2017 Mini JCW Clubman: Far more Power and Grip to Lure the Crossover Set

MINI JCW Clubman

Obtaining been a player in the tiny vehicle category because its 2001 reboot, Mini now seeks to take on the burgeoning premium sporty compact segment with this, the new John Cooper Operates Clubman.

With sales of the Mini brand reaching only nine-tenths of its 2013 higher in the U.S. last year, will this model bait new consumers into the brand’s retina-searing showrooms?

Like most siblings, the newest offspring gets some hand-me-downs but enjoys some new toys not shared with its older brothers.

The JCW Clubman squeezes 228 horsepower out of its turbocharged two.-liter four-cylinder, along with a comparatively brawny 258 lb-ft when compared to its far more mundane brethren. This energy will be shuttled by means of a standard all-wheel-drive technique offered by Mini’s in-shop brand of ALL4. “Nyah-nyah”, says this Mini to its older Clubman brothers, who make do with 134 hp in Cooper trim or 189 hp in slightly more high-priced Cooper S trim.

Seeking closer, the JCW Clubman reveals its parent’s capacity to recycle things employed by its older siblings. The identical two transmissions will be on supply — a standard six-speed manual and an optional eight-speed automatic — whilst the special barn-doored body is adorned with the common frippery associated with JCW editions. This indicates 18-inch wheels are along for the ride plus a more aggressive body kit that suggests much better engine and brake cooling. The new kid is hefty like his brothers too — around three,500 lbs. Nonetheless, with the newfound power on tap, it is expected to total the -60 mile per hour dash in about 6 seconds.

2017 MINI JCW Clubman

Subcompact crossover sales far more than doubled in 2015, stirring up the marketplace and giving automakers an entry point with younger buyers. A survey by Strategic Vision Inc. suggests the no-little ones/beneath-45 buyer set accounts for about a quarter of the sales in this segment (compared to much less than 20 percent for the business overall). Buyers also are surfacing from the other end of the spectrum, such as Boomers who no longer need to schlep youngsters around in a huge crossover or SUV. No doubt Mini desires a piece of that pie, as well.

Feel the term “subcompact crossover” and “Clubman” shouldn’t be combined in the identical sentence? You are right, of course, in terms of height: Buick’s Encore towers practically ten-inches above the Clubman. Nevertheless, this new JCW is within an inch of length and width (168.3 inches &amp 70.9 inches, respectively) when compared to the Encore, a model which, it must be noted, counts a lot of of its buyers as conquests from other brands. Mini’s own Countryman is about 5 inches taller than the Clubman, but is half a foot shorter in length.

The new model, then, provides Mini sales employees yet yet another all-wheel-drive selection to pitch at the swiftly growing chorus of buyers who want their traction with a dash of action.

The 2017 Mini John Cooper Functions Clubman is scheduled to go on sale this December.

[Photos: BMW of North America]

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Subaru Hopes BRZ Design and style Tweaks, Power Bump Get Buyers Hot and Bothered

2017 Subaru BRZ

Are modest improvements in looks and energy sufficient to revive customer interest in the Subaru BRZ? The automaker certain hopes so.

A host of little alterations have been just announced for the rear-drive coupe’s 2017 model year, which sees its sister automobile (the Scion FR-S Toyota 86) switch identities. Every single modify aims to nudge the BRZ closer to what the public feels it need to be — a efficiency auto worthy of unique status.

Properly, looks are the very first issue purchasers will notice. For 2017, the BRZ’s face grows meaner, with a redesigned front fascia, wider grille and LED headlights. Exterior trim sees some minor modifications, and an aluminum spoiler now comes standard on all models.

Underneath, Subaru added chassis reinforcements to boost the BRZ’s rigidity. Suspension upgrades, such as a bigger rear stabilizer bar, have improved handling in mind.

2017 Subaru BRZ

If you are the variety who likes to show off, the BRZ’s stability control technique becomes much less intrusive, with a larger threshold to cross just before the electronic nannies pounce. Since of this, “sport” mode now becomes “track” mode.

A Efficiency Package is offered for improved braking and suspension feel.

What about power, you ask? Prepare to get excited about 5 more horsepower and 5 added pounds-feet of torque, in manual transmission models only. Output now stands at 205 hp and 156 lb-ft, though a lowered final drive ratio (four.three:1, alternatively of four.1:1) need to support increase acceleration.

In Limited trim, a driver details show will log your BRZ’s handling data in a readout subsequent to the tachometer. Other interior improvements include much more convenient audio and show controls.

With the 2017 BRZ, it appears like Subaru took the “everything in moderation” approach to the makeover. With BRZ sales falling since its first complete year on the industry (2013), are the changes massive enough to get customers excited again?

[Image: Subaru of America]

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BMW Facing Lawsuit More than i3 REx Power Loss

2015 BMW i3 Range Extender, Image: © 2015 Alex L. Dykes/The Truth About Cars

Owners of BMW i3s equipped with optional range extenders — read: two-cylinder engine that generates electrical energy — are suing the automaker for an problem that could leave these drivers going slow in the rapidly lane.

According to Green Automobile Reports, the BMW i3 REx will drop down to 45 miles per hour under specific circumstances, which some owners believe is a safety situation.

The class-action lawsuit alleges the modest range extender is not strong enough keep up with motivational demand at highway speeds when the battery is practically depleted. Engine and battery management software steps in and reduces the BMW i3’s speed to 45 mph so that battery charge can catch up with demand.

“The BMW i3 Variety Extender function is a dangerous instrumentality to the owners of the cars and to other motorists on the road,” mentioned Jonathan Michaels of MLG Automotive Law, the firm handling the class-action suit. “Having a sudden and unexpected loss of energy in a motor car can outcome in a catastrophic circumstance for all those on the road. These automobiles are dangerous and should not be driven.”

Green Vehicle Reports notes three of its editors have seasoned the issue in addition to its many owners.

The outlet spoke with electric-auto advocate Tom Moloughney, who is also a BMW i3 owner. He stated the issue mainly comes down to a lack of information of how the variety extender works, and refrained from blaming the i3 for a quirk that does not impact any other vehicle on sale these days.

“The largest issue is the lack of details on how the REx works at the dealership level. I consider if people understood how the variety-extender method works, then there would be fewer troubles,” Moloughney stated.

A representative for BMW said the business cannot comment on pending litigation.

The BMW i3 REx stickers, with no possibilities, for $ 47,245, including destination.

[Image: © 2015 Alex L. Dykes/The Truth About Cars]

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Merkel: ‘VW is Functioning On This With All of Its Power’ – Which includes Asking Workers to Roll More than

2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI white

On her weekly podcast, German Prime Minister Angela Merkel mentioned Volkswagen’s scandal hasn’t harmed the German automobile industry’s image, but that the automaker would need to conduct its investigation with transparency to restore faith in the country’s industry.

“A lot will depend on how Volkswagen offers with the issue,” Merkel said, according to Reuters.

Separately, sources told German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung (by means of Reuters) that the automaker, below stress from investigators, is providing amnesty to personnel who reveal what they knew about its cheating devices. Amnesty won’t apply to prime-level managers, according to the report.

Rank-and-file workers would be capable to preserve their jobs and escape damage claims if they tell investigators what they know about the cheating device that has expense the automaker billions so far.

Volkswagen hired U.S. law firm Jones Day to conduct its internal investigation. So far, several executives have been suspended, according to reports including Volkswagen’s quality control chief Frank Tuch was suspended for “incriminating letters.”

Among ten and 30 engineers may have been responsible for the illegal software program developed to cheat emissions controls.

Volkswagen hasn’t said when its investigation would be total.

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