2014 Honda Accord V6 Coupe 6MT Lengthy-Term Test: 36 Months and 45,500 Miles


It is been about seven months since I ran out of warranty in my 2014 Accord EX-L V6 6MT. We’re now just a touch more than 45,500 miles at the third anniversary of acquire, and I’ll confess I’m beginning to get a little itchy about the notion of keeping a new automobile for this extended. Only four times in my life have I kept a street-titled automobile past the 3-year mark: my 1990 Fox stuck about 67 months, my 944 was in my possession for the greater element of 10 years, and I nonetheless have two Porsches I bought during the initial term of the G.W. Bush administration. Other than that, it is been churn-and-burn, usually someplace amongst the 18-month and 30-month marks.

There are sound factors to swap the Accord out, and sound causes to maintain it, as you will see below. I’ve also had a few exciting incidents with the vehicle, a single of which might even be regarded as a legitimate blotting of the proverbial copybook.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Pedals, Image: © 2017 Jack Baruth

The sensible-footwear crowd likes to feel of “prestige” car purchasers as spendthrift morons effortlessly distracted by shiny issues and cynical marketing and advertising, but I’m beginning to see a genuine benefit to owning anything like a late-model Audi or BMW right after three years taking pretty great care of my Accord. That benefit can very best be described as “touchable durability.” Fairly a lot almost everything that I put my hands or feet on in this car now has severe signs of wear, from the fragile, straightforward-scratch leather of the steering wheel to the shiny metal cutting by way of the clutch pedal pad.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Worn Leather Seat, Image: © 2017 Jack Baruth

I often clean and situation the Accord’s interior from prime to bottom, but that doesn’t cease the plasticized leather from creasing or the plastic from receiving shiny. And the paint … nicely, it does not bear mentioning. The 1986 Jaguar Vanden Plas that I owned from 1995 to 1999 looked far better right after fourteen years and 95,000 miles than this almost new Honda does nowadays. The front bumper and hood are a constellation of primer-colored dots and chips. Any bird droppings not cleaned within the very first hour or so end up leaving a bumpy surface in the clearcoat. Not even a quadruple application of Zaino could stop the carnage, but I’ll be stripping the paint down once again in April and quad-coating it with the Jersey plastic pseudo-wax just to slow down the pace at which the finish disintegrates.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Damaged Bumper, Image: © 2017 Jack Baruth

To make matters worse, last week my son and I were stopped at a train crossing when we were hit in the rear bumper by an amiable, completely-insured stoner in a Mazda three with evidence of a number of earlier low-speed crashes. The 3 of us became quickly close friends — he’s a harmonica player who is searching to play some gigs, assuming his roommate stops harshing his buzz by stealing his rolling papers — but the Honda’s back bumper is going to want some significant refinishing. Luckily for us I light-footed the brake and let the impact roll us forward a handful of feet that saved us from a total smash-up and kept my sons’s neck from being also sore.

This is all trivial stuff, nonetheless, and if you want a vehicle that is painted properly in this day and age I can only suggest that you find a Silver Spur III or 1 of the South African kit vehicles that are sprayed in an environment that doesn’t need to have to comply with any environmental regulations whatsoever. I’m serious about that the Superformance I owned back in 2001 was the very best-painted sports vehicle I’ve ever observed. It was like seeking into a black lake at midnight. I had a lot of time to contemplate the excellence of the paint every single time I was waiting for a flatbed.

Less excellent: the Mystery Oil Leak. A month ago, I swapped out the front and rear brake pads simply because they’d ultimately given up the ghost at the 45,000-mile mark. This integrated numerous trackdays so I wasn’t especially bitter about possessing to invest $ 110 on new pads with the expectation of new rotors in the spring. It was 31 degrees outside and dark to boot when I lastly got about to carrying out the pads, but fortunately for me I had a head-mounted flashlight and all of the correct tools, like the machine to twist the Accord’s rear-caliper pistons back. What a crappy program that is, by the way. There’s no way that the calipers would survive a lot more than about 3 pad modifications with out losing the integrity of the piston seals.

Anyway, when I backed the automobile out the next morning, I saw there was fluid underneath. I originally thought it was brake fluid, but it was oil. And when I put the Accord in the air, I discovered oil on the crossmember. There was nothing at all above it, nonetheless, and the oil level seems regular. Nor has the Mystery Leak returned. In 45 days or so, when I put the summer time tires back on, I’m going to degrease almost everything and then check once more right after a month has passed. In the meantime, I’m remaining both each confused and watchful.

There’s been 1 final oddity three instances now the Bluetooth media interface on the method has decided to play music from the appropriate speakers but not the left ones. It doesn’t influence the CD player or the radio, and it does not take place each time. This would point to a dilemma with a stereo-conductor cable except the whole point of Bluetooth is to dispense with mentioned cable. Oh properly. It is my problem, I suppose, because the warranty on that stuff elapsed now.

The rest of the Accord is as you would expect. The engine remains robust during a current Focus RS test, I found the Accord could match Ford’s hyper-hatch in a “60 roll.” The transmission is a bit notchy in the winter but the clutch shows no true signs of put on. The wind noise that has plagued the driver’s B-pillar is, if anything, obtaining greater.

Which leaves me with just one particular query: Sell or keep? I’m now down to about $ 12,100 on the loan, so I’m in equity. This was a condition that none of my precious German sedans and coupes ever actually reached. Need to I just pay it off and preserve it? Or must I sell it, get my income, and take delivery of a 2018 Accord coupe EX-L 6MT? That is supposedly the final year for this engine/powertrain combination.

Pros of swapping cars: newer, far better audio interface, a couple of a lot more years exactly where I’ll be in a position to drive a stick-shift auto to work each day, could clear-bra the new coupe the day I get it, may get the pearl white alternatively of the plain grey.

Cons: would rather be spending my vehicle payment on one thing is not an Accord in March of 2019, new front end of 2016-and-up Accord Coupes is pretty stupid-looking, may possibly be seized with uncontrollable want to get Challenger T/A six-speed rather and therefore derail the one particular aspect of my life that tends to make vague financial sense.

Really feel free to supply your opinions in the comments. Or if you are interested in becoming an Accord-ian your self, proper now, then I believe I’d take $ 19,999 for the car post-bumper repair, with brand-new tires on the factory wheels and new rotors on all four corners. It would be nice to have an individual take the choice out of my hands like that. But if that does not come about, I’ll see you at the 42-month mark, exactly where we’ll answer the queries: What was that mystery leak? Is the clutch pedal pad really the identical a single that is found on the ’93 Civic, as a single of my Instagram followers told me? And will the V6 get even stronger in its fourth year? Tune in half a year from now and uncover out!

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Honda Confirms Civic Type R for Geneva Debut and Summer Production

Civic Type R Prototype

There has been so a lot nonsense surrounding the 2018 Honda Civic Type R that it was becoming difficult to separate reality from the fiction. Speculation on the car’s engine and transmission was endless. There have been rumors that it could be as huge as three.five liters or a substantially smaller mill mated to a continuously variable transmission. Nevertheless, it turned out the most expected configuration was the correct a single — Occam’s razor, and all that.

Despite the fact that, right after so a lot conflicting data, when and where the two. liter turbo VTEC and its manual transmission would show up seemed uncertain. The Kind R was supposed to come to North America in the middle of this year, one thing 36 year olds have been begging for because they had been 16, but Honda hadn’t mentioned something concrete and that deadline is rapidly approaching without having anybody even having laid eyes on the production model.

Then, late final week, Honda Europe slipped in a modest mention that the Civic Sort R would debut in Geneva alongside the Clarity Fuel Cell and the NeuV electric concept whilst confirming the summer time production and quick export for North America.

While every person is chuffed that the wait to see the final production model will only be one more month, couple of count on it to look wildly various from the prototype we have been treated to last fall in Asia. Extended wheel arches, splitters, spoilers, and all of the other aggressive bodywork from its earlier incarnation are anticipated to remain — perhaps toned down slightly.

The 2. liter turbo is confirmed and anticipated to make much more than the prior model’s 306 hp and 295 lb-ft worth of torque, casting a lengthy shadow onto the friendlier Civic Si.

Assembly of the new Type R will begin in summer at Honda’s Swindon manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom and the car is to be simultaneously be released in Europe, Japan, and the United States. If you’re taking into consideration taking delivery on the Civic, the Geneva Motor Show runs from March 9 to March 19 and we’ll have the complete allotment of information on the production car then.

Civic Type R Prototype

[Images: Honda]

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What to Do When Your Honda Dealership Has the Identical Name as a Dead Klansman

Honda dealer sign

It is been a rough week at Frank Ancona Honda of Olathe, Kansas.

The loved ones-owned dealership, in operation just southwest of Kansas City considering that 1961, has successfully weathered all of the storms that periodically pummel dealers of all stripes.

Then, final weekend, a body discovered on the banks of Missouri’s Large River — about a 5-hour drive to the east — gave the dealership the type of consideration that no business wants. The corpse, which had a bullet hole in its head, also had a name: Frank Ancona.

No, the founder of Frank Ancona Honda is nevertheless alive and effectively at 85. But a lot to his dismay, the Frank Ancona found by the Massive River was none other than the 51-year-old imperial wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

There have been phone calls to the dealership. Numerous of them, in truth.

When Automotive News first broke the story, the dealership had currently posted a disclaimer on its internet site. “Frank Ancona Honda is not in any relation to the KKK leader that was not too long ago found dead,” read any car shopper browsing for deals on a Odyssey or Accord.

A excellent point to know. However, not everybody does the groundwork to steer clear of leaping to conclusions.

Ancona told AN not extended after news of the killing spread that his dealership received numerous calls from men and women “ranting and raving,” obtaining mistaken him for the KKK leader.

“I believed, ‘Here we go once more,’” Leon Wharton, the dealer’s basic manager, told the Kansas City Star. The dealer very first discovered there was a hateful duplicate name out there in 2014, when the same Frank Ancona was interviewed following the shooting deaths of three Jewish individuals in Overland Park, Kansas.

Wharton stated the news media has done a good job dispelling any connection between the dealer and the KKK leader, but social media is yet another story. Speculation has run rampant on the internet, and that has led to a lot more telephone calls. Most have come from those looking to uncover out the identity of the Honda-loving Frank Ancona, even though 1 offered sympathies for the dealer’s plight.

Other people, placed by people who think themselves mighty clever, have proved much more of an annoyance.

“We got a telephone get in touch with from a consumer yesterday who pretended to be a member of the KKK in Mississippi,” Wharton stated. “He stated he wanted to provide his condolences at the death of our leader. Our receptionist said, ‘After I explained that our “leader” is alive and effectively and not a KKK member, he fessed up and said, “I was just kidding.”‘”

In spite of the undesirable consideration, Wharton claims he isn’t too concerned about the name hurting the organization.

“February is normally 1 of the worst months in the automobile business as it is,” he explained. “It just by no means does do really properly in comparison to the other months. So could it have some impact? Yes. But can I pinpoint that it is negatively affected company? No, not actually.”

As for the dead man, Ancona’s wife and stepson have been charged in his killing.

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What Do You Do When a (Former) Friend Says, “I Want a Honda HR-V”?

2017 Honda HR-V blue - Image: HondaIt’s time for a new car, I told Mae last night.

She was explaining to a group of friends how she tore the passenger side mirror off and drove across the MacKay Bridge, on a specifically windy evening, with the mirror swinging about like an unchoreographed modern dancer.

The dangling power mirror, which an additional friend disconnected at Mae’s request, was only the newest concern. 1st, it’s a Saturn Ion Quad Coupe. Concern quantity two: the air-conditioning died lengthy ago, and Mae’s reluctant to invest a single penny redeeming this car. It is bitterly cold in eastern Canada now, but A/C is needful for one particular-third of the year and useful for the other nine months. Lastly, it’s a Saturn Ion Quad Coupe with a manual transmission.

“Ooh, aah, save the manuals,” you say. And I’m with you. Mae’s with you, as well. But I’ve spent adequate time — way too considerably time — in manual shift Ions to know that in an incredibly hilly city, the Ion’s shifter/clutch combo is worthy of dread. Not all manuals are worthy of saving.

Now the mirror’s off, and the conversations Mae and I have had more than a period of many months culminated in her succinct statement last evening: “I want a Honda HR-V.”

Insert awkward pause.

2004 Saturn Ion Quad coupe - Image: GM ArchivesThese are the moments an auto journalist fears. Mae’s a good friend. (Or at least she was, till I discovered she was pro-HR-V.) Last winter, brutally ill myself, I was filling in at a craft show for my sick and pregnant wife. Mae drove 40 minutes outdoors the city in a Saturn Ion Quad Coupe to fill in for me.

So I couldn’t lie. I couldn’t hide the truth that I when wrote a broadly-read piece for TTAC entitled, “The 2016 Honda HR-V Is Honda’s Worst Present Solution.”

I told GCBC readers the HR-V’s cabin is, “far from a soothing atmosphere.”

“The loud drone of the engine and dreadful tire noise would make me stay away from long highway journeys,” I wrote earlier this year.

I asked, as we do in all GCBC evaluations, regardless of whether you need to get something else as an alternative. The answer? “Yes, you should.”

The HR-V is uncomfortable, loud, slow, and overpriced. The LATCH system’s reduced anchors are among the worst-placed I’ve encountered.

So no, I couldn’t lie. But possessing lastly succeeded in receiving Mae to this juncture, after months of attempting to convince her that air-conditioning and heated seats are genuinely nice attributes, how could I push back against her vehicular tastes, particularly with three other close friends measuring the length of the awkward pause?

Fortunately, the case against the HR-V is especially effortless to make these days. With the fifth-generation Honda CR-V set to seem at dealers in the subsequent couple of days, remaining fourth-gen 2016 CR-Vs are handsomely discounted. Apart from the fact that the CR-V, North America’s top-selling utility car, is the superior vehicle to live with, the CR-V is also the far better long-term proposition simply because of better resale worth and since Honda dealers have better CR-V margins with which to operate in order to make a deal.2016 Honda CR-V - Image: HondaAccording to Honda.ca, Mae could lease an HR-V LX with all-wheel drive for $ 185 bi-weekly over four years, with 24,000 kilometers per year (15,000 miles) and no income down. Or she could get into an all-wheel-drive CR-V SE with the very same terms for $ 191 bi-weekly.

A $ six payment difference.

Add in the CR-V’s fuel economy penalty and the distinction maybe expands to $ 10.

For Mae, if she decides she’s ready to accept a payment as an alternative of driving the Ion till it requirements to be abandoned on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway in Shubenacadie, the answer is clear.

Quiet, far more spacious, with superior ride top quality, the CR-V is a no-brainer in this case. The CR-V SE is far better-equipped than the HR-V LX, too, adding fog lights, variable intermittent wipers, two extra speakers, and proximity access to the HR-V LX’s equipment list.

But this story is not a story unique to Canada, nor is it unique to Mae. In the U.S., a 2017 $ 27,440 Mazda CX-3 Grand Touring AWD can be bought for $ 216 bi-weekly, MazdaUSA.com says, but a $ 31,070 2016.5 Mazda CX-five Grand AWD is only $ 23 far more bi-weekly. Fuel economy penalty: $ six bi-weekly, according to the EPA. Positive aspects: superior power-to-weight ratio, far more than triple the cargo volume behind the rear seats, practically 20 percent much more passenger volume. The final results: Americans buy and lease six instances a lot more CX-5s than CX-3s. Of course you would.

America’s leading-selling subcompact crossover, the Jeep Renegade, is a $ 26,120 vehicle in Latitude 4×4 trim with the two.4-liter/9-speed combo. More than 60 months with no money down, Jeep presently says the bi-weekly payment is $ 201. Only $ 11 far more bi-weekly would get you a Cherokee 4×4 in Latitude trim.

Mae shouldn’t replace her Ion Quad Coupe with a Honda HR-V. This I know.

However it’s really most likely that a subcompact crossover, regardless of brand, is in no way the better deal than its compact equivalent.

Timothy Cain is the founder of GoodCarBadCar.net, which obsesses over the totally free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures. Adhere to on Twitter @goodcarbadcar and on Facebook.

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2017 Honda CR-V Gains Prime-Finish Turbo, Classier Duds

2017 Honda CR-V

Honda had to play it secure even though redesigning its juggernaut compact crossover, as it didn’t want a repeat of the 2012 Civic fiasco.

Now that the wraps are officially off the fifth generation of the brand’s second-very best selling model, we can see that it didn’t suffer that fate. The 2017 CR-V sports updated appears, boosted dimensions, an upscale interior, and— for the very first time —a turbocharged powerplant.

Oh, there’s also a extremely particular knob.

Honda had to stroll a fine line when it came to styling. As well drab, and … properly, we all keep in mind the last Civic’s emergency refresh too bold and it may well alienate returning buyers. Whilst it’s nonetheless recognizable as a CR-V, the crossover’s exterior has noticed a considerable revamp.

2017 Honda CR-V

Can you call this styling edgy? It depends on who you ask. Since the “cute ute” idea is now dead and buried, the CR-V’s fender bulges have grown in size and a lot more chrome adorns its face. LED operating lights come regular, with complete LED headlights on larger trims. Nevertheless, styling is far from becoming the leading draw for crossover purchasers. Reputation, interior volume and approaches of producing the owner’s life simpler prime that list.

This CR-V has grown in every single dimension, albeit not drastically. Length is up by 1.two inches and wheelbase grows 1.6 inches. Width and height expand by 1.4 inches, even though rear cargo volume adds two cubic feet, for a total of 39.two cubic feet.

What does shrink is the uplevel engine — a turbocharged 1.5-liter 4-cylinder generating 190 horsepower and an unannounced quantity of torque. It’s the 1st turbo to uncover its way into a CR-V. The stalwart two.four-liter 4-cylinder soldiers on unchanged in the lowest LX trim level, creating 184 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. Each engines will be mated to a constantly variable transmission.

2017 Honda CR-V

The automaker hasn’t released fuel economy figures however, but the smaller sized turbo engine, coupled with Honda’s Active Shutter Grille, ought to enhance mileage on uplevel models. 2016 CR-Vs with all-wheel drive are at present rated at 25 miles per gallon in the city, 31 mpg on the highway, and 27 mpg combined.

Inside, new goodies abound, like the return of — wait for it — the stereo volume knob! It’s secure to assume existing owners demanded it. Heavier use of soft-touch materials and upgraded stitching lends some class to the interior, even though two new touchscreens should no doubt delight those who didn’t demand the return of the radio knob. A new navigation program by Garmin joins the content bucket for 2017, as does dual-zone climate manage, rear USB charging ports and an electronic parking brake.

The CR-V is a quite important model for Honda’s bottom line, with the automaker enjoying quite healthier, increasing support from purchasers. Sales barely fell in the course of the recession, so the automaker no doubt hopes it hasn’t angered any individual with the 2017 redesign. CR-V sales reached 345,647 in the U.S. final year, which means this model can be identified in the “too important to screw up” file.

[Photos: Honda North America]

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The Honda CR-Z is Now Dead Across North America

2016 Honda CR-Z, Image: Honda

So, Honda’s two-seater hybrid sports vehicle is officially belly-up in North America. There will not be a nicely-attended service or procession, just a solemn trickle of old models off of dealer lots.

Following TTAC confirmed that the CR-Z was done in Canada, and soon after a ‘Final Label’ edition bowed in Japan, word comes that the model has shuffled off into history everywhere else. Honda representatives confirmed to Auto and Driver that the automaker has pulled the plug on the CR-Z in North America.

Sales of the CR-Z rivaled continental drift for momentum, so it is no surprise the firm desires to turn its interest to two “volume models,” which is how the Honda reps referred to the 2017 Accord Hybrid and EV/plug-in/fuel cell Clarity lineup.

The CR-Z didn’t excel as a sports vehicle or a hybrid. For far less money, a utilised Chevrolet Cruze Eco beats it by 4 miles per gallon on the highway, and a sporty Civic can at least carry more than a single passenger. The model didn’t just fail to capture its niche — it killed it altogether.

With production discontinued (or slated to finish soon — either way, 2016 will be the last year), the flow of new models onto dealer lots will soon end. Neglect a funeral, celebrations may possibly spontaneously break out. Soon after the tap turns off, salespeople can begin getting rid of the enormous backlog of CR-Zs currently clogging inventories. Who knows, they may possibly truly mark them down.

[Image: Honda]

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The Honda CR-Z Is Officially Dead In Canada

2016 Honda CR-Z

2016 will be the final model year for the extraordinarily slow-selling Honda CR-Z in Canada. Honda Canada spokesperson Maki Inoue confirmed that the CR-Z is completed, indirectly supplanted in Honda Canada’s lineup by the reborn Honda Accord Hybrid.

“As Honda aligns its solution portfolio to very best take benefit of growth opportunities in the marketplace, it will add a new Accord Hybrid, and discontinue CR-Z this year,” Inoue told GoodCarBadCar earlier this afternoon.

Of course, we knew the CR-Z was completed for. Separate articles on TTAC earlier nowadays made mention of an American Honda spokesperson’s impression that the CR-Z was currently dead and the glut of CR-Z inventory of which Honda dealers need to now rid themselves.

News that the CR-Z is dead north of the border is thus no surprise, particularly given the car’s disastrous reception in Canada. You believed the two-seat, hybrid hatchback was unpopular in the American marketplace? Oh, Canada: in comparison with their northerly neighbors, Americans were downright enamored with the Honda CR-Z.

Think about this: Americans purchase around nine times much more new automobiles than Canadians, but CR-Z sales in the United States were 25 times stronger than Canadian sales more than the vehicle’s lifespan.

It’s not that Canadians won’t buy Hondas. Much more than 11 percent of the new passenger cars sold in Could have been Civics. Indeed, the Civic has been Canada’s very best-selling auto in every single of the final 18 years.

But the CR-Z, underpowered and not as effective as you’d count on a two-seat hybrid to be, did Honda Canada no favors.

Timothy Cain is the founder of GoodCarBadCar.net, which obsesses over the free of charge and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures. Follow on Twitter @goodcarbadcar and on Facebook.

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Chevrolet Upstages Ford – Then Honda Throws Composite Shade on Both

Honda Ridgeline Rock Drop

You may’ve noticed an ad campaign by Common Motors touting the toughness of its steel cargo bed in comparison with Ford’s aluminum cargo hold. The Chevy came out battered and bruised, but Ford’s aluminum-bodied F-150 incurred multiple lacerations. GM, in its comparison, proclaimed itself the winner.

Then late Friday, a plucky upstart named Honda (you may know the organization for its motorized bicycles and electrical generators), threw massive shade on the Detroit rivalry utilizing the very same test.

Honda’s engineers (not the PR folks, although Honda PR distributed the video) performed roughly the very same rock-drop test as the Chevrolet advertising campaign. The outcome? Just some scratches in the Ridgeline’s composite bed. Not a dent. Not a break. And the in-bed storage door still opened and closed as designed.

Effectively done, Honda. Now all we need to have is a actual truck for your trick bed.

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Honda Calls Civic Rivals ‘Square,’ Tends to make Some Ask ‘Where Are the Coupes?’

2016 Honda Civic Coupe

Remember when Each and every. Single. Automobile. Model. came in a two-door version?

Sure, the days of luxurious and lengthy Olds 98 two-doors and Lincoln Town Coupes are extended gone, but it wasn’t lengthy ago that coupe offerings stretched from a single finish of the compact automobile marketplace to the other.

A purchaser was when capable to choose in between the forgettable Ford Escort and equally forgettable but nicer-searching ZX2. You could get the bland Nissan Sentra or the slightly much less bland 200SX. And so on and so forth.

Two door cars that are not committed sportscars or pickups are increasing fewer, particularly at the reduce end of the market place exactly where volume is king. It is gotten so undesirable that we’ve taken to calling four-door SUVs “coupes,” like we’re in some sort of bizarro globe exactly where up is actually down and humans breathe underwater.

At least a single automaker is holding out against the trend.

Honda is organizing a advertising blitz for its 2016 Civic Coupe that functions a industrial titled “Square,” where a sleek Civic two-door rolls past a landscape filled with square individuals, square pets, and square little ones riding square skateboards with square wheels.

Honda Civic Coupe ad

The ad aims to draw consideration to the Civic’s rakish flanks and sleek profile at the expense of its competitors, but it might as well be speaking about the vehicle’s door count.

Hunting for another C-segment offering with two doors and no hatchback? Good luck. The preceding-generation Hyundai Elantra presented one particular, but it was dropped. Chevrolet Cruze? Nope. Possibly a Sentra, Concentrate, Mazda3 or Corolla? Try again. Impreza? Get out of right here.

The cheerleaders for low-end coupes are few as automakers scramble to meet insatiable demand for loved ones-oriented crossovers and SUVs.

Range Rover at least gives a two-door version of its sporty Evoque SUV, some thing Mercedes-Benz and BMW clearly see as a bastardization of the classic four-door wagon definition of “coupe.” That said, the only sales success among two-door SUVs in recent years is the Jeep Wrangler.

Cadillac must be commended for wading back into the personal luxury coupe category with its two-door ATS, regardless of what you feel of the brand or the model. It didn’t support general sales, though, as buyers vacated the ATS lineup altogether.

Auto buyers had money, children, house and pets in the ’70s, but bloated luxo-coupes nonetheless sold as fast as wide lapels and Bee Gees tickets. Outside of Germany, it seems customer tastes moved on to other flavors, and automakers had been fast to stick to.

As a former owner of a (beige) two-door 1994 Toyota Camry with gloriously long doors (and, certainly, windows), this writer wonders if coupes are doomed to quantity to an ever-shrinking niche market place populated mostly with higher-end offerings and low-slung rocket sleds.

You’d consider that with crossovers and SUVs parked in every driveway, a family’s second vehicle could stand to be a tiny significantly less utilitarian.

It will be intriguing to watch consumer demand for the Civic Coupe. As an outlier in the automotive landscape, it could serve as a litmus test for other automakers. Who knows, consumers may show they’re not as allergic to two-doors as we believed.

Or, to Honda’s chagrin, they’ll confirm it.

[Image: Honda Motor Company]

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Honda Civic Hatchback Appears Mean in Leaked Photographs

Leaked Honda Civic hatchback concept rear 3/4

The Honda Civic hatchback concept that will debut at this week’s 2016 Geneva Motor Show will wear an aggressive-hunting physique, according to images leaked by Carscoops.

The 5-door bodystyle hasn’t turned the acclaimed 10th-generation Civic into an ugly duckling. The sloping roofline transitions smoothly into the rear liftgate, which incorporates taillights identical to those of the Civic sedan.

Leaked 2017 Honda Civic hatchback concept front 3/4

The aggression comes by way of the front and rear bumpers. Gaping cavities on both ends signals efficiency and handling, a message completed by the centre-mounted twin tailpipes and twin hatch-mounted spoilers.

No matter whether or not these trappings makes it to the production model — even in the form of a top-finish Sort R — remains to be noticed.

With the addition of a hatchback to its stable, Honda’s Civic lineup will be a lot more or much less total.

The production 2017 Civic hatchback is expected to be unveiled at this October’s 2016 Paris Motor Show, whilst the notion greets the limelight when doors open in Geneva on March 1.

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