The Newest Model S Could be Faster Than Tesla Admits

Tesla Model S

Click “pause” on that Model S vs. supercar/fighter jet video, Tesla aficionados.

The newest Model S P90D will outrun last year’s leading-shelf Tesla whilst in Ludicrous mode, according to acceleration tests published by Drag Occasions.

The -to-60 mph run was created in a fresh-off-the-line P90D by Brooks Weisblat. The Model S underwent a styling and content update earlier this year, although Tesla claims its power hasn’t changed. Weisblat’s Vbox sport performance meter says otherwise.

Tesla rates the P90D at 532 horsepower when equipped with Ludicrous mode, excellent for a two.8-second -60 run. On a non-ready roadway, Weisblat’s stock Model S returned a time of 2.65 seconds.

No stranger to fast launches, Weisblat was reportedly extremely surprised by the Tesla’s puissance. Just to make sure the acceleration figure wasn’t a weird fluke, he performed the run again. Once more, 2.65 seconds.

The automaker isn’t saying why the newest P90D seems to be faster than prior models. Speculation abounds, however, with the answer ranging from subtly improved aerodynamics to a secretly improved battery pack.

Watch the extremely short run to 60 mph below:

[Image: Tesla Motors]

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Ford Cancelling Remaining 2016 Focus RS Orders, Consumers Will Have to Wait for 2017 Model Year

2016 Ford Focus RS

Buyers are getting their 2016 Ford Concentrate RS orders cancelled, and the automaker is providing differing causes as to why, depending on who you ask.

Ford is telling dealers and buyers who placed orders for Ford’s hottest hatch that they’ll receive 2017 models rather. This, for a model Ford stated it could create as many as consumers wanted.

Ford produces the 350-horsepower, all-wheel-drive Concentrate RS at its Saarlouis plant in Germany. The sought-after model arrived stateside this spring, with the automaker promising not to limit production.

According to emails obtained by TTAC, a Los Angeles dealer had 3 of its pending 2016 Focus RS orders cancelled by Ford and moved to the 2017 model year. That could mean months of delays for consumers as they wait for subsequent year’s deliveries.

The cause given to the dealer by a Ford rep for the cancellations? “Economic turmoil in Europe” that forced the Saarlouis plant to shut down, limiting production volume.

Nonetheless, when TTAC asked Ford representative Dan Jones about the e mail, he stated 220 orders were cancelled basically due to the fact Ford couldn’t keep up with demand just before a planned summer season factory shutdown.

“We regularly adjust daily production to be aligned with market place demand,” Jones stated. “Focus RS demand about the globe has exceeded expectations, so these 220 buyer units that had been scheduled for 16MY construct, are now going to be rescheduled into 17MY, and as these orders will be prioritized, buyers will expertise virtually no delay in delivery of their automobile.”

There’s a massive gap amongst planned maintenance and “economic turmoil.”

Would-be Concentrate RS buyers have expressed aggravation over continually changing delivery timetables on on the internet enthusiast forums.

One particular Australian forum user was told the vehicle’s planned August construct would be moved to November, although an additional had his pushed from July to September. Another user sought answers for why his Focus RS create date went from June to August, and then to October. “Your develop date can move around until it is finally locked in when a VIN is assigned,” mentioned a Ford Australia representative.

At some point in the summer season, the German plant shuts down for a worker’s holiday. When pressed, the user’s Ford rep claimed the plant shut down for a week in early July. That rep returned to say the plant would be shut down for summer season maintenance from July 25 to August 19.

When asked about the shutdown timing, Jones stated workers will return to Saarlouis following a three-week holiday on August 15.

Time will inform what the delivery delay amounts to, if anything, or whether dealers and buyers experience additional aggravation. For an automaker, it is nonetheless better to deal with the fallout of a model with overwhelming demand than, say, a Chrysler 200.

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NHTSA Investigating Tesla Model S Following Fatal ‘Autopilot’ Crash


A current fatal crash of a 2015 Tesla Model S operating in “Autopilot” mode prompted the National Highway Site visitors Safety Administration to open a preliminary investigation into the model, Reuters is reporting.

Because the crash occurred when the vehicle was beneath the control of an autonomous driving system, the NHTSA mentioned it is planning “an examination of the style and overall performance of any driving aids in use at the time of the crash.”

A preliminary investigation is the first step the agency can take if it believes a vehicle is unsafe and might require to be recalled. The probe involves a total of 25,000 Tesla Model S autos.

Tesla responded to the news on its web site with a post titled “A Tragic Loss”:

This is the very first recognized fatality in just over 130 million miles where Autopilot was activated. Among all cars in the US, there is a fatality every single 94 million miles. Worldwide, there is a fatality roughly every 60 million miles. It is important to emphasize that the NHTSA action is just a preliminary evaluation to determine whether the technique worked according to expectations.

Following our regular practice, Tesla informed NHTSA about the incident immediately right after it occurred. What we know is that the vehicle was on a divided highway with Autopilot engaged when a tractor trailer drove across the highway perpendicular to the Model S. Neither Autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor trailer against a brightly lit sky, so the brake was not applied. The higher ride height of the trailer combined with its positioning across the road and the really uncommon circumstances of the effect triggered the Model S to pass beneath the trailer, with the bottom of the trailer impacting the windshield of the Model S. Had the Model S impacted the front or rear of the trailer, even at high speed, its sophisticated crash safety method would likely have prevented serious injury as it has in quite a few other equivalent incidents.

Tesla went on to clarify that drivers are presented with a message explaining how to use Autopilot safety when they engage the function:

When drivers activate Autopilot, the acknowledgment box explains, amongst other things, that Autopilot “is an assist feature that demands you to maintain your hands on the steering wheel at all times,” and that “you need to preserve manage and responsibility for your vehicle” whilst utilizing it.

CNN is reporting that the crash happened Might 7 in Williston, Florida. Tesla’s stock sank in soon after-hours trading when news of the investigation broke.

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Musk Says the Tesla Model S Suspension Controversy is Over

2016 Tesla Model S

Elon Musk is declaring the controversy that erupted over reports of Tesla Model S suspension failures to be over, completed, completed, finito.

The Tesla founder and CEO fired off a string of tweets late Friday, saying that the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration was done hunting into the matter, and added that the majority of complaints had been identified to be fraudulent.

Yesterday, TTAC examined the specifics of the case that sparked accusations of a significant Model S security concern and a cover-up on the component of the automaker. The firestorm of controversy, ignited by a Daily Kanban blog post by ex-TTAC editor Edward Neidermeyer, centered on a Pennsylvania man whose 2013 Model S skilled an unusual upper ball joint failure.

A non-disclosure clause in the “goodwill agreement” handed to the owner during the vehicle’s repair procedure raised even a lot more questions. The NHTSA, which had been contacted by Tesla owners and other folks, examined the language in the document and announced it was hunting into the suspension problem.

Although this was going on, Tesla fired back at critics with a lengthy and unusually harsh weblog post of its personal, denying there was a security concern and singling out Neidermeyer for his post.

It now looks like Musk desires the final say on the matter. Taking to Twitter last night, he announced, “NHTSA confirmed right now that they discovered no security concern with the Model S suspension and have no additional need for information from us on this matter.”

He then added, “Of greater concern: 37 of 40 suspension complaints to NHTSA were fraudulent, i.e. false location or car identification numbers have been utilised.” Musk then questioned the intentions of those who made false complaints.

Looking into the situation, TTAC’s Mark Stevenson and Bozi Tatarevic discovered that the non-disclosure agreement, whilst unusual, was likely unenforceable. The automaker would have a potentially ruinous PR disaster on its hands if it attempted to silence consumer complaints.

The suspension failure that led to the controversy looked to be the outcome of a damaged rubber ball joint boot that allowed water and road salt to enter the ball joint, ultimately top to its premature failure. The broken boot remains a mystery — it could have been compromised when it left the factory or broken when the owner drove his Model S down rutted Pennsylvania roads.

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Tesla Model X Owner Says His Car Crashed Itself

Tesla Model X crash

A California man is seeking for answers — and repairs — right after he claims his 5-day-old Tesla Model X unexpectedly accelerated into a constructing at full speed as he was attempting to park.

Puzant Ozbag took to the Tesla forum to describe the June 5 incident, which launched his automobile into the wall of an Irvine store and left his wife with minor airbag-connected injuries.

In his words:

Our 5 day old Tesla X these days even though entering a parking stall suddenly and unexpectedly accelerated at higher speed on its personal climbing over 39 feet of planters and crashing into a constructing.

The airbags deployed and my wife’s arms have burn marks as a consequence.

This could have effortlessly been a fatal accident if the car’s wheels had been not turned slightly to the left. If they were straight, it would have gone over the planters and crashed into the retailer in front of the parking stall and injured or killed the patrons

The acceleration was uncontrollable, seemed maximum and the automobile only stopped because it hit the constructing and brought on enormous damage to the creating.

Following the crash, Ozbag referred to as his Tesla delivery consultant, who place him in touch with the automaker’s roadside assistance provider. The automobile was towed to a AAA storage facility.

Tesla Model X crash

When questioned by forum commenters, the owner said the vehicle was operating at really low speeds, wasn’t in Autopilot mode, nor was it using the “summon” function. Ozbag stated Autopilot only engages at speeds above 18 miles per hour, and he was only going 3 to 5 miles per hour at the time.

Ozbag told the forum he wanted Tesla to find out why his Model X behaved the way it did.

“That is the question I want Tesla to answer,” he wrote. “A software glitch or a pc malfunction, either way the outcomes could have been much worse and wants to be completely investigated.”

Regardless of regardless of whether the crash was caused by a malfunction or human error, the Model X has been a thorn in Tesla’s side considering that it first rolled off the assembly line. Most consumer complaints target the vehicle’s signature “falcon wing” doors, which can unexpectedly open and close on their personal.

The electric automaker is at present becoming sued by a man who says door glitches rendered his Model X unsafe and undriveable. For the duration of last week’s public shareholders meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivered his most recent apology to Model X owners for the inconvenience, and stated that imminent software program upgrades will tame the wonky doors.

[Source: Elektrek] [Images: Puzant: imgur]

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See the Planet from a Tesla Model X, Spend a Actually Huge Windshield Replacement Bill


Tesla Model X owners may want to double check their insurance coverage coverage before hitting these rural highways in search of ecologically sensitive adventure.

Now that the electric SUV is rolling out of Fremont in bigger numbers, owners are beginning to encounter the typical headaches that come with car ownership. One particular nagging issue owners are discovering is the expense of replacing the acres and acres of glass that make up the vehicle’s panoramic windshield. (Which takes place to be the greatest in the industry.)

Not surprisingly, large glass equals a big repair bill when the Model X encounters wayward pebbles. 1 St. Paul man took to the Tesla Motors on the web forum following his vehicle suffered a windshield crack in the course of a Grand Canyon road trip with his family members.

The replacement cost? Just shy of $ two,300, just before tax. “Ouch,” was the general response from forum dwellers.

Based on exactly where an owner lives, and what coverage their insurance provider offers, that crack could be a extremely costly one. Some states require mandatory coverage for windshield harm. A single forum poster living in Toronto, Canada said his policy covers windshield repair, but the higher cost of the replacement is nevertheless less than the minimum deductible quoted for a Tesla ($ five,000).

No support there.

Of course, there are a lot of who’ll say the owners produced their Model X bed, and ought to lie in it. Hardware comes with a price, no one demands an electric SUV, and so on, and so forth. Consider it all you like, but that isn’t the point here. Who actually thinks about their windshield (and what it might expense to replace) when getting a automobile?

[Source: Elektrek]

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Ghost in the Machine: Man Sues More than Possessed Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X, Image: Tesla Motors

Negative PR from customers annoyed by their difficulty-plagued Tesla Model X SUVs continues to hammer the electric automaker.

A lawsuit filed against Tesla by a California man is the most current bit of poor news (and press) for the firm. According to Barrett Lyon, the bizarre electrical gremlins operating loose in his Model X turned his automobile into a static driveway decoration.

It is no wonder Tesla CEO Elon Musk sleeps at the office and keeps his desk at the end of the production line.

The issues reported by Lyon and the initial delay in obtaining the Model X to customers are a big purpose why Musk wants to manufacture his own parts.

Lyon, who already owns a Tesla Roadster and a Model S, paid $ 162,000 for the automobile. Soon soon after, strange factors started to happen.

“The doors do some weird, wicked things,” Lyon told Courthouse News. “If you get in and slide sideways and accidentally tap the brake, the driver’s side door slams shut on your leg. That is not a quite good factor to have come about to you.”

The automatic doors also slammed shut on his wife, Lyon claimed, and opened unexpectedly, causing damage to the doors and products inside his garage. In parking lots, the doors open into other autos, he claimed.

The gripes outlined in the lawsuit do not finish there. According to Lyon, the autonomous Autopilot feature swerves the vehicle into other lanes for the duration of rainstorms, the self-parking feature doesn’t operate 90 % of the time, and the touchscreen freezes for no reason.

Allegedly, Tesla Motors was unable to fix the car, so Lyon filed suit to get his acquire quantity and registration fee back. He’s also seeking damages for breach of warranty and California Lemon Law violations.

The Model X now sits idle in his driveway.

“You acquire a vehicle like that, you expect it to perform,” Lyon said. “It’s grow to be clear to me that the automobile wasn’t ready for buyers. The service center is completely unprepared for the type of troubles they’re obtaining.”

In April, Tesla recalled 2,700 Model X vehicles to stop rear seatback failures. Other situations of issues with the model’s signature “falcon wing” doors have been reported, as effectively as complaints about loose weatherstripping and frayed carpets.

[Source: Courthouse News Service] [Image: Tesla Motors]

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Tesla’s Model X Is Our Egg-shaped Future and It’s Here


Tesla finally rolled out its third model, the Model X final night to loyalists and some media (not us) Tuesday in California.

The SUV’s falcon doors and ludicrously insanely quickly -60 mph occasions (three.2 seconds for a vehicle that weighs 5,441 pounds) may get most of the headlines, but the rest of the car’s attributes and specifications are just as impressive. Tesla says that the batteries in its Model X — which are the same as the Model S — are great for 250 miles. The combined torque for its front and rear engines, which produce 259 hp and 503 hp respectively, is far more than 700 pound-feet.

And the air filtration program inside could protect you from mustard gas, or one thing.

Tesla says that the Model X will attain all 5-star safety ratings, a initial for an SUV (nearly each and every SUV has 4 or fewer stars in rollover safety) and will use automatic emergency braking to stay away from frontal collisions, even at high speeds.


The SUV also utilizes active aerodynamic characteristics to lessen the car’s drag to .24 cD. It’s rear spoiler retracts at speeds greater than 45 mph to cut a lot more effectively by means of air, and keeps the auto hunkered down all the way to its 155 mph limit.


According to the automaker, the doors on the Model X will open automatically as the driver approaches the car, although it is not clear if all doors will open on their personal without touching the handles (because that could get annoying). Early media reports on the falcon-wing doors say that though the doors seem to manage nicely with no knocking into issues, entry and exit appears specifically slow in cramped spaces.

The Model X can seat up to seven in its three rows and its 17-inch touchscreen will most likely be the center of focus due to the fact holy crap that’s enormous. The 17-inch screen commands 17 interior speakers inside the cabin of the Model X.

If you can not match everybody you know within the car’s seven seats or its cargo location (Tesla didn’t specify interior dimensions) the Model X is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds, supplied you can uncover a location for the hitch.


Assuming you can get previous the “automaton egg” look (I still say Alien Mr. Burns), all that electric splendor can be yours beginning at $ 80,000 all the way up to $ 140,000 for a Founders Series model if you plunked down funds in 2012.

Tesla Model X


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Tesla Model X Referral Winner Accused of Spamming Referral Links

Tesla Building Circa March 2015

According to the Tesla Motors Club, the referral program that would award a single Model X to a fortunate loyalist in exchange for referring 10 new Model S buyers may possibly already be over. “Kevin2686″ may likely be the North American winner for the free of charge Model X contemplating he managed to refer ten new purchasers.

Forum members say Kevin2686 spam posted his referral hyperlink, and certainly on a CNET news story about the promotion a user named “Tesla2000″ offered $ 1,000 up front and $ 1,000 later with a hyperlink to Kevin2686’s referral code. In Tesla’s fairly vague referral language:

“Please note that we could withhold credits, discounts or other awards exactly where we believe customers are acting in undesirable faith or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this program.”

This may not finish effectively. 

We currently know that the potential referrer would probably qualify for an income tax credit from the feds for referring ten new Model S purchasers. It now seems that, at least according to the Tesla community, the referring winner could have used unsavory indicates as effectively.

Must Tesla withhold the auto for spam posting, it could be a fight over the “free” $ 133,000 car.

The only winner in Tesla’s referral program — at least in the U.S. — might quite effectively be Tesla itself.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 12.36.46 PM

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Model X Purchasers Can Spec Out Their $100K Cars, Add $10K in Speed, Nevertheless Get Rebate


Prospective buyers of Tesla’s coming Model X SUV can go on the internet Tuesday and choose out their colour and possibilities for their cars, which should be arriving at the end of September, Automotive News is reporting.

The online configurator popped up Monday night for prospective buyers and forum users began posting photos of their vehicles online. The images are the first from the automaker just before its official reveal.

The interior pictures detail seating for seven adults and the Model X’s falcon doors that will reportedly sport sensors that maintain passengers from obtaining out hitting the doors on low garages.

20870112889_866fbd89a7_oAccording to the Automotive News report, the Model X Signature series will start off at $ 132,000 and can be configured with Tesla’s “Ludicrous Speed” update that’ll increase functionality.

A common Model X can also get the “Ludicrous Speed” update, but buyers would have to opt 1st for the functionality package and then “Ludicrous Speed” beyond that.

Other attributes on the Model X include the option to have the auto park itself, leather seating, heated and ventilated seats and the capacity to return your federal rebate satellite radio.


(Pictures courtesy the automaker and Flickr user tobi_wan_kenobi.)

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