TTAC News Round-up: Heavens Smile as Cursed Minivan Plant Resumes Production

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Tranquility returns to North America as FCA’s ill-fated minivan assembly plant prepares itself for a return to active duty.

That, the used vehicle rulebook is receiving an update, an autoworker union puts its hand out for government cash, and Porsche shrinks the value-tag and stretches the length of the Panamera… soon after the break!

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Plus

More minivans next Monday

Fiat Chrysler says its Windsor assembly plant will return to operational status on Monday. Automotive News reports that a Unifor spokesman said the union will commence notifying members via classic and social media that perform will resume on November 14th.

The union, which represents Detroit Three autoworkers in Canada, told the roughly 6,000 staff on November three that the plant would be idled due to a parts shortage. The news came after an important seating manufacturer narrowly averted a strike and a key lighting element supplier suffered massive warehouse fire on November 1st.

Although the plant was already scheduled to be closed on November 11 for Remembrance Day, typical production was absent from November 7th by way of the 10th. The Windsor assembly plant produces about 1,500 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Pacifica minivans each and every day.

Used Car Dealership NYC

FTC updates the Used Vehicle Buyers Guide

The Federal Trade Commission updated its utilised automobile rulebook on Thursday. The FTC’s Utilised Auto Rule has been the sector standard since 1985. It demands all utilised automobile dealers to post a Buyers Guide on any vehicle they are offering for acquire, providing buyers crucial info to help them make greater informed decisions.

Now the FTC has made some alterations to the Buyers Guide that dealers need to have to adhere to and consumers may want to know about. One of the biggest alterations is updating the description of what an “as is” sale constitutes. Other changes include:

Adding boxes on the face of the Buyer’s Guide that dealerships can mark to show whether a vehicle is covered by a third-party warranty, and if a service contract is available.

Providing a box that dealerships can selected to show that a manufacturer’s warranty that hasn’t expired nonetheless applies to the car.

Adding airbags and catalytic converters to the Buyers Guides’ list of key defects that could take place.

Adding a statement that tells customers to obtain a car history report and to check for open recalls.

Adding a Spanish statement to the English-language guide that advises Spanish-speaking consumers to ask for the Buyer’s Guide in Spanish (if the dealership is conducting the sale in Spanish).

Providing a Spanish translation of the statement that dealers may possibly use to obtain a consumer’s acknowledgement of receipt of the Purchasers Guide.

The revisions go into effect on January 27. A copy of the new guide and expanded information for customers and sells are available at the Federal Trade Commission’s web site.

Jerry Dias, Unifor President, Image: OFL Communications Department (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Dias wants much more from the Canadian government. 

Unifor President Jerry Dias has known as on the Canadian government to support the auto industry in a piece written for the Huffington Post. In it, he claimed “Canada still has inadequate applications from our governments to attract and retain the auto market in this nation.”

The post comes soon after Dias and Unifor negotiated large investments from the Big 3. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles committed $ 331 million, General Motors was in for $ 554 million, and Ford promised $ 713 million — most of which will go to Windsor’s new engine programs.

“We’ve accomplished our bit. Now it is their turn,” Dias wrote.

Nonetheless, he didn’t say what this government intervention would entail.

”He’s not specifying what he wants, but I think I know what he wants, and that’s a handout. I believe that is a really hazardous road to go down,” Canadian Taxpayers Association head Aaron Wudrick told Automotive News Canada. “The government can give a far better organization atmosphere by cutting taxes and producing it easier for these entities to do company. In Ontario, they can commence by lowering power costs for these firms.”

Porsche Panamara Executive

A Porsche not aimed at drivers

Porsche is now supplying an “entry-level” Panamera for the low price tag of $ 85,000.

The new base Panamera receives a 2.9-liter turbocharged V6 that sends all 330 of its horsepower to the actual wheels. Despite the fact that if you wanted to make it all-wheel drive, like each other Porsche sedan, you can for an further $ 4,600.

Porsche will also be providing “Executive” versions of the Panamera for the type of particular person intriguing in a driver’s automobile but not so interested in driving it. That model sees the car stretched by an additional 5.9 inches to offer additional space for the rear-seat occupants. The organization claims the back of the Porsche can also be created into a digital work space employing a pair of ten-inch detachable tablets and optional rear multimedia console.

In addition to the new two.9-liter V6, the Executive Porsches can also be optioned with all the remaining powertrains. The E-Hybrid Executive will have 462 horses, the 4S Executive 440 hp, and the Turbo Exec will place out 550 ponies from the four. liter turbocharged V8.

The LA Auto Show will see the official unveiling of the new base Panamera and hoity-toity Executive models. Porsche says deliveries for the 2017 Panamera 4S and Panamera Turbo will begin in January 2017.

[Pictures: FCA OFL Communications Department/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.) Porsche]

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Poor News for Sergio: Brexit Catapults Fiat Chrysler Off Key Stock List


After Britain referendumed themselves right out of the European Union last week, there was a lot of speak about how the country’s automakers would fare in the wake of the Brexit.

But what about an Italian-American automaker? Right now, investment bank Goldman Sachs removed Fiat Chrysler Automobiles from their “conviction” acquire list, citing uncertainty more than the fate of the EU, Bloomberg reports.

The list names stocks that the bank’s investment braintrust anticipate to outperform. When a company gets on the list, investors can’t be far behind, hoping for a bigger-than-anticipated return on their investment.

Goldman Sachs stated it removed FCA from the list due to fear that Britain’s exit from the EU would decrease economic growth throughout the EU, hampering vehicle sales. This, regardless of the reality that FCA claimed the Brexit would have small effect on its operations, regardless of getting relocated its tax residency to the UK in 2014.

Ten days ago, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne downplayed worry about the looming referendum in a media scrum, saying a potential “Leave” vote was “not that disastrous” for his organization.

This morning, Marchionne spoke about the problem at a Fiat launch in Italy. “We don’t like the (outcome of) the vote, but a clear notion was expressed about the EU and so this ought to be revised,” he told an Italian wire service, adding that the vote should serve as a wake-up contact to the EU to spend far more consideration to person countries’ appeals for reform.

Marchionne essentially referred to as for absolutely everyone to keep calm and carry on.

Regardless of being removed from the list, it wasn’t all undesirable news for Marchionne nowadays. Goldman Sachs kept a “buy” rating on FCA’s stock.

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Some Very good News for Volkswagen Owners’ Panicky Shareholders


Right after Volkswagen announced final week that it would reduce dividends by 97 % due to the economic fallout of the diesel emissions scandal, there’s a ray of light for those who have shares in the company’s owner.

Porsche Automobil Holding SE, the investment car of Volkswagen AG’s ultra-wealthy owner family members, said it will front the money to permit shareholders a bigger return, according to Bloomberg.

Porsche’s management and supervisory boards will vote on the move, which would see the company’s proposed dividend rise from .21 euro to 1.01 euro per preferred share. The 308 million-euro payout, which is still just half of final year’s, will reportedly be financed from money reserves.

Final week, Volkswagen announced it would set aside 16.two billion euros ($ 18.two billion) to fund the automaker’s settlement plan with U.S. consumers and regulators.

The April 21 deal, which would see more than half a million automobiles purchased back or repaired, came at the same time as earnings figures that showed a four.1 billion euro operating loss for 2015. In 2014, the business posted a 10.85 billion-euro profit.

Simply because of the hit, Volkswagen proposed cutting its dividend to .17 euros per share, down from four.86 euros a year earlier.

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It is a Day That Ends With “Y”, Which means Much more Poor News for Volkswagen

TDI Clean Diesel

There’s never a dull moment at Volkswagen, and right now the automaker finds itself fighting battles on so several fronts they’ll soon be wishing for Common Eisenhower’s plotting table.

As the firm steels itself for further negative terrible financial news, German prosecutors have widened their probe into the diesel emissions scandal and targeted 17 Volkswagen employees.

The new headcount is a huge jump from the earlier six suspects, and authorities have said they’re not completed seeking. So far, none hail from Volkswagen’s management board, but Klaus Ziehe, a spokesman for the state’s attorney’s office, has said that management involvement has not been ruled out.

On the other side of the Maginot Line, French authorities announced they have opened a formal fraud investigation into the emissions scandal.

Just in the past week, Volkswagen had to admit to U.S. regulators that it will miss a District Court-issued deadline for an emissions fix for that country’s fleet of impacted autos. At the same time, queries are being raised about the amount of expertise upper management had of the diesel deception prior to final September’s EPA notice of violation.

The firm is now gritting its teeth as it awaits its 2015 earnings report, a very unhappy document that was delayed by the unfolding scandal and is anticipated to come out on April 28.

Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Müller has stated the economic pain to the company will be “substantial and painful,” specifically taking into consideration the fines that will sooner or later have to be paid.

Future fines and achievable lawsuit payouts weren’t factored into the $ 7.49 billion the automaker set aside last year to finance the recall of about 11 million impacted cars, meaning it may well have to set aside about $ 17 billion a lot more.

With a quit order in spot on the sale of 2015 and 2016 diesel automobiles and plummeting U.S. sales as a outcome of the scandal, the economic storm has just begun for Volkswagen, and that is producing workers nervous.

The company’s worker union has stated it supports Volkswagen’s efforts to dig its way out of its financial difficulty through efficiencies and restructuring, but not if it implies cutbacks to staff.

Müller and Volkswagen brand chief Herbert Diess met with workers and their labor boss Bernd Osterloh in Wolfsburg, Germany on March 8 in an try to attain an understanding about the situation.

Osterloh has previously called the company’s program to improve productivity “unrealistic,” and by all accounts remains at loggerheads with management.

And that was Tuesday, March eight at Volkswagen.

[Sources: Automotive News, New York Times, Bloomberg]

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TTAC News Round-up: Volkswagen Completed Second in China, Big Difficulty for Takata, and Apple’s Longtime Car Guy Gone

Signing ceremony for VW’s Foshan plant in China. Picture courtesy Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen’s chief in China says they’re possibly not retaking the crown from General Motors there anytime quickly.

That, Apple’s lead car guy is gone, Takata’s in difficulty and a lot more … following the break!

Der neue Volkswagen Satana (China)

Volkswagen’s China chief: ‘Volume is not everything’

Volkswagen’s chief in China mentioned the automaker would have a good year in China and deflected any sales race with General Motors by saying “volume isn’t every little thing,” according to Reuters.

Jochem Heizmann, head of Volkswagen in China, told reporters that the firm would focus on resale and residual values in the country — not sheer numbers.

GM surpassed VW final year in sales last year in China, according to the report. It might stay that way this year.

Apple Logo Circa 2005

Longtime Apple vehicle exec leaving

A longtime Apple executive for projects including the iPod and iPhone, and reportedly head of the company’s automotive division, is leaving the business, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Steve Zadesky, a 16-year Apple veteran and former Ford engineer, is leaving the business for private reasons not connected to functionality, according to the report.

Zadesky reportedly led the company’s secret project “Titan” given that 2014. His departure could be a setback for the secretive tech company who could be stockpiling auto industry veterans for an upcoming car — or massive dance party. We’ll never know due to the fact Apple doesn’t tell us anything.

29 - Jackson the Standard Poodle in snow - Picture courtesy of Murilee Martin

Storm causes delays for plants, auto show

Common Motors and Toyota closed their plants in Kentucky ahead of Winter Storm Jonas, according to Automotive News.

Toyota shuttered for the weekend its Georgetown, Kentucky plant, which produces the Camry, Avalon and Lexus ES 350. GM closed its Bowling Green, Kentucky plant that makes the Corvette for the weekend ahead of the storm that will reportedly bring a lot more than 12 inches of snow to the location.

Similarly, the Washington Auto Show’s public days over the weekend were postponed for the storm. The auto show is scheduled to reopen on Monday.

Ford’s Louisville, Kentucky plant was not affected by the storm.

Takata Driver Airbag

10th fatality confirmed five million much more cars added to enormous Takata recall list

Regulators added 5 million much more automobiles to the huge list of automobiles affected by faulty Takata airbags, Reuters reported. The total number of faulty automobiles in the U.S. has grown to much more than 24 million, with the number of faulty inflators growing to 28 million.

In announcing the additional affected automobiles, regulators also confirmed that a tenth person has been killed by the defective airbag inflators. Officials say a Georgia man was killed Dec. 22 by a faulty airbag in his Ford Ranger truck.

Vehicles affected for the initial time contain Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Saab. Extra Ford, Honda and BMW vehicles had been added to the recall list on Friday.

The National Highway Site visitors Security Administration’s internet site for cars impacted by the Takata recall hasn’t yet been updated with the list of new automobiles, which isn’t quite valuable.

The additional recalled vehicles are yet another blow to the troubled automotive supplier which brings us to …


Takata will ask for automaker bailout, possible merger

Beleaguered airbag maker Takata may possibly ask Japanese automakers to bail out its troubled company and merge with Daciel to continue to make airbag inflators, Reuters reported.

Takata’s prime executives are planning to resign including CEO Shigehisa Takada, who has been criticized for not handling the crisis successfully, according to the report.

Final year, Takata was fined $ 70 million by U.S. regulators who mentioned the fine could develop to $ 200 million if the company didn’t comply with terms of the order. Automakers such as Toyota and Honda backed away from the huge automotive supplier final year following the announced fine.

A spokesman for Daciel didn’t confirm the report, but said they “are discussing techniques to perform with Takata to supply protected (airbag) inflators, despite the fact that we have not decided on any specifics,” according to Reuters.

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TTAC News Round-up: Müller May possibly Be On The Hot Seat, Crossover Racing, and Mazda’s CX-four


Porsche-Piech household is standing behind their man — which completely is not the kiss of death, proper?

That, Toyota’s entirely nuts and it’s great and Mazda’s CX-four breaks cover … right after the break!

Matthias Müller

Porsche-Piech loved ones says Müller is their man, for now

After a especially disastrous trip to the United States, Volkswagen’s controlling family members told sources it would stand behind Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller, Reuters reported (through Automotive News).

According to the report, doubts are developing within the Volkswagen board as to regardless of whether the former Porsche boss is up to the activity of digging the German automaker out of the biggest crisis in its history. Volkswagen denied these reports.

Volkswagen’s supervisory board is scheduled to meet Tuesday to hear progress on the automaker’s internal investigation.

Volkswagen has been criticized for being as well slow to act and as well slow to fix its illegally polluting vehicles.


Toyota has lost their damn minds and it is excellent

Toyota stated this weekend that its new C-HR crossover (which’ll come Stateside as a Scion) will race at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring in May because why the hell not.

Toyota Gazoo Racing will field the crossover alongside a Lexus RC and RC F for the endurance race in Germany.

It is unclear what will energy the C-HR at the race in May possibly — the production version will most likely be a hybrid, but that sort of racing tech would be wildly high-priced to create overnight — when requires a stab at the 24-hour race. We’ll likely get a chance to see what standard men and women can get in March when Toyota reveals a production version in Geneva, and Scion’s version in New York.


Is this the Mazda CX-4?

Our friends more than at Auto Guide discovered snaps of a Mazda CX-four hiding in plain sight over in China.

The “tweener” crossover among the subcompact CX-three and midsize CX-5 looks to be pretty close to the Koeru notion we saw final year — albeit with some smoother angles and smaller wheels.

It’s achievable that we see the CX-four on sale sooner rather than later if these shots are to be believed. It appears ready for prime time to me.

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TTAC News Round-up: Infamous GM Engineer Speaks, You Only Get One particular With Dinner, and Hydrogen’s Hedged Bet

Recalled GM ignition switch

The man in the middle of GM’s faulty ignition switch has finally spoken, and the word “mistake” came up at least twice.

That, does anybody have the number for Google, GM and Honda may join forces, and take a cab … right after the break!

A recalled Chevy Cobalt ignition switch is seen at Raymond Chevrolet in Antioch

Former GM engineer says ‘mistakes had been made’ in faulty switch

The engineer at the center of a huge recall, hundreds of lawsuits and 124 deaths linked to a faulty ignition switch that could turn off mentioned Friday in videotaped testimony that he “made blunders in improvement of that portion,” according to Reuters (via Automotive News).

Ray DeGiorgio worked for GM for 23 years and helped develop a faulty ignition switch that could turn off and disable security systems in millions of automobiles. Five years later, when officials recognized the part’s failure, DeGiorgio’s signed off on a modify to the element — but not the component quantity — to address the issue. Lawyers have stated that not altering the element quantity is proof of a cover-up by GM.

DeGiorgio hasn’t spoken a lot publicly (he as soon as told the New York Times in his driveway that he “didn’t lie, cheat or steal”) and his deposition will be important in the initial of several lawsuits against GM.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT with the HEMI® Hellcat

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: We haven’t forgotten about self-driving automobiles, guys

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ head of security mentioned Friday that the automaker is committed to creating autonomous drive technologies, regardless of getting seemingly dead last behind Ford and Basic Motors, who’ve announced a number of self-driving advancements.

Our engineers are actively exploring autonomous-car technology and its implications. For strategic factors, we don’t talk about future item plans. Nevertheless, we at present offer several automated driver-assist attributes, such as our sensor-fusion forward collision warning systems. These activities help demonstrate our commitment to advancing the improvement of autonomous-automobile technologies.

Or, “Does any person have the number for Google?”

Michael Dahl’s statement is associated to a 52-week low for FCA stock, which has been battered not too long ago due to the fact of a lawsuit and investors’ worries that the business can’t keep up with other people in autonomous technology.

Eneos Gas Station With Hydrogen Pumps

Honda, GM could consider joint fuel cell plant

Honda and Common Motors may jointly develop a fuel cell plant to cut costs and make accessible sooner option fuel cell vehicles, according to Reuters (by means of Automotive News).

The extremely little marketplace for hydrogen-powered vehicles has meant automakers such as Toyota, BMW, Daimler and Nissan have hesitated in establishing a fuel cell plant on their own. Hydrogen-powered automobiles are most well-known in Japan — where GM is not — and have a quite tiny presence in California, mostly due to lack of infrastructure to fuel them.


Feds want states to decrease BAC to .05

The National Transportation Safety Board said it wants states to reduced their blood-alcohol content limits from .08 to .05 to aid cut back on fatal crashes where alcohol is involved.

According to the safety administration, the risk of a fatal crash has far more than doubled by the time a particular person becomes legally drunk, and lowering the BAC threshold could lessen the number of folks killed on roadways.

The proposal is component of a bigger push by the agency to minimize the number of impaired drivers on the roads.

While all states use the .08 BAC as the legal limit several states differ in enforcement, threshold for enhancers, repeat offenders and adoption of an interlock device — which we’ve talked about a lot right here.

According to NBC, when Australia dropped its BAC from .08 to .05, provinces reported a 5 to 18 % drop in fatal crashes.

GM safety

Automakers join in security pact

Eighteen automakers — every key automaker that operates in the U.S. — joined a voluntary security pact Friday to focus on better automobile safety, improved access to early warning data and elevated cyber security in automobiles, according to Reuters.

The broad consensus was produced following one more busy year for car recalls and fines, and an growing concentrate by federal regulators on car security and automakers’ duty for their cars.

Critics of the pact stated the National Highway Site visitors Security Administration must have held their discussions in public with input from outsiders.

“From seatbelts to catalytic converters to airbags to fuel economy standards, automakers have established time and time once again that they do nothing voluntarily,” Democratic Sens. Edward Markey  and Richard Blumenthal said in a statement.

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TTAC News Roundup: Nissan’s LeMans Project Garaged, UAW Wants To Speak to VW, and How Considerably For Pep Boys?


From DNF to DNS, the Nissan GT-R LM project has lastly been retired.

That, and it is lights out for some Crown Vics, the UAW just desires to talk, Hyundai will invest far more to lend a lot more, and much more … after the break.

Nissan GT-R LM NISMO at Le Mans 2015

Nissan finally axes Nismo LMP1 racer

Nissan on Tuesday quietly axed its GT-R LMP1 project by announcing the automobile wouldn’t compete in the Planet Endurance Championship series.

“The teams worked diligently to bring the vehicles up to the preferred efficiency levels. Nonetheless, the company concluded that the program would not be capable to reach its ambitions and decided to concentrate on establishing its longer term racing techniques,” according to the company.

The car, which failed to win any races and was plagued with issues all season long — including two DNF’s at LeMans — was going to be one more losing effort for the company.

It’s a shame also. The front-wheel drive, twin-turbo V-6 GT-R automobile was much more than just some thing different — the automobile was anything entirely radical.

Good attempt, Nissan.


United Auto Workers says Volkswagen will not speak

The United Auto Workers union filed a complaint against Volkswagen on Tuesday and stated the automaker is refusing to negotiate a collective contract for skilled trades workers, according to the Detroit Free of charge Press.

The complaint was filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

The UAW said that the automaker isn’t recognizing the union following a controversial vote this month by more than 150 workers to join the group. Volkswagen officials stated they would appeal the vote, but face long odds of winning that appeal.

“Following this month’s election, we were hopeful that the organization would accept the final results and recommit to the principles of social duty that created Volkswagen a respected global brand,” Gary Casteel, secretary-treasurer of the UAW told the Free Press. “Instead, Volkswagen has refused to come to the bargaining table in violation of federal law. By refusing to engage in collective bargaining after a successful election, Volkswagen is not only doing a disservice to its employees but now is thumbing its nose at the federal government as well.”

Due to the fact Volkswagen has never done that ahead of.

Ford Crown Victoria. Photo courtesy

Ford recalling 313,000 cars for poor headlights

Ford will recall 313,000 Crown Victorias and Mercury Grand Marquis made among 2003 and 2005 for a faulty headlight module that could fail, Reuters reported (by means of Automotive News).

The defect has been linked to 11 crashes, none of which with Sajeev Mehta behind the wheel.

According to the report, the National Highway Site visitors Safety Administration investigated the headlights soon after much more than three,600 complaints were created to the agency this year. The security administration investigated the defect in 2008, but didn’t order a recall simply because it couldn’t link the defect to any crashes.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama (HMMA)

Hyundai, Kia getting much more of their financing arm

Hyundai and Kia are growing their holdings in their captive financing arm, Hyundai Capital, from GE Capital, Reuters reported (through Automotive News).

The automakers are acquiring nearly 25 percent of the financing group from GE, with an option to acquire far more.

Captive financing is becoming a a lot more well-liked choice for new car purchasers, according to credit bureau Experian.


Icahn actually, actually, truly desires to purchase Pep Boys

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn mentioned he would pay up to $ 1 billion to hold Bridgestone from purchasing Pep Boys, Reuters reported.

In the ongoing bidding war between Icahn and the Japanese tire giant, Icahn stated he would pay up to $ 18.ten per share for the nationwide chain of 800 shops. Earlier this month Bridgestone offered a lot more than $ 800 million to merge the auto components supply chain with their 2,200 shops to create the largest worldwide chain.

Bridgestone has till five p.m. Thursday to counter the bid.

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