Honda Confirms Civic Type R for Geneva Debut and Summer Production

Civic Type R Prototype

There has been so a lot nonsense surrounding the 2018 Honda Civic Type R that it was becoming difficult to separate reality from the fiction. Speculation on the car’s engine and transmission was endless. There have been rumors that it could be as huge as three.five liters or a substantially smaller mill mated to a continuously variable transmission. Nevertheless, it turned out the most expected configuration was the correct a single — Occam’s razor, and all that.

Despite the fact that, right after so a lot conflicting data, when and where the two. liter turbo VTEC and its manual transmission would show up seemed uncertain. The Kind R was supposed to come to North America in the middle of this year, one thing 36 year olds have been begging for because they had been 16, but Honda hadn’t mentioned something concrete and that deadline is rapidly approaching without having anybody even having laid eyes on the production model.

Then, late final week, Honda Europe slipped in a modest mention that the Civic Sort R would debut in Geneva alongside the Clarity Fuel Cell and the NeuV electric concept whilst confirming the summer time production and quick export for North America.

While every person is chuffed that the wait to see the final production model will only be one more month, couple of count on it to look wildly various from the prototype we have been treated to last fall in Asia. Extended wheel arches, splitters, spoilers, and all of the other aggressive bodywork from its earlier incarnation are anticipated to remain — perhaps toned down slightly.

The 2. liter turbo is confirmed and anticipated to make much more than the prior model’s 306 hp and 295 lb-ft worth of torque, casting a lengthy shadow onto the friendlier Civic Si.

Assembly of the new Type R will begin in summer at Honda’s Swindon manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom and the car is to be simultaneously be released in Europe, Japan, and the United States. If you’re taking into consideration taking delivery on the Civic, the Geneva Motor Show runs from March 9 to March 19 and we’ll have the complete allotment of information on the production car then.

Civic Type R Prototype

[Images: Honda]

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GM’s ‘Super Cruise’ Continues Its Slow Plod to Production


General Motors’ futuristic semi-autonomous driving technologies now appears tinged with nostalgia.

The automaker’s “Super Cruise” self-driving function was initial announced back in September 2014, but the new model several expected to be launched with the feature — the 2016 Cadillac CT6 — showed up without it.

Now, GM plans to debut the function subsequent year, and a recently intercepted letter from the federal government shows what to expect from the system.

Super Cruise permits drivers to let the vehicle take over some piloting duties on the highway and in site visitors, but it is not a completely autonomous program. It appears to be significantly less capable than Tesla’s old Autopilot, but that could be on goal. (We all remember the problems that company’s self-driving method developed.)

According to Reuters, a letter sent to GM from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration describes how vehicles equipped with the technology will automatically pull themselves over and cease, hazard lights flashing, if drivers go too hands-off.

The shutdown mode becomes activated if a road becomes as well twisty for the system to navigate, or if a driver fails to respond to repeated alerts. Nevertheless, the country’s road security regulator worried about the shutdown procedure. In its letter, NHTSA asked GM to “ensure that this fallback remedy does not pose an unreasonable danger to safety.”

It seems that the shutdown mode is a drowsy driver’s greatest pal. A GM spokesperson told Reuters that Super Cruise involves facial recognition technology that concerns alerts to prod a distracted or drowsy driver back to awareness. The alerts consist of a flashing gauge cluster light, seat vibrations, an audible warning, and at some point the voice of an OnStar representative.

If there’s no response, it’s assumed the driver is incapacitated and the program activates shutdown mode.

Barring an additional setback, anticipate to see Super Cruise offered on a Cadillac model sometime in 2017.

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TTAC News Round-up: Heavens Smile as Cursed Minivan Plant Resumes Production

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Tranquility returns to North America as FCA’s ill-fated minivan assembly plant prepares itself for a return to active duty.

That, the used vehicle rulebook is receiving an update, an autoworker union puts its hand out for government cash, and Porsche shrinks the value-tag and stretches the length of the Panamera… soon after the break!

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Plus

More minivans next Monday

Fiat Chrysler says its Windsor assembly plant will return to operational status on Monday. Automotive News reports that a Unifor spokesman said the union will commence notifying members via classic and social media that perform will resume on November 14th.

The union, which represents Detroit Three autoworkers in Canada, told the roughly 6,000 staff on November three that the plant would be idled due to a parts shortage. The news came after an important seating manufacturer narrowly averted a strike and a key lighting element supplier suffered massive warehouse fire on November 1st.

Although the plant was already scheduled to be closed on November 11 for Remembrance Day, typical production was absent from November 7th by way of the 10th. The Windsor assembly plant produces about 1,500 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Pacifica minivans each and every day.

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FTC updates the Used Vehicle Buyers Guide

The Federal Trade Commission updated its utilised automobile rulebook on Thursday. The FTC’s Utilised Auto Rule has been the sector standard since 1985. It demands all utilised automobile dealers to post a Buyers Guide on any vehicle they are offering for acquire, providing buyers crucial info to help them make greater informed decisions.

Now the FTC has made some alterations to the Buyers Guide that dealers need to have to adhere to and consumers may want to know about. One of the biggest alterations is updating the description of what an “as is” sale constitutes. Other changes include:

Adding boxes on the face of the Buyer’s Guide that dealerships can mark to show whether a vehicle is covered by a third-party warranty, and if a service contract is available.

Providing a box that dealerships can selected to show that a manufacturer’s warranty that hasn’t expired nonetheless applies to the car.

Adding airbags and catalytic converters to the Buyers Guides’ list of key defects that could take place.

Adding a statement that tells customers to obtain a car history report and to check for open recalls.

Adding a Spanish statement to the English-language guide that advises Spanish-speaking consumers to ask for the Buyer’s Guide in Spanish (if the dealership is conducting the sale in Spanish).

Providing a Spanish translation of the statement that dealers may possibly use to obtain a consumer’s acknowledgement of receipt of the Purchasers Guide.

The revisions go into effect on January 27. A copy of the new guide and expanded information for customers and sells are available at the Federal Trade Commission’s web site.

Jerry Dias, Unifor President, Image: OFL Communications Department (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Dias wants much more from the Canadian government. 

Unifor President Jerry Dias has known as on the Canadian government to support the auto industry in a piece written for the Huffington Post. In it, he claimed “Canada still has inadequate applications from our governments to attract and retain the auto market in this nation.”

The post comes soon after Dias and Unifor negotiated large investments from the Big 3. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles committed $ 331 million, General Motors was in for $ 554 million, and Ford promised $ 713 million — most of which will go to Windsor’s new engine programs.

“We’ve accomplished our bit. Now it is their turn,” Dias wrote.

Nonetheless, he didn’t say what this government intervention would entail.

”He’s not specifying what he wants, but I think I know what he wants, and that’s a handout. I believe that is a really hazardous road to go down,” Canadian Taxpayers Association head Aaron Wudrick told Automotive News Canada. “The government can give a far better organization atmosphere by cutting taxes and producing it easier for these entities to do company. In Ontario, they can commence by lowering power costs for these firms.”

Porsche Panamara Executive

A Porsche not aimed at drivers

Porsche is now supplying an “entry-level” Panamera for the low price tag of $ 85,000.

The new base Panamera receives a 2.9-liter turbocharged V6 that sends all 330 of its horsepower to the actual wheels. Despite the fact that if you wanted to make it all-wheel drive, like each other Porsche sedan, you can for an further $ 4,600.

Porsche will also be providing “Executive” versions of the Panamera for the type of particular person intriguing in a driver’s automobile but not so interested in driving it. That model sees the car stretched by an additional 5.9 inches to offer additional space for the rear-seat occupants. The organization claims the back of the Porsche can also be created into a digital work space employing a pair of ten-inch detachable tablets and optional rear multimedia console.

In addition to the new two.9-liter V6, the Executive Porsches can also be optioned with all the remaining powertrains. The E-Hybrid Executive will have 462 horses, the 4S Executive 440 hp, and the Turbo Exec will place out 550 ponies from the four. liter turbocharged V8.

The LA Auto Show will see the official unveiling of the new base Panamera and hoity-toity Executive models. Porsche says deliveries for the 2017 Panamera 4S and Panamera Turbo will begin in January 2017.

[Pictures: FCA OFL Communications Department/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.) Porsche]

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Toyota Ramping Up Tacoma/Tundra Production, and There’s ‘Flexibility’ in the Lines

2016 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota’s Senior Vice President for Operations Bob Carter has been very the chatty cathy Thursday. According to Reuters, the automaker is organizing to enhance production of its Tundra and Tacoma to support meet demand for trucks subsequent year, in element, because supplies of the trucks are so low these days.

Toyota has roughly 20 days provide of its Tundra and only 10 days provide of its new Tacoma, which sell like hell given that it was introduced last month.

“If you had been to ask any of our U.S. dealers what they want, I’d say each a single of them would say ‘More trucks,’” Carter told Reuters. Or far more Tacoma’s?

Michael Kroll, a spokesman for Toyota, told us that the Tacoma and Tundra have “ultimate flexibility” at the automaker’s San Antonio plant to make a single or the other.

And the San Antonio plant is acquiring assist also.

“Tacoma production is also supplemented by our plant in Baja, which last April added a third shift,” Kroll mentioned. “In addition, the San Antonio plant is adding an option workforce, which will involve hiring an further 200 or so group members by subsequent summer season to aid with getting even a lot more output from the plant.”

(If you’re searching at sales stats for the Tacoma and Tundra, you may well believe that the automaker would want to consider turning up the wick on the Tacoma. Just a thought. — Aaron)

So that new Tacoma must be simpler to get next year.

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