Jaguar Land Rover Eyeballing Bavarian V8s For Future Models

2013 BMW 750Li, Engine, N63B44TU, N63 4.4L Twin-Turbo V8, Picture Courtesy of Alex L. Dykes

Soon after ridding itself of the limp carcass when known as Rover more than 15 years ago, BMW — the former parent of Land Rover — looks like it may give V8 motivation to future Land Rover and Jaguar models.

According to Automobile, BMW desires an engine companion in order to amortize improvement of an upcoming 4.-liter twin-turbo V8, and Jaguar Land Rover could be that partner.

Jaguar Land Rover is doubling down on its new Ingenium family of inline, little-displacement engines. JLR will downsize the present crop of inline fours to create 1.five-liter three-cylinders and upsize them to spawn three.-liter inline sixes. However, creating an inline-eight would be significantly difficult due to the amount of area required for such an engine in an engine bay.

Enter BMW, which is currently developing a 500cc/cylinder 4.-liter twin-turbo V8. The Bavarian automaker is itself downsizing engines to hit regulatory benchmarks, but it still needs a V8 for its upper-crust automobiles. Jaguar Land Rover, as it focuses far more and more on creating its newly minted SVR sub-brand, could use BMW’s four.-liter V8 in place of its own AJ-V8-household supercharged five. liter. The AJ-V8 engine family has existed in numerous guises considering that 1996.

Expect the new four.-liter V8 to develop between 450 and 600 horsepower, the identical output as BMW’s existing four.4-liter V8, even though drinking less dino juice.

[Image: © 2013 Alex Dykes/The Truth About Automobiles]

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Sergio Marchionne: Maybe EVs are the Future, Who Knows, What the Hell…


Shortly right after publicly dissing Tesla for the umpteenth time and speculating that electric automobiles aren’t the future, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne now says he desires to make an electric auto.

Effectively, maybe. If he has to. But it’s possibly gonna happen. This EV factor could be huge, you know.

The indecisive business head told Bloomberg that he’s taking into consideration adding a choice of EVs to FCA’s portfolio, with a Tesla-fighting electric Maserati becoming the most most likely offering.

Marchionne mentioned that making use of the Maserati Alfieri as an experimental platform for a new EV is an thought he finds intriguing, telling Bloomberg Television, “I’ve always thought the economic model that supports Tesla is anything that Fiat Chrysler could replicate as we have the brand and the cars to do it.”

The sleek Alfieri, a grand tourer that was expected to start off production this year, not too long ago saw its arrival date pushed back to 2018. Continuously changing timelines are the norm at FCA, so the delay could give Marchionne time to function on his Tesla-fighting dreams just before its launch. He admitted, although, that such a car wouldn’t take place until after her retires in 2019.

Yet another half-formed strategy festering in Marchionne’s brain is the creation of an electric city vehicle for the European market.

FCA sells no EVs in Europe, which is quickly ditching diesel as its fuel du jour. As major cities pass laws banning the use of fossil-fueled automobiles in city centers (or at specific instances or days of the week), a small EV would help the firm tap into a possible development industry. It would also boost the SUV-heavy company’s green credentials, provided that the electric Fiat 500e (a money-losing model that Marchionne hates) is only sold in North America.

The CEO claimed he’s still not convinced that EVs are “the solution for all of man’s ills,” but figures he may possibly as nicely experiment if everybody else is carrying out it. Peer stress is a hell of a drug.

[Image: Maserati]

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Toyota Drops New ‘Back To The Future’ Tacoma, We All Say ‘Check Out That 4×4′


Toyota unleashed Wednesday its version of Marty McFly’s dream truck based on a 2016 Toyota Tacoma for one particular day only. The truck added a special paint scheme and … wait, one particular day only? 

The trucks went on show Oct. 21 in Los Angeles, New York and Dallas just before presumably bursting into flames.

At least Toyota detailed how it built the 1985-esque truck for the one day we’ll ever get to see the truck.

Here’s what it took to make the “4×4″ feasible:

  • Custom 1985 Toyota Truck Exterior Paint
  • Off-road Suspension
  • Toyota Racing Improvement (TRD) Wheels
  • BFGoodrich Tires
  • Custom front and rear Tubular Bumpers
  • Custom Light Bar
  • KC HiLites Gravity LED G46
  • KC HiLites Daylighter Gravity LED
  • Custom “D-4S” Fuel Injection Badging
  • Custom Tailgate with Iconic “TOYOTA” Logo
  • Custom Vintage Headlight and Taillight Design and style
  • Mud Flaps 1985 Toyota Truck

All of which sound legit, except for the D-4S Fuel Injection badging due to the fact the Toyota 22R engine in the 1985 truck wasn’t really all that advanced — it only had fuel injection for the 1st time in 1985.

(As a matter of reality, I consider they revved to like 4,000 rpm just before giving up, really.)

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Tesla’s Model X Is Our Egg-shaped Future and It’s Here


Tesla finally rolled out its third model, the Model X final night to loyalists and some media (not us) Tuesday in California.

The SUV’s falcon doors and ludicrously insanely quickly -60 mph occasions (three.2 seconds for a vehicle that weighs 5,441 pounds) may get most of the headlines, but the rest of the car’s attributes and specifications are just as impressive. Tesla says that the batteries in its Model X — which are the same as the Model S — are great for 250 miles. The combined torque for its front and rear engines, which produce 259 hp and 503 hp respectively, is far more than 700 pound-feet.

And the air filtration program inside could protect you from mustard gas, or one thing.

Tesla says that the Model X will attain all 5-star safety ratings, a initial for an SUV (nearly each and every SUV has 4 or fewer stars in rollover safety) and will use automatic emergency braking to stay away from frontal collisions, even at high speeds.


The SUV also utilizes active aerodynamic characteristics to lessen the car’s drag to .24 cD. It’s rear spoiler retracts at speeds greater than 45 mph to cut a lot more effectively by means of air, and keeps the auto hunkered down all the way to its 155 mph limit.


According to the automaker, the doors on the Model X will open automatically as the driver approaches the car, although it is not clear if all doors will open on their personal without touching the handles (because that could get annoying). Early media reports on the falcon-wing doors say that though the doors seem to manage nicely with no knocking into issues, entry and exit appears specifically slow in cramped spaces.

The Model X can seat up to seven in its three rows and its 17-inch touchscreen will most likely be the center of focus due to the fact holy crap that’s enormous. The 17-inch screen commands 17 interior speakers inside the cabin of the Model X.

If you can not match everybody you know within the car’s seven seats or its cargo location (Tesla didn’t specify interior dimensions) the Model X is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds, supplied you can uncover a location for the hitch.


Assuming you can get previous the “automaton egg” look (I still say Alien Mr. Burns), all that electric splendor can be yours beginning at $ 80,000 all the way up to $ 140,000 for a Founders Series model if you plunked down funds in 2012.

Tesla Model X


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