2016 Lexus RC-F Evaluation — The Fastest Pumpkin About

2016 Lexus RC-F Front quarter

2016 Lexus RC-F

five.-liter DOHC V8, port and direct injection (467 horsepower @ 7,100 rpm 389 lbs-ft @ four,800 rpm)

Eight-speed automatic

16 city/25 highway/19 combined (EPA Rating, MPG)

17.2 (Observed, MPG)

Base Cost: $ 63,745*

As Tested: $ 79,355*

*Costs contain $ 940 location charge.

In fairness, I was going as well swiftly even for the interstate. Even then, I’m pretty certain I saw a third numeral flicker on the dash show as I apexed the off-ramp onto the unfamiliar rural divided 4-lane.

Then I saw a black and gold Dodge Charger sitting in the median.

I right away asked myself if I can legitimately create off a speeding ticket as a business expense.

Fortunately, the deputy sheriff was either napping or texting, as the bellowing orange 2016 Lexus RC-F was distinctly conspicuous as I slowed to socially acceptable speeds. I unclenched, took a breath, and continued in search of much more enjoyable roads.

2016 Lexus RC-F orange profileAnd get pleasure from I did.

I do not know if I can call the Lexus RC-F stunning with a straight face. It is purposeful and brutal, definitely, but it’s not an E-Sort Jaguar. The numerous vents, intakes, and flares make a bold statement about the sporting credentials inside.

2016 Lexus RC-F orange front

My tester had the optional $ five,500 Overall performance Package, which adds a carbon fiber roof and rear wing, as well as a trick torque-vectoring differential. Yeah, adding further black accents to the fabulously loud Molten Pearl gave the large Lexus a jack-o’-lantern look, which was a hit at the college drop-off line in mid-October. I loved the appear, nonetheless — it seems to visually decrease the car a bit far more than cars with a painted roof.

2016 Lexus RC-F orange rear

Out back, that carbon rear wing raises itself at speed, or with the push of a button for the entertainment of onlookers. The quadruple exhaust suggestions are a bit showy, but practically nothing about this Lexus is subtle. They are ideal for the character of this beast.

The properly-bolstered front seats in the RC-F are spectacular. Plenty of adjustment fore and aft, up and down, with heated and cooled seats on the Premium Package created my lengthy interstate drive effortless. The $ five,500 package also contains carbon fiber interior trim, mostly beneath the steering column and atop the glove box. It’s not fully convincing, although. Otherwise, the leather and sueded leather-like material — Alcantara? — is appropriately plush.

2016 Lexus RC-F Seats

I can’t speak for the rear seats, even though the tears of my eight-year-old daughter may well. We had a mishap upon commencing her first RC-F ride, exactly where the energy seat returned to a memory position incompatible with her booster-seated legs. Much screaming ensued. Removal of the booster seat allowed her feet to slide below the driver’s seat, and the girls rode with but 1 complaint for the rest of my test.

2016 Lexus RC-F instruments

The issue they voiced loudly was the lack of any sort of handle to brace themselves, or to support extricate themselves from the deep seat bottom. Or, place delicately, there were no “Oh Feces!” handles. When I decided to “enjoy” my drive, and let my spawn to enjoy it along with me, they would slide against the interior panels with force. Hence, my time experimenting with and exploiting the a variety of overall performance settings was restricted to solo drives.

It’s the engine that is the huge story here. 467 horsepower from a 5.-liter V8 is nonetheless impressive, although most pony vehicles make related energy. The eight-speed automatic transmission, even though definitely shiftable through paddle or lever, is a letdown — I’d really like to attempt this with a six-speed manual. Sport and Sport Plus drive modes, selected through a knob just to the appropriate of the shifter, do make the transmission shift far more aggressively, holding gears a bit longer, particularly in Sport Plus. The transmission slams firmly into each and every gear with the throttle pinned, and will blip the throttle during downshifts to preserve the rear from becoming also unsettled.

2016 Lexus RC-F engine

The truly trick bit is the TVD button for the optional Torque-Vectoring Differential, element of the Efficiency Package. Rather than a standard Torsen limited-slip as fitted to the standard RC-F, the TVD allows for electronic biasing of torque to the rear wheels primarily based on driving behavior. Between Typical, Slalom, and Track settings, the differential will adjust how the rear of the car drives – and importantly for your neighborhood tire dealer, how it slides.

As opposed to the IS Turbo I lately sampled, this RC-F utilizes a touchpad interface for the navigation and entertainment systems. It’s positioned immediately aft of the shift lever, and just ahead of an extended lip for the center console storage lid. It performs effectively, but can be a bit sensitive. I identified when driving even though wearing a coat with loose sleeves, these sleeves would sometimes brush the touchpad and choose diverse radio stations. I even sleeve-dialed my wife as soon as.

The optional ($ 2,610!) navigation worked smoothly otherwise, and the the usually-stellar Mark Levinson audio program had no troubles fighting the noise from the wide Michelins.

2016 Lexus RC-F dashboard

Between standard commuting, a two-hour early morning highway cruise, and a 4-hour return via the curviest roads I could find, I spent a lot of time behind the wheel of the brilliant Lexus. Beyond road noise from the sticky tires and the boisterous exhaust note when exploring the deeper reaches of the correct pedal, the Lexus was practically as serene as a more staid ES sedan. The ride was firm over pockmarked Ohio freeways, but never jarring or unpleasant.

When I encountered the twisties, the RC-F woke up. I turned the selector to Sport Plus, switched the TVD to Slalom mode, and attacked the hills of southern Ohio. Set up like this, I found the Lexus would happily bring the rear around when driven enthusiastically, but it wouldn’t turn into a tire-smoking drift monster.

I wasn’t brave and/or stupid sufficient to attempt turning off the traction and stability controls — I wasn’t on the track, and therefore had no cause to activate either the in-dash lap timer nor my AAA membership.

It is generally a pony car, but with a posh twist. While it certainly compares nicely to an M4 or a C63, a Mustang GT or Camaro SS are all-natural options. It occupies an fascinating spot in the market place, as the Lexus buyer can select rowdy and refined in a single package.

2016 Lexus RC-F orange rear quarter

Lexus provided the car and a tank of fuel for objective of this review.

[Images: © 2016 Chris Tonn/The Truth About Cars]

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NAIAS 2016: 2017 Lexus LC500 – Ur-Lexus for Subsequent Generation?


4 years soon after Lexus unveiled its LF-LC at the 2012 North American International Auto Show, the automaker announced Monday that it would put into production largely the identical auto and contact it the LC 500.

Powered by a five-liter V-8 lifted from the RC-F and GS-F, the LC 500 will be the brand’s largest two-door coupe and mostly total the turnaround by the automaker they started around four years ago.

Seriously, the LC 500 is by the same people who make the ES 350.

Lexus didn’t announce how considerably the LC 500 will price, nor when it would be on sale, but said it would be accessible sometime this year.

In announcing the coupe, Lexus signaled that the LC 500 would ride on the identical chassis that will underpin the new LS when that auto is unveiled later. (In Detroit, Lexus showed an LF-FC fuel cell notion with four doors that could foretell what the LS looks like later on.) The coupe is underpinned by Lexus’s new GA-L worldwide architecture for rear-drive, front-engine vehicles, according to the automaker.

Even though the LC 500 is a lot more than a foot shorter than the newly announced Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe, each automobiles have their fair share of similarities. The LC 500 and S550 share almost identical horsepower figures (although the Merc’s turbos give it significantly much more twist) and the coupe’s are practically the exact same height. Both coupes accelerate up to 60 mph in 4.five seconds and it is probably that the two coupes will share similar costs.

In spite of being an all-new car for Lexus, the LC 500 will function largely the identical electronics as current Lexus models without any new autonomous drive modes or tech.

Trading on momentum from its earlier design and style, the LC 500 largely follows the exact same form as the LF-LC idea, such as 20- and 21-inch wheels and wide hips.

Holy crap. These are the very same individuals that make the ES.

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Can Ford Control Ford GT Ownership By way of Applications? Lexus Did


If Ford wants to handle sales of its extremely tiny production of Ford GT and vet its owners, it only wants to appear at the Lexus playbook from 2010 to see how.

On Thursday, Ford’s Group Vice President for Global Product Development and Chief Technical Officer Raj Nair told a group of last-gen Ford GT owners that it would ask possible owners to submit an application via the automaker to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for the supercar. Official pricing for the automobile hasn’t been announced, nor has the criteria for ownership been created public.

Ford stated it would only make obtainable 250 cars each year worldwide. There are far more than three,200 dealerships in America alone and much more than 7,500 worldwide.

If all this sounds familiar (as in, 500 Lexus LF-A vehicles at $ 400,000 for thousands of Toyota dealers) you may be appropriate.

In 2010, Autoblog detailed the extraordinary process that potential LF-A purchasers had to go via to qualify to acquire the car.

Included was a “lease” alternative with $ 60,000 in deposits required before acquiring the vehicle, $ 297,000 due upon receipt of the car, and a $ 93,000 selection to get the vehicle right after the 24-month lease expired. The “lease” amount was $ 12,398.44 per month.

Ford hasn’t announced how considerably it will sell the Ford GT for, or how it would collect that income, but it seems that every element of the buying process for the supercar will be distinctive to the Ford GT alone.

In 2005, when the final generation of Ford GTs have been sold in America, the very first automobiles were going almost $ one hundred,000 more than the MSRP value, as chronicled by the defunct FordGTPrices.com. As production ramped up on that auto in 2006, rates ultimately normalized to MSRP, but as the former site’s administrator Paul Allen told us, the 4,000+ volume of the last generation auto and the 250-per-year production of this auto tends to make it a whole different animal.

In its bulletin to dealers, Ford mentioned it would make offered to dealership owners a separate number of automobiles — obtainable by application as nicely — for them to get. Those automobiles would nonetheless come from the 250 produced every year, but a Ford spokesman declined to say how a lot of would be allocated to dealer owners.

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