Volkswagen to Axe the Two-door Golf GTI: Report


It is a sad day for Volkswagen Golf GTI purists and fanboys. The GTI — 1 of autodom’s quintessential hot hatches — will drop its two-door variant in the U.S. as the scandal-rocked automaker jettisons low-volume offerings.

A quite familiar face and name broke the story at Jalopnik after a Volkswagen item manager described the cancellation in the course of the company’s Golf Alltrack media test drive.

When Mark Baruth (a.k.a. Bark M) asked about pricing on 2017 GTI two-doors, Megan Garbis, Golf product manager at Volkswagen of America, stated that production of that model would end in two weeks.

That leaves a very quick 2017 model year run for the two-door GTI. Whilst we don’t have sales figures for distinct GTI variants, overall sales of the model reached a high point in the U.S. last year. Improved demand apparently didn’t translate into far more sales of the two-door model.

Garbis mentioned that consumers and dealers overwhelmingly ask for the 4-door GTI. The automaker’s new U.S. strategy is to give clients what they demand most (and not a factor more, it would seem), so the two-door, as standard as it is, demands to exit stage left. The order approach for a four-door GTI has reportedly been streamlined.

“We’ve decreased the complexity, which makes it possible for the consumer to configure the GTI he or she desires online and go to the dealership and pick it up nowadays,” Garbis said.

With crossovers overtaking family members sedans in sales and two-door coupes slowly disappearing from the automotive landscape, it seems practicality genuinely guidelines the day.

[Image: Volkswagen of America]

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What’s Going On with Volkswagen’s Golf GTI?

2015 VW GTI 2-Door Exterior Side 7

Dealers are shaving thousands off of Volkswagen’s Golf GTI — up to $ 5,000 at some dealers — and the hatchback is comparatively easy to find at rental automobile counters across the country.

So, is everything going OK with 2015’s North American Vehicle of the Year™?

For starters, in Volkswagen’s defense, most of its automobiles are offered with at least a couple of thousand dollars off as dealers cope with sagging sales from its diesel crisis. At my nearby Volkswagen dealer (Emich VW in Denver) it’s not uncommon to locate a Jetta or Passat with $ two,500 on the hood.

But there are some GTIs on the identical lot that have been docked almost $ four,500, without having any incentive trickeration or destination withholding. (To get the deal, it just needs to be a conquest acquire and financed by way of Volkswagen, which are not extraordinary situations.)

Last year, Volkswagen sold more than 23,000 Golf GTIs, which is much more than 20 % much more than it sold in 2014, even though it is unclear how several of those have been fleet purchases.

Readers over at VWVortex have noticed the trend too owners have reported comparable rates at dealerships across the U.S.

We reached out to Volkswagen officials to see what they have to say but haven’t but heard back.

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VW May Freeze Promotions, Expense Cut Next Golf Amid Scandal


German enterprise magazine Manager Magazin reported Saturday (via Reuters) that managerial promotions may be frozen starting next year as the organization appears to save income wherever it can amid the diesel scandal.

The company may also re-use as many parts possible when building the eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf in order to cut charges.

Right after currently setting aside six.five billion euros to cover expenses related with the biggest scandal to hit the German automaker in over 50 years, it is nevertheless searching at an estimated final bill of 30 billion euros to cover the costs of fixing practically 11 million affected cars, lawsuits and other associated charges.

Operates council chief Bernd Osterloh doesn’t think the freeze on promotions will be place in spot, though expects other measures to be taken additional up the ladder.

“We anticipate to see other symbols first: for instance, clear statements on management’s stance on bonus payments. The motto demands to be to lead by instance,” Osterloh stated in a statement to Reuters.

If the rumored measures are place in spot, they will stick to a massive expense-cutting initiative that will slash R&ampD spending at the automaker.

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