Ford Super Duty Owner Gets Refund Following Diesel Pickup Grows Afterburner

Ford F-450 exhaust (Facebook)

If the dome light in Shelley Shields’ Ford F-450 Super Duty stopped operating, she could easily have read a book by the hellish glow emanating from underneath her pickup.

The Cochrane, Alberta driver returned the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel-powered automobile shortly soon after buy after noticing flames shooting from the tailpipe and the exhaust glowing like a certain component of Amsterdam, Truck Trend reports.

Pictures posted to Shield’s Facebook page show the circumstance underneath — and behind — the pickup. Fantastic for melting driveway ice, but certainly unsettling for the owner.


When Shields contacted Ford Canada for a repair, the automaker referred her back to her dealer. Fortunately for Shields, the people at Carstairs Ford didn’t take her for a ride. They offered to take back the car and handed Shields a full refund.

Whilst the owner walked away satisfied and no neighborhood cats identified themselves toasted, the trigger of the Ford’s red-hot pipe had forum posters questioning if the truck’s original equipment was to blame. The six.7-liter Power Stroke’s 6.4-liter predecessor was when recalled for diesel particulate filter overheating, but the automaker claims this glowing Super Duty is a one particular-off.


In a statement, Ford North American Trucks and Industrial Automobiles Communications Manager Jiyan Cadiz claims the issue doesn’t stem from the factory.

“We have completed our initial investigation into the Super Duty in Canada and have determined it was brought on by an incorrect repair soon after the truck was made,” said Cadiz. “We are not aware of any other incidents, and we are taking action to avert this from happening in the future. In this unique case, the consumer returned the affected truck and received a refund.”

“Incorrect repair” is a lot vague, but Ford forum posters claim they know the actual trigger. Diesel fuel poured into the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank throughout the pre-delivery inspection gets the blame, though it can’t be confirmed. If a technician did make such a whoopsies, it would primarily turn the exhaust system into an afterburner.

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Tesla Model X Owner Says His Car Crashed Itself

Tesla Model X crash

A California man is seeking for answers — and repairs — right after he claims his 5-day-old Tesla Model X unexpectedly accelerated into a constructing at full speed as he was attempting to park.

Puzant Ozbag took to the Tesla forum to describe the June 5 incident, which launched his automobile into the wall of an Irvine store and left his wife with minor airbag-connected injuries.

In his words:

Our 5 day old Tesla X these days even though entering a parking stall suddenly and unexpectedly accelerated at higher speed on its personal climbing over 39 feet of planters and crashing into a constructing.

The airbags deployed and my wife’s arms have burn marks as a consequence.

This could have effortlessly been a fatal accident if the car’s wheels had been not turned slightly to the left. If they were straight, it would have gone over the planters and crashed into the retailer in front of the parking stall and injured or killed the patrons

The acceleration was uncontrollable, seemed maximum and the automobile only stopped because it hit the constructing and brought on enormous damage to the creating.

Following the crash, Ozbag referred to as his Tesla delivery consultant, who place him in touch with the automaker’s roadside assistance provider. The automobile was towed to a AAA storage facility.

Tesla Model X crash

When questioned by forum commenters, the owner said the vehicle was operating at really low speeds, wasn’t in Autopilot mode, nor was it using the “summon” function. Ozbag stated Autopilot only engages at speeds above 18 miles per hour, and he was only going 3 to 5 miles per hour at the time.

Ozbag told the forum he wanted Tesla to find out why his Model X behaved the way it did.

“That is the question I want Tesla to answer,” he wrote. “A software glitch or a pc malfunction, either way the outcomes could have been much worse and wants to be completely investigated.”

Regardless of regardless of whether the crash was caused by a malfunction or human error, the Model X has been a thorn in Tesla’s side considering that it first rolled off the assembly line. Most consumer complaints target the vehicle’s signature “falcon wing” doors, which can unexpectedly open and close on their personal.

The electric automaker is at present becoming sued by a man who says door glitches rendered his Model X unsafe and undriveable. For the duration of last week’s public shareholders meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivered his most recent apology to Model X owners for the inconvenience, and stated that imminent software program upgrades will tame the wonky doors.

[Source: Elektrek] [Images: Puzant: imgur]

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Do not Cry For the Owner of This Popular Cadillac

1951 Cadillac Fleetwood 75

If you are fabulously wealthy and have a factor for musicals, get thyself to the UK correct now.

Bonhams auction property will be selling a 1951 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Limousine at the March 20 Goodwood Members’ Meeting Sale, but this is not your average, run-of-the-mill Fleetwood 75 Limousine.

Oh, no. This Caddy was the presidential car for former First Lady of Argentina María Eva Duarte de Perón, also identified as Evita (also known as the lady from that Madonna film your girlfriend produced you watch in the ’90s).

We don’t want to recite the plot of the world’s longest music video — memories could still be raw — but it’s essential to know what you are receiving into when you pony up the 100,000 pounds needed for this Fleetwood ($ 144,710, according to an estimate by The Telegraph).

Evita (1919-1952) emerged from lower-class obscurity to turn out to be a celebrated actress, ultimately marrying Argentine president Juan Perón and becoming a enormous champion for women’s rights, the poor, and her not-squeaky-clean husband.


Summoning the voting energy of the operating class and the help of labor unions, Evita helped sweep Juan Perón into power in 1946, but the subsequent charity and outreach to the disadvantaged masked a energy-hungry workplace that restricted liberties if it was practical. Producing your enemies political opponents and critics “go away” is a fine art that Perón excelled at.

Nothing lasts forever, as the saying goes, and Evita died of cervical cancer at the young age of 33 (but not just before allegedly receiving a lobotomy requested by her husband). Her death removed the lid that had kept the growing opposition to her husband below control, and Juan Perón fled to Paraguay soon after being ousted by a civil and military uprising in 1955.

Holding energy in South America has its dangers, but even though the great occasions lasted, Ms. Perón and her husband no doubt enjoyed the effortless power of their car’s 331 cubic inch, overhead valve V8.

The fortunate buyer of this well-known Fleetwood will be capable to wave to his or her adoring countrymen with ease, thanks to normal energy windows, while the optional Hydramatic automatic transmission will make escaping from armed dissidents a smooth, shift-free affair.

Bear in mind, these days Argentine leaders aren’t almost as refined in public.

[Pictures: Cadillac, Press Bonhams Evita, Buena Vista Photos]

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Auto Maintence Ideas For The Automobile Owner.

Do you have a vehicle that is in need to have to be corrected on your vehicle? Even if no repairs are presently needed, you know the feeling. You may also know the feeling of not becoming sure you’re creating the appropriate move. How can you inform what is the appropriate selection? Maintain reading this report if you want to discover all the auto repair alternatives.

Frequently check out your radiator’s functionality.Let the car run a couple minutes, but only long enough to let the fluid circulate. You should by no means want to open the radiator if your car is nevertheless operating. Verify radiator fluid by utilizing a dipstick and keep in mind to dilute coolant with water prior to putting it in the radiator.

You don’t often need a repair-individual for your vehicle dilemma. There are a lot of items you can fix very easily. If it’s a rapid repair to make, you may possibly save a bit of income if you make repairs on your own.

Referrals can be valuable for a trustworthy mechanic.Ask about for their suggestions.You can find out wonderful info about value and level of high quality. Folks will let you what sort of expertise they had and if the mechanic was truthful or not.

You ought to preserve good track of all your car’s records in a handy location. You could want these with you when you go to get repairs accomplished a wonderful location to retailer them in the glove compartment for simple access. The mechanics who work on your auto might want to appear over these records. They can help them figure out what’s wrong quickly.

Unnecessary Repairs

Be wary of mechanics who will do unnecessary repairs to your car. A very good mechanic ought to let you know if they noticed components that are beginning to get worn down and will require to be replaced quickly but they should not replace the element without having receiving your full approval. By no means give your car to a auto technician who preforms unnecessary repairs.

Make positive you specifically request OEM parts. These parts are original components direct from the manufacturer. Generic are cheaper, but you don’t know the top quality of these parts as time goes on. What is a deal now could be an costly selection later.

Make positive any mechanic you employ knows about your particular vehicle. If you’re unsure about your chosen mechanic’s potential, make positive you go to the dealer and spend them the additional money.

A spare tire and a jack need to have to be in case of an emergency. A lot of newer cars are currently equipped with them. You do not need to have to be stuck someplace you do not know and be forced to invest income on a tow.You can save a lot of funds by undertaking it your self.

By no means neglect your wiper blades. You might need to have new windshield wipers if they are creating noises.

It is essential to have your oil alterations. You have to modify it frequently to maintain your automobile runs smoothly. If your oil is not changed on a normal basis, your automobile could quit functioning a lot earlier than anticipated.

You don’t necessarily have to go to a auto dealer in order to get your auto repairs completed. There are several technicians all more than the place. Uncover a mechanic who is certified and stick with them.

Check your tire stress each and every time you fill up on gas. Appear at them and make certain they don’t have anything embedded in them. You do not want to threat driving with faulty tires.

Check to see that the needed certifications. Appear for a seal of approval. This also will support you really feel confident that the mechanic is knowledgeable and reliable.

If you are living on a budget, but are on a tight budget, consider about asking a neighborhood vocational college if they have an auto repair class. You pay a really low price to have students to function on your vehicle whilst below the supervision of a licensed mechanic.

It is achievable that there was a recall concern if multiple people report the same issue.The manufacturer may repair your auto totally free of charge.

Consistency is crucial when dealing with auto repair. Stick to a shop that has gained your trust rather of going to a number of areas for repairs. Distinct mechanics might tell you one thing completely unrelated to your problem is incorrect. They could charge you a lot more for the perform accomplished.

After possessing a mechanic replace a auto portion, ask if you can get the old component back. If they refuse, that could be because no element was ever replaced at all.This is troublesome and you ought to confront him out on it.

Use the tips above the next time your vehicle is in need of repairs. Also, you must continue to understand as significantly as you can. Keep confident being aware of that you have taken methods that will prove really useful to you down the road.

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