What Do You Do When a (Former) Friend Says, “I Want a Honda HR-V”?

2017 Honda HR-V blue - Image: HondaIt’s time for a new car, I told Mae last night.

She was explaining to a group of friends how she tore the passenger side mirror off and drove across the MacKay Bridge, on a specifically windy evening, with the mirror swinging about like an unchoreographed modern dancer.

The dangling power mirror, which an additional friend disconnected at Mae’s request, was only the newest concern. 1st, it’s a Saturn Ion Quad Coupe. Concern quantity two: the air-conditioning died lengthy ago, and Mae’s reluctant to invest a single penny redeeming this car. It is bitterly cold in eastern Canada now, but A/C is needful for one particular-third of the year and useful for the other nine months. Lastly, it’s a Saturn Ion Quad Coupe with a manual transmission.

“Ooh, aah, save the manuals,” you say. And I’m with you. Mae’s with you, as well. But I’ve spent adequate time — way too considerably time — in manual shift Ions to know that in an incredibly hilly city, the Ion’s shifter/clutch combo is worthy of dread. Not all manuals are worthy of saving.

Now the mirror’s off, and the conversations Mae and I have had more than a period of many months culminated in her succinct statement last evening: “I want a Honda HR-V.”

Insert awkward pause.

2004 Saturn Ion Quad coupe - Image: GM ArchivesThese are the moments an auto journalist fears. Mae’s a good friend. (Or at least she was, till I discovered she was pro-HR-V.) Last winter, brutally ill myself, I was filling in at a craft show for my sick and pregnant wife. Mae drove 40 minutes outdoors the city in a Saturn Ion Quad Coupe to fill in for me.

So I couldn’t lie. I couldn’t hide the truth that I when wrote a broadly-read piece for TTAC entitled, “The 2016 Honda HR-V Is Honda’s Worst Present Solution.”

I told GCBC readers the HR-V’s cabin is, “far from a soothing atmosphere.”

“The loud drone of the engine and dreadful tire noise would make me stay away from long highway journeys,” I wrote earlier this year.

I asked, as we do in all GCBC evaluations, regardless of whether you need to get something else as an alternative. The answer? “Yes, you should.”

The HR-V is uncomfortable, loud, slow, and overpriced. The LATCH system’s reduced anchors are among the worst-placed I’ve encountered.

So no, I couldn’t lie. But possessing lastly succeeded in receiving Mae to this juncture, after months of attempting to convince her that air-conditioning and heated seats are genuinely nice attributes, how could I push back against her vehicular tastes, particularly with three other close friends measuring the length of the awkward pause?

Fortunately, the case against the HR-V is especially effortless to make these days. With the fifth-generation Honda CR-V set to seem at dealers in the subsequent couple of days, remaining fourth-gen 2016 CR-Vs are handsomely discounted. Apart from the fact that the CR-V, North America’s top-selling utility car, is the superior vehicle to live with, the CR-V is also the far better long-term proposition simply because of better resale worth and since Honda dealers have better CR-V margins with which to operate in order to make a deal.2016 Honda CR-V - Image: HondaAccording to Honda.ca, Mae could lease an HR-V LX with all-wheel drive for $ 185 bi-weekly over four years, with 24,000 kilometers per year (15,000 miles) and no income down. Or she could get into an all-wheel-drive CR-V SE with the very same terms for $ 191 bi-weekly.

A $ six payment difference.

Add in the CR-V’s fuel economy penalty and the distinction maybe expands to $ 10.

For Mae, if she decides she’s ready to accept a payment as an alternative of driving the Ion till it requirements to be abandoned on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway in Shubenacadie, the answer is clear.

Quiet, far more spacious, with superior ride top quality, the CR-V is a no-brainer in this case. The CR-V SE is far better-equipped than the HR-V LX, too, adding fog lights, variable intermittent wipers, two extra speakers, and proximity access to the HR-V LX’s equipment list.

But this story is not a story unique to Canada, nor is it unique to Mae. In the U.S., a 2017 $ 27,440 Mazda CX-3 Grand Touring AWD can be bought for $ 216 bi-weekly, MazdaUSA.com says, but a $ 31,070 2016.5 Mazda CX-five Grand AWD is only $ 23 far more bi-weekly. Fuel economy penalty: $ six bi-weekly, according to the EPA. Positive aspects: superior power-to-weight ratio, far more than triple the cargo volume behind the rear seats, practically 20 percent much more passenger volume. The final results: Americans buy and lease six instances a lot more CX-5s than CX-3s. Of course you would.

America’s leading-selling subcompact crossover, the Jeep Renegade, is a $ 26,120 vehicle in Latitude 4×4 trim with the two.4-liter/9-speed combo. More than 60 months with no money down, Jeep presently says the bi-weekly payment is $ 201. Only $ 11 far more bi-weekly would get you a Cherokee 4×4 in Latitude trim.

Mae shouldn’t replace her Ion Quad Coupe with a Honda HR-V. This I know.

However it’s really most likely that a subcompact crossover, regardless of brand, is in no way the better deal than its compact equivalent.

Timothy Cain is the founder of GoodCarBadCar.net, which obsesses over the totally free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures. Adhere to on Twitter @goodcarbadcar and on Facebook.

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Electric Mini and BMW X3 Are a Go, Says CEO

2015 Mini 4-door and 2-door

An electric Mini? There’s a weak Austin Powers joke in there someplace, possibly, but that movie (alarmingly) came out 19 years ago.

Right after teasing the possibility earlier this year, BMW CEO Harald Krüger confirmed an all-electric Mini will arrive in 2019, Bloomberg reports. Krüger claims a Mini EV, as effectively as an electric version of the compact X3 crossover, is required to keep up with the company’s German rivals.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled its electric Generation EQ concept automobile at the Paris Auto Show this week, although Volkswagen pulled the wraps off its I.D. concept EV. Both rival automakers program an substantial lineup of EVs riding atop a committed modular platform, with the first new models going on sale by 2020.

BMW’s future product plans call for seven EVs grouped below its “i” sub-brand, but these models would stand alone, showing the company’s capacity to make “normal” EVs. As opposed to the EQ and I.D., the electric Mini and X3 would be traditional vehicles converted to battery power. It remains to be observed how significantly variety BMW can draw from batteries shoehorned into the two models.

If the marketplace for upmarket EVs ends up being soft, BMW can blame its competitors for fueling this EV race. For now, Bimmer simply wants to hold up.

The electric X3 will comply with the Mini EV in 2020, Krüger stated. Both models will supply “competitive” pricing and variety, he added.

[Images: BMW Group]

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Volvo Still Feels the Passion, Says Its Technologies Will Never Take Away Human Driving Enjoyable

Location Front Quarter Volvo S90 Mussel Blue

There are upsides to autonomous driving, but Volvo drivers are nonetheless produced of flesh, with blood pumping although their veins.

As opposed to that hazy group of people who drop their minds with excitement at the believed of often being a passenger in their personal car, the Swedish automaker is not about to take away the act of driving from its customers.

Volvo’s CEO may have been channeling fictional Volvo enthusiast Simon Templar when he claimed he only wants technologies to take away the boring elements of driving.

Speaking to Autocar, Håkan Samuelsson said, “We have no ambition to have a auto that could drive in urban environments from A to B.”

The sound you hear is Google and Apple staffers spitting out their green tea power drinks.

“If you’re a typical consumer, is that really what you are dreaming about?” Samuelsson asked. “We think far more that in a circumstance exactly where it is not genuinely exciting to drive, you can switch on the autopilot and then sit back and do one thing else, making use of that time much more productively. That is the item we are creating.”

Like so numerous other automakers, Volvo is busy creating self-driving technologies. The automaker plans to launch a actual-world test of its Intellisafe Autopilot system in Sweden subsequent year. These trials will see one hundred XC90  SUVs outfitted with the technologies driving all over ABBA’s homeland, whilst a smaller test will take place in London, England.

Samuelsson stated Volvo doesn’t want to market place the method unless it can be completely autonomous when switched on, unlike automakers that use semi-autonomous systems as driver’s aids.

[Image: Volvo Vehicle Corporation]

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Musk Says the Tesla Model S Suspension Controversy is Over

2016 Tesla Model S

Elon Musk is declaring the controversy that erupted over reports of Tesla Model S suspension failures to be over, completed, completed, finito.

The Tesla founder and CEO fired off a string of tweets late Friday, saying that the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration was done hunting into the matter, and added that the majority of complaints had been identified to be fraudulent.

Yesterday, TTAC examined the specifics of the case that sparked accusations of a significant Model S security concern and a cover-up on the component of the automaker. The firestorm of controversy, ignited by a Daily Kanban blog post by ex-TTAC editor Edward Neidermeyer, centered on a Pennsylvania man whose 2013 Model S skilled an unusual upper ball joint failure.

A non-disclosure clause in the “goodwill agreement” handed to the owner during the vehicle’s repair procedure raised even a lot more questions. The NHTSA, which had been contacted by Tesla owners and other folks, examined the language in the document and announced it was hunting into the suspension problem.

Although this was going on, Tesla fired back at critics with a lengthy and unusually harsh weblog post of its personal, denying there was a security concern and singling out Neidermeyer for his post.

It now looks like Musk desires the final say on the matter. Taking to Twitter last night, he announced, “NHTSA confirmed right now that they discovered no security concern with the Model S suspension and have no additional need for information from us on this matter.”

He then added, “Of greater concern: 37 of 40 suspension complaints to NHTSA were fraudulent, i.e. false location or car identification numbers have been utilised.” Musk then questioned the intentions of those who made false complaints.

Looking into the situation, TTAC’s Mark Stevenson and Bozi Tatarevic discovered that the non-disclosure agreement, whilst unusual, was likely unenforceable. The automaker would have a potentially ruinous PR disaster on its hands if it attempted to silence consumer complaints.

The suspension failure that led to the controversy looked to be the outcome of a damaged rubber ball joint boot that allowed water and road salt to enter the ball joint, ultimately top to its premature failure. The broken boot remains a mystery — it could have been compromised when it left the factory or broken when the owner drove his Model S down rutted Pennsylvania roads.

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Tesla Model X Owner Says His Car Crashed Itself

Tesla Model X crash

A California man is seeking for answers — and repairs — right after he claims his 5-day-old Tesla Model X unexpectedly accelerated into a constructing at full speed as he was attempting to park.

Puzant Ozbag took to the Tesla forum to describe the June 5 incident, which launched his automobile into the wall of an Irvine store and left his wife with minor airbag-connected injuries.

In his words:

Our 5 day old Tesla X these days even though entering a parking stall suddenly and unexpectedly accelerated at higher speed on its personal climbing over 39 feet of planters and crashing into a constructing.

The airbags deployed and my wife’s arms have burn marks as a consequence.

This could have effortlessly been a fatal accident if the car’s wheels had been not turned slightly to the left. If they were straight, it would have gone over the planters and crashed into the retailer in front of the parking stall and injured or killed the patrons

The acceleration was uncontrollable, seemed maximum and the automobile only stopped because it hit the constructing and brought on enormous damage to the creating.

Following the crash, Ozbag referred to as his Tesla delivery consultant, who place him in touch with the automaker’s roadside assistance provider. The automobile was towed to a AAA storage facility.

Tesla Model X crash

When questioned by forum commenters, the owner said the vehicle was operating at really low speeds, wasn’t in Autopilot mode, nor was it using the “summon” function. Ozbag stated Autopilot only engages at speeds above 18 miles per hour, and he was only going 3 to 5 miles per hour at the time.

Ozbag told the forum he wanted Tesla to find out why his Model X behaved the way it did.

“That is the question I want Tesla to answer,” he wrote. “A software glitch or a pc malfunction, either way the outcomes could have been much worse and wants to be completely investigated.”

Regardless of regardless of whether the crash was caused by a malfunction or human error, the Model X has been a thorn in Tesla’s side considering that it first rolled off the assembly line. Most consumer complaints target the vehicle’s signature “falcon wing” doors, which can unexpectedly open and close on their personal.

The electric automaker is at present becoming sued by a man who says door glitches rendered his Model X unsafe and undriveable. For the duration of last week’s public shareholders meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivered his most recent apology to Model X owners for the inconvenience, and stated that imminent software program upgrades will tame the wonky doors.

[Source: Elektrek] [Images: Puzant: imgur]

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Hoping for a Jaguar Wagon? Dream On, Says Ian Callum


Jaguar’s design and style chief just broke the hearts of that tiny, tiny group of enthusiasts who had been holding out for a new Jaguar wagon.

Ian Callum threw an ice cold pot of tea onto speculation that the British automaker would provide a wagon version of one of its new sedans, telling a group of auto journos in London that they have been accomplished with estate vehicles, Automotive News Europe has reported.

The explanation for this has a lot to do with why Callum and the journalists had been in the exact same space. The occasion concerned the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace, the automaker’s first crossover SUV.

Only British drivers want a British wagon, and that is not a massive industry, explained Callum. The U.S. and China are not interested in them, either.

“The world’s greatest wagon industry is Germany,” he said to the crowd. “And what do Germans buy? They acquire German vehicles.”

The last wagon Jaguar developed was a version of the previous-generation XF. Before that, it was a version of the lowly X-Kind, which Queen Elizabeth II after utilized as her personal car.

Crossovers and SUVs offer universal appeal in all markets, and they will be Jaguar’s primary focus from now on, Callum stated, adding that he expects the F-Pace to turn out to be the brand’s very best-selling model.

Purists have been shocked when Jaguar began speaking up the idea of a utility car, but the revenue-generating capabilities of such a model can not be ignored. Just ask Porsche about that. Hell, ask Bentley, which had to boost production targets for its quarter-million-dollar Bentayga SUV.

Expect Jaguar’s utility offerings to multiply if Callum’s predictions about the F-Pace come correct.

[Image: Jaguar Land Rover]

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Volkswagen to Slash Workplace Jobs by Next Year, Says Report

Volkswagen Chattanooga Tower

Like ripples in a pool of sulphur-wealthy oil, the impact from Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal keeps spreading.

In a cost-cutting measure made to mitigate the growing financial damage caused by the scandal, Volkswagen is organizing to cut three,000 administration jobs in Germany, according to Reuters.

The supply of unofficial claim comes from two contacts inside the business who contacted German news outlet DPA. How and where the positions would be eliminated is unknown, but the report says the jobs would be gone by the finish of 2017.

Volkswagen employs about 40,000 workers in different workplace positions in Germany, and has already announced it will be shedding short-term administrative positions as an efficiency measure. Other measures consist of a drop in corporate investment and a business-wide efficiency blitz, which the head of Volkswagen’s worker’s union referred to as “unrealistic” earlier this week.

At Tuesday’s meeting amongst Volkswagen executives and employees, labor boss Bernd Osterloh produced it clear he did not want the planned efficiencies to harm the employment of his members.

Volkswagen is at present in triage mode as it tries to save a patient that is getting money bled from it, seemingly from each and every pore.

The route forward will mean hard options, and Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Müller stated Tuesday that the financial pain to the organization will be “substantial and painful.”

The recalls of 11 million impacted diesel cars has but to be achieved, and a fix could still be months away.

In addition to widening investigations in Germany, a fraud case starting in France, and looming environmental fines and a roughly $ 40 billion lawsuit from the U.S. Justice Department (in addition to a fraud investigation from that exact same entity), the automaker discovered this week that German insurer Allianz plans to sue.

Reports have stated Allianz will go right after Volkswagen this month to recoup money it lost when the company’s share costs nosedived right after the scandal became public final September.

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Common Motors Says Diesel Canyon and Colorado Are On Their Way

2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel

Right after delaying its Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon diesel trucks for a “final validation” situation, Basic Motors mentioned Tuesday that the trucks would be on their way to dealers.

“The extremely anticipated 2016 GMC Canyon diesel has begun shipping to dealers. We appear forward to getting these trucks in the hands of our customers and appreciate their patience,” GMC spokeswoman Kelly Wysocki said in a statement.

Earlier this month we reported that folks who ordered the truck — in some cases as far back as August — said GM was delaying delivery. A GM spokesman said the trucks were delayed due to a “final validation” problem. GM didn’t specify what the “final validation” situation was with the trucks, nor did they say why they were delayed.

When it announced the truck last year, GM mentioned it would deliver those trucks by Fall 2015. The diesel-powered truck underwent extra testing by environmental officials ahead of receiving its certification in November.

A spokesman for GM mentioned the delay was not associated to the trucks’ certification by the EPA, but did say that the delay only affected diesel-powered trucks.

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