The Newest Model S Could be Faster Than Tesla Admits

Tesla Model S

Click “pause” on that Model S vs. supercar/fighter jet video, Tesla aficionados.

The newest Model S P90D will outrun last year’s leading-shelf Tesla whilst in Ludicrous mode, according to acceleration tests published by Drag Occasions.

The -to-60 mph run was created in a fresh-off-the-line P90D by Brooks Weisblat. The Model S underwent a styling and content update earlier this year, although Tesla claims its power hasn’t changed. Weisblat’s Vbox sport performance meter says otherwise.

Tesla rates the P90D at 532 horsepower when equipped with Ludicrous mode, excellent for a two.8-second -60 run. On a non-ready roadway, Weisblat’s stock Model S returned a time of 2.65 seconds.

No stranger to fast launches, Weisblat was reportedly extremely surprised by the Tesla’s puissance. Just to make sure the acceleration figure wasn’t a weird fluke, he performed the run again. Once more, 2.65 seconds.

The automaker isn’t saying why the newest P90D seems to be faster than prior models. Speculation abounds, however, with the answer ranging from subtly improved aerodynamics to a secretly improved battery pack.

Watch the extremely short run to 60 mph below:

[Image: Tesla Motors]

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