Cadillac President de Nysschen Reveals Luxury Brand’s Solution Program

Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen introduces the Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at the New York International Auto Show in New York, New York, Image: Steve Fecht for Cadillac

You do not mess with the Johan.

Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen isn’t known for sitting back and letting armchair analysts pontificate on General Motors’ luxury brand.

In reply to The Detroit Bureau’s August 25th piece about Cadillac’s future product plans — which involves information on Cadillac’s aboutface on a planned flagship sedan — de Nysschen jumped into the comments and set the record straight.

According to TDB’s Paul Eisenstein, Cadillac’s plans for a flagship sedan “have been delayed and could even be cut.”

Not so, says de Nysschen.

“It’s not so significantly an problem of Cadillac programs which have been ‘cancelled,’” de Nysschen wrote. “Rather than calling (the flagship model) a ‘cancellation,’ I prefer to think about the adjust to the flagship system as a revision to what will constitute the Cadillac flagship. There will be a flagship, but offered the segment development, it will not be a huge 4 door sedan.”

Thinking about Cadillac’s current non-sedan de facto flagship is the Escalade, this could mean a model above Escalade that pushes the boundaries of physique-on-frame luxury SUVs. Though a lesser possibility, the flagship could also be a reprise of the Cadillac XLR, with the luxury brand’s newly revealed design and style language wrapped around the oft-rumored mid-engined Corvette.

Not content material to leave the conversation clarifying Cadillac’s future flagship plans, de Nysschen dishes out other particulars on the luxury brand’s future products:

We ARE planning a Cadillac flagship which will NOT be a four door sedan
We ARE organizing a large crossover beneath Escalade
We ARE preparing a compact crossover beneath XT5
We ARE preparing a complete enhancement to CT6 later during life cycle
We ARE organizing a significant refresh for XTS
We ARE arranging a new Lux three sedan entry
We ARE preparing a new Lux 2 sedan entry

These applications are safe and improvement function is effectively underway, with really substantial costs already committed.

In addition, new powertrain applications for the above portfolio, which will incorporate New Power applications, are also component of the confirmed preparing.

Although de Nysschen’s statements clarify a lot, they also raise just as many concerns.

de Nysschen’s most intriguing statement surrounds the Cadillac XTS, a model that’s scheduled to run its course in 2019. GM build the XTS in Oshawa, Ontario, for North American consumption, and Oshawa Assembly is currently on the skids with Common Motors Canada refusing to commit solution to the plant for the duration of labor negotiations between itself and Unifor.

The two new sedan entries described are likely replacements for the ATS and CTS, expected to be named CT2 and CT4. The huge crossover beneath Escalade may acquire the XT7 nameplate even though a modest crossover gets the XT3 alphanumeric badge.

Curiously, de Nysschen did not pointed out a rumored compact luxury sedan or coupe that would sit under the ATS (or its replacement).

And if we’re incorrect on the names, perhaps Johan can jump into our comments and set us straight.

[Image: Steve Fecht for Cadillac]

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UPDATE: Volkswagen Posts ‘Goodwill Program’ Particulars, Catch-All Causes Confusion

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.31.07 AM

UPDATE: There is a clause in the ‘Program Rules’ that could permit Volkswagen to modify the terms of the agreement after the fact. We’ve added statements from Volkswagen, a law firm representing TDI owners and a law professor so you can make an informed choice on whether or not to register for the Goodwill Package.

Owners who signed up for Volkswagen’s “Goodwill Program” to acquire $ 1,000 will nonetheless be in a position to take the automaker to court, according to documents posted by Volkswagen on Monday.

The plan outlines specific actions owners would require to take to receive the positive aspects offered. Such as taking ownership of the 2-liter diesel automobiles ahead of Nov. 9, owners would want to take their vehicles to Volkswagen dealers to have their present cards activated, an action Volkswagen deems needed to curb fraud. Cards will also be printed with the name of the goodwill package recipient.

Volkswagen mentioned it would send one $ 500 black prepaid Visa card that could be utilized anyplace, and one more $ 500 white prepaid card that could be redeemed at Volkswagen dealerships only.

The automaker also provided three years of roadside assistance in addition to the gift cards.

At least 1 dealer group is organizing to use the activation procedure to its advantage, telling personnel that dealer management hopes buyers will spend each prepaid cards at its Volkswagen store.

Volkswagen stated the goodwill plan only covers 2-liter diesel automobiles for now. Its 3-liter diesel vehicles — which the EPA claimed are cheating as effectively — are not covered under the program.

According to a FAQ posted by the automaker, the prepaid cards can only be registered by the owner at a participating dealership. The owner would require to present a license, proof of ownership, the goodwill package and the affected car to activate the cards and roadside help coverage. Volkswagen stated the prepaid cards are not transferrable, but the roadside help would be if the owner sells the car.

Volkswagen will also record the mileage of the vehicle at the dealership.

Volkswagen mentioned owners who have registered for the goodwill program should be getting their cards within 4 weeks. Owners would require to register their gift cards at a dealership prior to April 30, 2016. The cards are great for one particular year.

While the quantity of consumers eligible for the program is likely the vast majority of owners of affected autos, there are some groups who are ineligible for the plan. One particular of these groups is utilised auto dealers.

You are not eligible for the Goodwill Package if:

  1. You buy or lease an Affected Automobile on or following November 9, 2015 or
  2. You sold, turned-in or otherwise transferred the Affected Automobile prior to the program initiation (November 9, 2015) or prior to Goodwill Package activation or
  3. Your Impacted Vehicle is owned by either Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., or VW Credit, Inc. as portion of an employee/retiree lease program or other corporate fleet plan or
  4. Your Impacted Car was reported sold as a Volkswagen corporate fleet sale or
  5. You are a new car or utilised vehicle automotive dealership and the Impacted Automobile is in your inventory.

A supply tells us that the initial round of goodwill packages are anticipated to be mailed out November 20.

Nearly 500,000 automobiles are affected by the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. Those cars can emit up to 40 times the legal level of NOx.

Whilst the rules themselves do not limit a Goodwill Package recipient’s right to sue, there is a clause under “Additional Plan Rules” that acts as a catch-all for future rule modifications:

Plan Guidelines are void to the extent exactly where prohibited by law. Taxes may apply exactly where essential by law, and are the responsibility of the Goodwill Package recipient. Eligibility, registration, activation and redemption of Goodwill Package are topic to present and future plan rules, which are incorporated by reference and might be modified by VWoA at any time with out notice.

Organizations routinely include catch-all lines in agreements, similar to the one employed by Volkswagen, that gives them permission to revise conditions soon after the truth. Alterations might be required due to a legislative change that impacts the original conditions of an agreement. For instance, men and women living in a specific geographic region may possibly have been exempt from an agreement in the starting, but legislative alterations could enable that group to be integrated, necessitating a adjust in the guidelines.

A law firm that represents Volkswagen diesel owners doesn’t see it that way.

“We believe that both the current language and the ability to alter the guidelines creates a non-trivial threat to shoppers of foregoing future rights,” said Amy Williams-Derry, companion of Keller Rohrback L.L.P., a law firm that at present represents around one hundred Volkswagen diesel owners.

“This indicates the rules of the system a VW TDI diesel consumer agrees to nowadays could be changed by VW tomorrow, with no notice to shoppers, and however shoppers would nevertheless be bound.”

Nevertheless, Volkswagen of America says customers will not be necessary to release the automaker of liability nor give up their proper to sue by taking the Goodwill Package.

Impacted consumers eligible for the Goodwill Package are not required to waive their rights or release their claims against Volkswagen of America in order to receive the Package,” said a representative for the automaker.

Interpretations of the guidelines posted Monday have flummoxed even skilled law pros.

University of Denver Law Professor Michael Siebecker pointed to the catch-all paragraph and said that it seems to apply to the Goodwill Program only — not future litigation — but that it contained obvious errors.

“It’s in fact very bizarre that they would publish something like this on the web. That is normally one thing that individuals would get fired for — at least the lawyers who were supposed to be reviewing this ought to,” stated Siebecker, who teaches corporate social duty at DU.

[Source: Goodwill Package FAQ, System Rules]

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