Report: A lot of Volkswagen Managers Knew About ‘Defeat Device’

Volkswagen Wolfsburg

A lot of staffers and managers inside Volkswagen’s engine-development division knew about Volkswagen’s illegal emissions-cheating “defeat device,” such as a whistleblower who told other executives, German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported (by means of Reuters).

The report stated that there was a “desperation” amongst engineers tasked with producing a U.S.-emissions compliant diesel engine. Rather than going to the executive board with a failed engine, workers developed the cheat technique to avoid repercussions from larger-ups.

The report also indicates that Volkswagen alone — not alongside auto supplier Bosch — developed the defeat device.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung cited a supply inside Volkswagen who helped manipulate application to evade emissions tests, but said the supply alerted one more senior executive outside the division who said nothing at all.

According to Reuters, Volkswagen in Germany didn’t comment on the report.

The German newspaper mentioned the department took a “Schweigegelübde,” or “vow of silence” to safeguard themselves in the course of the investigation due to the fact that’s just a nightmare for Volkswagen.

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