I drove to Fairley and Stevens Ford, a short five minute jaunt down the highway, and was greeted by Jim, a jovial Newfoundlander.

“How’s she goin’ today?” he asked as Newfoundlanders do.

We sat down and worked out a tentative deal with no a test drive (I knew what I was obtaining). However, I told him any deal would be dependent on Jennifer’s go ahead.

I left the shop. We came back later in the day together. She drove the Fiesta and liked it. I drove it again and liked it again. We both hated the colour.

“There’s one in Saint John in Tuxedo Black. I can bring that in. That is no dilemma. And we won’t charge for the transfer,” Jim stated.

By the finish of the visit, the deal we have been presented with our $ 1,500 trade was $ 16,389 taxes in. (The tax rate on a automobile purchase in Nova Scotia is 15 percent.) Compared to the practically $ 23,000 we would have paid for a 2016 Fiesta at MSRP, I thought this was a pretty stellar deal. We tentatively agreed to the deal and went house to believe about it.

When I told the guys on Slack, Bark M. piped up.

Whoa whoa whoa

I’m late to this Fiesta

But you are giving them $ 500 plus holdback?

On a auto that is primarily lot poison?

Bark M: &quotNo&quot

Invoice cost on a ’15 Fiesta SFE with the Comfort Package was $ 18,758 just before tax and trade. Right after our trade and tax, the total primarily based on invoice came to $ 14,959.20. At retail, the value after trade and tax was $ 16403.60.

My deal, in reality, was only around $ 500 after an admin charge ($ 477) and a couple of other items have been calculated in.

Then Bark and Bozi spoke up collectively: Get an X Plan PIN they stated. 1 fantastic aspect of X Plan is the dealer isn’t permitted to charge an admin fee. Also, if you’re a member of the Mustang Club of America, you can get an X Program PIN — no Mustang required.

We went back to the dealership the next day, supplied my newly acquired X Plan PIN along with proof that I was a newly minted member of MCA, and the value dropped considerably: $ 14,998.90, trade and taxes integrated. The dealer also discovered an extra $ 750 conquest cash, which we added to the deal post tax to come to the above number.

In the finish, we ended up with a brand-new auto with a warranty and a monthly payment that’s about the equivalent of what it would’ve cost to keep the Astra more than the very same time frame. It is not Green Envy, thankfully, and Jenn was excited when she was ultimately handed the keys. Win, win.

I’ll be sharing my non-ST EcoBoost Fiesta encounter more than the lifetime of our ownership. If you have any inquiries, drop them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as feasible.

[Photos: © 2016 Mark Stevenson/The Truth About Cars]

Mark Stevenson is the managing editor of The Truth About Automobiles. He is very easily swayed into getting vehicles from brands that no longer exist. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Hold Up, Ford Desires a 200-Mile EV Soon after All

2013 Ford C-MAX Energi Plug-In Hybrid, Exterior, Charging Plug, Picture Courtesy of Alex L. Dykes

It seems Ford didn’t want to remain residence from the EV dance.

Just ten days following Ford Motor Organization electrification guru Kevin Layden stated that one hundred miles of variety is just lots, thank you very significantly, CEO Mark Fields is now saying one thing extremely various.

According to Automotive News, Fields was asked about his competitors’ plans for 200-plus mile electric cars for the duration of a conference contact associated to his company’s boffo initial-quarter earnings, and replied that such a automobile was in development.

Tesla and General Motors are at the moment the greatest players in the game. Chevrolet plans to have its 200-plus mile Bolt in production this fall, with Tesla following a year later with its Model three. Regardless of what Layden stated, Ford clearly desires to be a competitor.

In response to the 200-mile EV question, Fields replied, “Clearly that’s anything we’re establishing for,” adding that he desires Ford to be “among the leaders or in a leadership position” when it came to battery-powered automobiles.

Last year, Fields funneled $ four.5 billion towards car electrification, including the improvement of a hybrid F-150 (due by decade’s finish).

The automaker is at the moment attempting to trademark the “Model E” name. Unless the organization is trying to resurrect the Edsel, this model would have to be a totally electric car.

Automotive News states that the Model E will go into production at a newly built Mexico assembly plant in 2019, 1 year soon after Tesla’s infant EV (but likely not before all 400,000 preorders are delivered).

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Act Quickly, and Get a Ford Focus Electric for Pennies

2015 Ford Focus Electric

If you reside in California and your demographics are appropriate, your electric vehicle dream is within reach. Yes, even you, baristas and struggling actors!

The site Leasehackr stumbled upon a killer deal for reduce-revenue Californians (assuming they live close to charging stations), and spelled out how leftover 2015 Ford Concentrate Electrics can be leased for essentially nothing at all.

If your personal life aligns with Ford’s consumer incentives and California’s revamped EV rebate plan, it can be carried out.

First, you have to make significantly less than $ 35,600 a year, or be a member of a household of 4 with a combined income of $ 72,900 or significantly less. If you’re in a position to check that box, just hope you’re also a current college grad or military member (or 1st responder), as well as a first-time buyer.

Leasehackr sought out the least expensive dealer-sold 2015 Concentrate Electric to run the numbers on. The least-high-priced model found was $ 27,200.

Factoring in every attainable incentive, like the $ 12,750 in combined Red Carpet Lease Consumer Money and bonus money thrown at California Ford purchasers, the cost to get into the Concentrate is primarily halved.

Getting into into a 36-month, ten,500 mile per year lease (with a 40 percent residual value) would see the lessee roll off the lot following paying $ 1,495 in registration, fees, 1st month’s payment and applicable taxes.

The only price right after that, apart from your insurance and electrical energy, would be an $ 81 month-to-month payment. But that’s where California methods in to make your life even more envious.

The state’s Clean Vehicle Rebate System (CVRP) was lately revamped to give lower-income residents $ four,000 for the buy of a battery electric car. Applied for right after the acquire, the $ four,000 in state cash would practically erase the $ 4,055 total price of the lease.

It is like winning the life-style lottery!

Even if you are closing in on middle class (or currently there), the upper-level CVRP rebate of $ two,500 would nonetheless make the Concentrate Electric such a wonderful deal your buddies would have to start off ignoring your self-congratulatory phone calls.

The deal is dependent on a dwindling supply of 2015 model year Electrics, and Leasehackr points out that Ford’s existing lease plan ends on April 4. Who knows how that will modify the day soon after.

On your bikes, folks.

[Image: Ford Motor Firm]

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Ford Desires to be Your War Zone Companion

Machine gun practice, Iraq

Confident, most (if not all) cop automobiles provide protection from boring ol’ pistols and AR-15s. But if you are looking to drive into a hail of armor-piercing .30-caliber rifle or machine gun fire, Ford’s got your back.

The company announced yesterday that its Police Interceptor automobiles will now offer you the highest level of ballistic protection among pursuit-rated vehicles.

Ford says the plates inserted inside the doors of its pursuit vehicles will meet the Department of Justice’s (DoJ) National Institute of Justice regular Type IV. The move is a bonus for police officers and delivers bragging rights to Ford, provided that pursuit vehicles from other automakers only meet Type III specifications. Poseurs.

It’s also a move that could increase exports to other countries.

The truth that we design our Police Interceptors around officer feedback is what has made them number one,” said Arie Groeneveld, chief engineer for Ford Police Interceptors, in a statement. “Officers globally told us they needed protection from armor piercing ammunition and we added increased ballistic protection to an currently wonderful product…”

YouTube Preview Image

Police departments can not outfit their automobiles like the ones seen in the last ten minutes of any A-Group episode, so the armor has to be discreetly hidden away inside the body. It can be a tight fit, which means the use of modern day supplies is key.

The protective panels in the Ford Police Interceptors are created of ceramic and a Kevlar-type material but nevertheless add substantial weight to the vehicle’s doors, requiring Ford to test-slam them one hundred,000 times to ensure the hinges could manage the added pressure.

According to the feds, achieving Variety IV ballistic protection means a panel has to be in a position to quit an armor-piercing, 166-grain 7.62 mm NATO round.

A Type III designation implies protection from modest arms fire up to and including a non-armor-piercing 7.62 mm round, which is why it’s widespread to see officers making use of their opened doors as cover from possible gunfire. As a side note, that distinct cartridge has more ballistic oomph than these employed in the AR-15 and AK-47, meaning Type III armor ain’t all that poor.

It is difficult to not see Ford’s announcement as a critique of American culture, but there’s a bright side to it all. Getting Fords with Iowa-class armor indicates smaller police departments won’t have to crowdfund a military-grade armored vehicle.

[Supply: USA Nowadays, Related Press]

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Ford Enters Its Arthouse Years

Ford of Denmark ad screenshot

Nothing says “Buy a Ford!” like unhappy children and a failed marriage, apparently.

Ford Motor Company is making waves in advertising circles — and confusing every person else — soon after generating a auto industrial in the kind of a 16-minute short film that centers around the breakup, and sort-of reunification of an average Danish family members.

The three-element film/commercial, directed by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen for Ford of Denmark, is titled “Familien” (Danish for “family”) and features the breakup of unhappy couple Anders and Molly, and the divided family’s struggles to cope with the split.

Amidst the turmoil, Anders and Molly have to deal with the gloomy rebellion of their young son Troells (he won’t get out of the car, the small punk!) and the sudden disappearance of their teenage daughter Fiona (spoiler: the film does not get that dark).

Oh, and there’s totally a Ford Fusion that shepherds the grim-faced clan around.

YouTube Preview Image

Anybody who’s observed been forced to sit by means of an Ingmar Bergman film will recognize all the hallmarks of Scandinavian cinema: bare tree branches standing starkly against a flat-grey sky, long and mournful gazes out of a rain-flecked window, and men and women so filled with pent-up emotions that they may well burst.

The industrial is meant to draw from the fact that Denmark has a crazy divorce rate, proving that higher taxes and great transit doesn’t remedy all, progressives.

Denmark’s The Local has named the ad “the most depressing automobile commercial ever,” whilst Adweek praised Ford for tackling the risky subject matter, describing it as “beautifully produced, if darker than nearly all car ads you are utilised to.”

“Ford’s demography actually is the Danish middle class, who do have the highest divorce rate in the globe, mentioned the director to Adweek. “And so we pitched this film under the banner ‘Ford. Supporting families against the odds.’”

Oh, so there are different classes in Scandinavia, hmm? There goes an additional myth.

Now that Ford has tackled the subject of broken houses, it’s challenging not to be curious about the next commercial to emerge from their Danish film vault, and regardless of whether it be R-Rated (or as they say in Denmark, all ages).

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Common Motors Beats Ford to Hybrid Pickup Punch … Once again

2016 GMC Sierra with eAssist, Image: General Motors

Common Motors will test the coastal waters with mild-hybrid versions of its 1500-series trucks beginning this spring, the automaker announced Thursday.

A total of 500 Chevrolet Silverado and 200 GMC Sierra eAssist trucks will be sold exclusively to granola-fed Californians. GM claims the trucks are very good for a 13-percent increase in city fuel efficiency, the natural habitat of the vinyl trading, furnishings refinishing, kale-consuming millennials hopefully interested in a full-size domestic pickup.

The most current effort is unlike GM’s earlier foray into utilitarian electrification, which employed a two-mode hybrid system on GM’s full-size pickups and SUVs jointly created with BMW and the former DaimlerChrysler. The new, modular eAssist system will rely on a modest lithium-ion battery providing electrons to a 13 horsepower compact induction electric motor. The method adds electric power increase, quit/start off capability, and regenerative braking to equipped pickups.

2016 Chevrolet Silverado eAssist, Image: General Motors

According to General Motors, the mild-hybrid technique is mated exclusively to two-wheel drive trucks powered by the five.3-liter EcoTec V8 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission. Battery cells are the identical as those located in the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, and computer software controls are lifted from the Chevrolet Volt, the company stated in its release.

By employing the new tech, Basic Motors claims its V8 engine can run in four-cylinder mode for longer periods of time thanks to assist from its electric motor, enhancing efficiency in the approach.

Total technique output is estimated at 355 horsepower and 383 lbs-ft of torque, with 13 horsepower and 44 lbs-ft provided by the electric motor.

If this distinct solution interests you, count on to shell out “just over $ 50,000″ for the GMC Sierra eAssist, mentioned item representative for Sierra light-duty pickups Kelly Wysocki. That’s ahead of the inescapable taxes associated with living in California are tacked on leading. TTAC estimates Chevrolet models will be in the mid-$ 40,000 range prior to taxes and fees. The Silverado eAssist will sell for a far more modest $ 42,950 which includes location.

The eAssist powertrain will only be available in Silverado 1LT and Sierra SLT Premium trims.

Ford is planning to give its F-150 pickup hybrid capability by 2020. Chrysler has created an all-new hybrid powertrain for the Pacifica minivan, but the Auburn Hills automaker stated the minivan will be the biggest automobile in its fleet to use the system. GM killed off its earlier two-mode hybrid pickups with the introduction of its present-generation models.

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Junkyard Locate: 1970 Ford Econoline Van

00 - 1970 Ford Econoline van in California junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin

The Ford Econoline went from getting a forward-control/mid-engine layout to sporting a stubby hood with the engine moved a bit forward for the 1968 by way of 1974 model years. Every single time I see a single of these vans in a wrecking yard, it has been so completely employed up that I feel compelled to break out my camera so far in this series we have seen this ’70 cargo van, this ’70 passenger van, this STD-laden ’71 custom, and this extraordinarily biohazardous-hunting ’72 camper (plus there’s this grainy black-and-white Econoline photo I shot in 1991, this complete-on Southern California custom found in northern Sweden, and this time-capsule Denver customized ’74).

Right now, we have this beat-to-hell-and-beyond California passenger-van-turned-operate-truck.
06 - 1970 Ford Econoline van in California junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin

You could get versions of this sticker for your vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or surfboard back in the 1970s and 1980s.

24 - 1970 Ford Econoline van in California junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin

At some point, a person with sheet metal, a riveting tool, body filler, and spray paint covered up the left-side glass, generating the really uncommon Half-and-Half Molester Van alternative package.

22 - 1970 Ford Econoline van in California junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin

Shelves and toolboxes had been installed on that side, or perhaps we are seeing a extremely un-luxurious camper conversion here.

23 - 1970 Ford Econoline van in California junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin

Rather than go to the hassle of covering up the rear windows, the owner who did the side-glass-covering job just found junkyard cargo-van doors to replace the window-equipped passenger-van doors that have been on this Econoline when it rolled off the showroom floor.

21 - 1970 Ford Econoline van in California junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin

These “splatter” stickers had been popular J.C. Whitney items, circa 1982.

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2015 Ford Edge Titanium Overview – Manufacturer of Doubt

2015 Ford Edge (6 of 43)

2015 Ford Edge Titanium AWD

two-liter EcoBoost turbocharged I-four, direct injection (245 horsepower @ five,500 rpm 275 pounds-feet @ three,000 rpm, 93 octane)

Six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission

20 city/28 highway/23 combined (EPA Rating, MPG)

18.7 on the “Why Is My Fuel Economy So Freakin’ Horrible?” cycle (Observed, MPG)

Tested Choices: Equipment Group 302A – $ five,645 20-inch wheels – $ 995 other individuals – $ 600.

Base Price (SE FWD): $ 28,995 (U.S.)/$ 33,789 (Canada)

As Tested Price tag (Titanium AWD): $ 44,785 (U.S.)/$ 50,289 (Canada)

All costs consist of $ 895 destination fee (U.S.) or $ 1,690 destination charge, PDI and A/C tax (Canada).

As soon as I completed my time with the 2015 Nissan Murano, my thoughts immediately wandered to the new Ford Edge.

You see, the Murano is amazing. It is effortlessly comfortable. The ride is sublime. When you’re driving the Murano, everything is damn-near ideal. But the Murano could only be deemed pretty by someone subjected to the “Ludovico Technique” and thousands of flashing pictures of the Infiniti QX56 QX80.

The Murano is the violently green neon dress and pink knee-high boots to the Edge’s fitted black quantity and Saks Fifth Avenue pumps. At a black-tie affair, a single of these is going to stick out, and for all the incorrect motives.

Yet, appears can be deceiving. It was underneath that retina-burning attire I located an extremely comfortable, competent crossover in the Murano. It’s hard to fault it with your eyes closed.

Now it’s the Edge’s turn. Would I uncover the same characteristics in it that made me fall in adore with Nissan’s lifestyle-mobile?

2015 Ford Edge (17 of 43)

From a distance, the Edge won’t be confused for anything else.

Since the initial generation made its way to public roads, Ford’s middle child has tried its best to visually blend the lines between the Blue Oval’s cars and trucks. Up front, the Edge has constantly worn a version of the trademark Gillette barred grille, linking it closer to Ford’s trucks, but its headlights have slowly metamorphosed from an F-150-esque shape to that of the Taurus and Fusion.

Just like the 1st Edge, the design and style blending continues in the second generation — and to excellent impact. The 2015 Edge gets a new version of the barred grille — continuing its visual link to the F-Series trucks and larger Flex — nestled in a hexagonal surround seemingly pulled straight from the Taurus. Also up front on our Titanium-trimmed tester are a pair of pentagonal LED “signature” fog lamps in faux brake duct housings, regular on SEL and up models, and LED daytime operating lights in the headlight housings. HID headlights are optional, even this higher up the trim range, and came fitted on our tester as component of a $ five,645 equipment group.

In silhouette, the Edge continues to feature aggressively raked front and rear glass, providing it a shape as opposed to anything else in the segment. Our tester came with fashionable chrome trim surrounding its side glass and matching optional 20-inch polished aluminum wheels (Titanium models typically come with 19-inch “luster nickel-painted” aluminum footwear). These massive, round pieces of metal didn’t handicap its ride top quality as a lot as I thought they would — but much more on that later.

2015 Ford Edge (18 of 43)

The rear is vertically split by a LED light bar connecting the tail lights on Titanium and Sport models and the license plate is mounted higher up the tailgate. Additional down, regular twin exhaust ideas poke out via a faux diffuser.

All round, the Edge scores higher in the yuppie dink polls thanks to its styling, though it’s certainly not as offensive bold as the Murano. The Edge also appears pricey — due to the fact it is. As tested, our Titanium tester ideas the economic scales at $ 44,785 — $ five,360 a lot more than the Murano I tested earlier this year.

2015 Ford Edge (23 of 43)

Compared to the Murano, the Edge is a lot more luxurious to appear at on the inside, but to the detriment of comfort.

2015 Ford Edge (34 of 43)

For starters, while the seats in the Ford are much a lot more pleasing to the eye, they can not hold candle to the comfort presented by the Zero Gravity seats in the Murano. Nissan has a sturdy seat game, though, so I won’t fault Ford for not maintaining up with the requirements of my backside. Also, the cockpit in the Edge feels ever-so slightly far more snug in a visual way — and I liked it. I felt much more a component of the automobile.

The components on the dash are decidedly more upscale. Alternatively of uber-fake grains, Ford gives you basic satin-completed plastics that are significantly less likely to scratch than their brightly polished counterparts (although, there are a handful of of those as properly about the cup holders).

2015 Ford Edge (32 of 43)

And that beautiful burnt-orange/brown leather is everywhere. As far as interior colors are concerned, this nails it — though, I personally wouldn’t have it in a vehicle painted black.

For 2015, Ford gave the Edge added motivation options in a new twin-scroll 2-liter EcoBoost 4 cylinder and a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-six in the Edge Sport. Our tester came with the former, creating 245 horsepower and 275 pounds-feet of torque — but only when you fill the tank with premium dino juice. If you opt to run normal pump gas, the engine won’t thoughts, but it will not generate the numbers quoted either. If you want to insure your self from the complexities of turbocharged engines, Ford nevertheless provides the usually aspirated three.five-liter V-6 as an choice.

Back to that two-liter EcoBoost engine in our Titanium model: the encounter is a mixed bag.

On one particular hand, it is actually hard to fault the new mill from a drivability viewpoint. When mated with Ford’s SelectShift six-speed automatic and all-wheel drive, the small 4 pot is as smooth as any turbocharged mill can be. The Mercedes-Benz two-liter turbo employed in the CLA and GLA are downright agricultural in comparison, and the Ford mill is practically on par with V-6 smoothness thanks to what I’m confident is several cubic feet of sound deadening material.

But, there’s a cost related with that smoothness: fuel economy.

Most of my time with the Edge was spent in city driving, but even then, I must have achieved greater than the 18.7 mpg reported by the on-board trip laptop. For comparison, the Murano with its V-6 engine and CVT transmission delivered 22.4 mpg in slightly much less city-centric driving.

2015 Ford Edge (24 of 43)

The 2015 Edge itself might be all new, but its infotainment is not.

SYNC in the 2015 Ford Edge is not SYNC3. We are still in the MyFord Touch era here. That said, I nevertheless do not realize the derision hoisted upon “SYNC with MyFord Touch”, as it’s marketed, by people who shall remain nameless. Yes, it requires some acquiring employed to and it may possibly even be a tiny slow at times, but have you attempted the infotainment systems from the Japanese brands — Honda, Subaru, Toyota, et al? I’d rather be stuck with this version of SYNC for the rest of my life if it meant in no way having to use Starlink ever again. And don’t even get me started on Honda’s apparent inability to manufacture a volume knob.

Nevertheless, even this version of SYNC is not long for this planet in the Edge. The 2016 model brings the newer version to dashboards. So, rather of asking me what I consider, go to a Ford dealer and attempt them both. Probabilities are dealers will have each 2015 and 2016 model year Edges on hand.

As for the 12-speaker Sony audio method, it sounds good when being fed higher-high quality tunes as far as I could tell, but I’m no audiophile.

Perceived top quality, and not the J.D. Power kind

So, bear in mind that post from awhile back? You know, that a single.

Properly, as several of you guessed correctly, these photos were taken of this specific Edge. Right here are all of them.

2015 Ford Edge (42 of 43)

2015 Ford Edge (41 of 43)

2015 Ford Edge (40 of 43)

2015 Ford Edge (39 of 43)

2015 Ford Edge (38 of 43)

2015 Ford Edge (37 of 43)

2015 Ford Edge (36 of 43)

2015 Ford Edge (35 of 43)

2015 Ford Edge (33 of 43)

So, there are two possibilities here: 1. Either this is a pre-production model in a media fleet (which a number of sources have told me must by no means come about) or, two. This is a production car (which it ought to be given that we are acquiring this car at the end of the 2015 model year run) with a couple of troubles.

Also, I want to make it quite clear to you — TTAC’s B&ampB, our more casual readers, and these at Ford who’ll be re-evaluating my future press fleet access — that I’m not doubting the high quality of the Edge. Panel fitment is one particular of those items that can take a lot of time to get appropriate, and a 1st year run of a new model is going to have some teething concerns.

What I do want to highlight is perceived good quality on what’s a close to-as-makes-no-distinction $ 50,000 prime-trim crossover.

If an individual is going to drop a considerable quantity of their income on a new car — which can be the second- or first-most high-priced obtain of their lifetime — they expect a particular level of quality, perceived or otherwise. I have no doubt the Edge is a top quality item in the “mechanically sound and reliable” sense of the word, but I’m not certain the general public would be so forgiving.

And they haven’t been. Because I began at TTAC, I’ve received more emails about Ford panel fitment — largely on Mustangs — than any other typical thread. It may be time for Ford to renew their focus on perceived create high quality, if for no other reason but to have its vehicles show better on a dealer’s lot.

2015 Ford Edge (10 of 43)

The Ford Edge, when ignoring the dismal fuel economy, drives far better than you’d anticipate with its big-diameter wheels and skinny tires for shoes.

When I expected Ford’s crossover to be crashy, it smoothed out the bumps. When I anticipated it to rock to and fro on undulating pavement, it stayed fairly flat. And when I expected the engine to crank and groan as a lot of overstressed turbocharged four-cylinder engines do, Ford showed me that an automaker can construct a tiny-displacement turbo that does not act like a frenetic baboon.

Ford’s crossover did demand a little a lot more work than appreciated to turn the tiller. The steering wheel, for whatever cause, presented up much more resistance than located on the significantly larger, considerably a lot more truck-y Cadillac Escalade I lately drove. For a car targeted at moms as much as it is dads, I consider it could be a little lighter.

In a nutshell, although, I can place my conclusion of the Edge in 3 sentences:

The Edge is 9/10ths as very good as the Murano.

But I’d still purchase the Edge.

And I’d advise both — although I’d tell folks to get the 3.5-liter V-6 Edge alternatively simply based on fuel economy.

Getting a vehicle is as much an emotional decision as it is a practical 1. Even though the Murano is practically every little thing I’d want a crossover to be, it does not have the a single quality I genuinely crave: very good looks.

And it’s with that I’d hitch my arm to the girl at the black-tie affair wearing the black dress — because it’s simple to stick out when you don’t belong, but a lot harder to do when you fit in.

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Ford Everest Goes Up in Flames in Journalist’s Hands, Ranger Reports Adhere to

Ford Everest Fire

An automotive journalist in Australia has found the Ford Everest to be the hottest vehicle on sale in the worst way imaginable. Peter Barnwell of CarsGuide was testing Ford’s most current utility when it abruptly burst into flames and started shooting shrapnel earlier last week.

Following news of the Everest fire hit news airwaves in Australia, owners of Ford Rangers contacted News Corp to share their higher temperature experiences.

1 Ranger owner, Wade Ibrahim, had a related encounter with his Ford Ranger XLT. When he attempted to report it to Ford, the automaker just directed him to his insurer.

“I spoke to Ford and they didn’t want to know about it. They told me to go through my insurance,” Ibrahim mentioned to News Corp Australia.

An additional Ranger owner, Peter McCarthy, knowledgeable a fire two weeks ago when his 2012 Ford Ranger XLT went up in flames as it was parked in the driveway.

“My daughter heard the alarm go off initial — the car was locked — and then saw it go up in flames,” stated McCarthy.

A Ford spokesperson explained it was company policy to refer an owner of a car that’s experienced fire to their insurer. Ford then functions with the insurer if it is determined the fire was caused by the vehicle itself.

As for the Everest pictured, Ford is nevertheless investigating that incident.

“We are still completing our investigation of the Everest incident but are not conscious of comparable reports for the new Everest or Ranger, or earlier Ranger. We think our consumers ought to be comfortable driving their autos as normal,” stated a Ford spokesperson to News Corp Australia.

The Ford Ranger and Everest share identical engines, electronics and platform. They are built at the identical factory in Thailand, but created and engineered in Australia.

[Photo credit: Peter Barnwell, h/t to Ben]

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Ford Deal With UAW Gets 1st Big Boost

Michigan Assembly Plant Launches C-MAX Energi Plug-in Hybrid

United Auto Workers in Wayne, Michigan initially authorized their four-year contract with Ford last week, signaling the 1st main victory for the the tentative deal, Automotive News reported.

Bill Johnson, who is UAW Neighborhood 900 president for the facility, told Automotive News that 81 % of production workers and 83 % of skilled trades workers authorized the contract. Under terms of the contract, Wayne would most likely see production of a new pickup for Ford — most likely the Ranger — and new SUV, which could be named a Bronco, in exchange for production of two vehicles going to Mexico.

Below the deal, Ford workers would also see pay raises, a $ ten,000 signing bonus, annual bonuses and $ 700 million in plant improvements under terms of the deal.

According to the Detroit News, other Ford plants are approving the deal with Ford, despite the fact that the margins weren’t as overwhelming as Michigan Assembly in Wayne. Roughly 60 % of workers at Chicago Stamping approved the deal, according to reports, and 57 percent of workers authorized the deal in Woodhaven.

Workers at Sterling Hills Axle Assembly have been the only group to turn down the deal so far, according to the News.

Workers at other plants, such as Ford’s truck assembly in Kansas City, are expected to continue voting up till Wednesday.

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