France Hits Back at Germany, Opens Orders for Resurrected Alpine Brand

Alpine (Renault)

Dormant considering that 1995, Alpine is re-opening shop and taking reservations for its “Première Édition” — an exclusive version of its forthcoming rival to the Porsche 718.

In 2012, Renault announced plans to join forces with British track auto wizard Caterham to develop a new platform for a shared sports vehicle for Alpine and Caterham (feel Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86). Seemingly disinterested in producing something even remotely beneficial off-track, Caterham abandoned Alpine to carry on with the project alone.

Following dropping the Vision Idea earlier this year, Renault is now prepared to take orders for the unnamed, A110-inspired Alpine model and officially bring the French functionality brand back from the grave. 


Nonetheless, this very first run of mid-engined automobiles will be restricted to 1,955 cars — a reference to the year the Alpine brand was initial established and the 4CV-based A106 started production.

“Alpines created such a mark due to the fact of the elegance of their designs, their nimble handling and their memorable successes in planet class motor racing and rallying,” Alpine’s Managing Director Michael van der Sande stated in an official statement. “The interest that the announcement of Alpine’s return has generated across the globe inspired us to give sports car enthusiasts and Alpine fans early opportunity to reserve the new vehicle.”

“The Première Édition versions of the new model will be the 1st to come off the line and we wanted to let Alpine fans to decide on the number of their auto.”

Presumably, 0001 and 0069 are already spoken for. Although, if you have 2,000 euros, you can reserve one of the other numbers. Apparently incapable of settling on a cost, Alpine says the French-specification A120 Première Édition will come in between €55,000 and €60,000.

For that cash you do not know precisely what you are acquiring, as the production model hasn’t been officially revealed yet. Renault hasn’t even provided it a name, despite the fact that inside sources have strongly suggested it will continue its traditional nomenclature and dub it the A120.

Camouflaged images of the 1st edition show that it should be really comparable in look to the Alpine Vision Notion. Renault also treated us with a lovely video featuring 3 prototypes dancing about a skidpad collectively.

From a standstill, the A120 only takes 4.five seconds to reach 62 mph (one hundred kph) — placing it within striking range of a manual transmission Porsche Boxster S. What sort of powertrain makes that feasible is unknown, but rumors recommend anything out of the Renault Sport Mégane or possibly a new 1.eight-liter Nissan-sourced turbo 4.

If you trust Alpine’s judgement on drivetrains, reservations can be made now utilizing the custom app downloadable from Alpine’s official website. The only catch is that you have to live in either Europe or Japan.

[Images: Renault]

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Ford Cancelling Remaining 2016 Focus RS Orders, Consumers Will Have to Wait for 2017 Model Year

2016 Ford Focus RS

Buyers are getting their 2016 Ford Concentrate RS orders cancelled, and the automaker is providing differing causes as to why, depending on who you ask.

Ford is telling dealers and buyers who placed orders for Ford’s hottest hatch that they’ll receive 2017 models rather. This, for a model Ford stated it could create as many as consumers wanted.

Ford produces the 350-horsepower, all-wheel-drive Concentrate RS at its Saarlouis plant in Germany. The sought-after model arrived stateside this spring, with the automaker promising not to limit production.

According to emails obtained by TTAC, a Los Angeles dealer had 3 of its pending 2016 Focus RS orders cancelled by Ford and moved to the 2017 model year. That could mean months of delays for consumers as they wait for subsequent year’s deliveries.

The cause given to the dealer by a Ford rep for the cancellations? “Economic turmoil in Europe” that forced the Saarlouis plant to shut down, limiting production volume.

Nonetheless, when TTAC asked Ford representative Dan Jones about the e mail, he stated 220 orders were cancelled basically due to the fact Ford couldn’t keep up with demand just before a planned summer season factory shutdown.

“We regularly adjust daily production to be aligned with market place demand,” Jones stated. “Focus RS demand about the globe has exceeded expectations, so these 220 buyer units that had been scheduled for 16MY construct, are now going to be rescheduled into 17MY, and as these orders will be prioritized, buyers will expertise virtually no delay in delivery of their automobile.”

There’s a massive gap amongst planned maintenance and “economic turmoil.”

Would-be Concentrate RS buyers have expressed aggravation over continually changing delivery timetables on on the internet enthusiast forums.

One particular Australian forum user was told the vehicle’s planned August construct would be moved to November, although an additional had his pushed from July to September. Another user sought answers for why his Focus RS create date went from June to August, and then to October. “Your develop date can move around until it is finally locked in when a VIN is assigned,” mentioned a Ford Australia representative.

At some point in the summer season, the German plant shuts down for a worker’s holiday. When pressed, the user’s Ford rep claimed the plant shut down for a week in early July. That rep returned to say the plant would be shut down for summer season maintenance from July 25 to August 19.

When asked about the shutdown timing, Jones stated workers will return to Saarlouis following a three-week holiday on August 15.

Time will inform what the delivery delay amounts to, if anything, or whether dealers and buyers experience additional aggravation. For an automaker, it is nonetheless better to deal with the fallout of a model with overwhelming demand than, say, a Chrysler 200.

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