Volkswagen CC Dead, to be Replaced by Some thing Individuals Might Want

2016 Volkswagen CC, Image: Volkswagen Group of America

The slow-promoting Volkswagen CC premium sedan — a model you’d be forgiven for forgetting — has reportedly ended production in Germany.

In happier instances, the model added a dash of upscale panache to the squeaky-clean brand. Now, Volkswagen has cast off the aging, underperforming model as it seeks to reclaim lost marketplace share and income with the CC’s shadowy replacement.

Sources inform Britain’s Autocar that assembly of new CCs has ceased as the automaker preps an all-new entry to slot above the midsize Passat. Don’t be concerned about provide drying up overnight, however. Provided the model’s slow sales, there’s likely sufficient inventory to hold the company more than till the replacement shows up next year.

Not that buyers are flooding dealer lots in search of the coupe-like CC. Right after reaching a sales higher in 2011 with 29,502 U.S. sales, demand for the model slipped to just six,276 units in 2015. The very first ten months of 2016 saw only two,595 sales.

Launched in 2008, the model bowed as the Passat CC prior to dropping its sister car’s name in the course of its 2011 redesign. The CC name isn’t probably to seem on the model’s replacement. The exact same sources claim Volkswagen desires to drop the name like a hot potato, preferring anything new and distinctive that requires buyers’ minds off the past (specially the current previous).

There’s a quantity of spy pictures floating around that claim to show the CC’s replacement. If these photographs are certainly of the unnamed successor, anticipate a lengthy sedan with a fastback-like profile. The automaker has reportedly selected its Sport Coupe GTE notion automobile as inspiration, which could signal a high-performing hybrid variant.

[Image: Volkswagen of America]

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BMW Might Develop a ‘Ute’ Pickup Just to Screw Mercedes-Benz

BMW pickup

If you have ever although the backseat and trunk in your 3 Series would be a perfect spot to put a extended, flat cargo space for hauling dirtbikes, begin organizing a move to Australia.

According to Motoring, the German automaker is taking into consideration fielding a pickup variant Down Under — a move once thought not possible, but now looks significantly far more likely, thanks to Bimmer’s rival.

BMW, purveyor of dignified, higher-finish rolling stock, mentioned “definitely not” when asked final year if it would build a “ute” for utility-hungry Australians. That tune has considering that changed.

When asked once more by Motoring, BMW Australia managing director Marc Werner replied, “Never say by no means.”

Why the modify of heart? Blame Mercedes-Benz, and its tentative plans to provide its own ute in the Australian market place in 2018. Traditionally, whatever Benz does, Bimmer feels compelled to do the identical, whilst trying to best its competitor at its own game. German siblings are the würst.

“We’re watching the space closely,” Werner stated, referring to his rival’s achievable foray into the niche market.

It won’t be effortless bringing a BMW ute to Australia. The automaker lacks the industrial trucks and vans that Benz already sells in the country, Werner mentioned, adding that rival Audi could easily rebadge a Volkswagen Amarok pickup if it wanted its own ute. There’s a ghost of a opportunity that BMW could expand its partnership with Toyota beyond the Supra sportcar the two firms are jointly building.

As an April Fool’s joke in 2011, BMW teased images of an M3-based pickup to satisfy the El Camino crowd.

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Volkswagen Lawyer: Automaker Might Get Back Unfixable Automobiles


A lawyer for Volkswagen said in court that the automaker would acquire back cars that it cannot fix in time, the very first admission from the firm that some of its vehicles might not be fixable, according to the New York Occasions.

Volkswagen lawyer Robert Giuffra told a court final week during hearings connected to the class-action lawsuits facing the automaker that the company hadn’t determined how many cars would be impacted.

“We may possibly have to do a buyback or some sort of a answer like that for some subset of the vehicles, but that hasn’t been determined yet,” Giuffra stated according to the report.

Final year, reports from Germany indicated that the organization was preparing to purchase back up to 115,000 older diesel automobiles that couldn’t be repaired.

Those automobiles would likely be older vehicles, fitted with Volkswagen’s EA189 engines, which Volkswagen of America boss Michael Horn told Congress in October would want significant hardware revisions to bring into compliance — with no any severe impacts on performance and fuel economy.

Horn told Congress that the vast majority of affected automobiles in the U.S. are older models with the EA189 engine — probably a lot more than 300,000 automobiles.

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