Sergio Marchionne Wants Alfa Romeo Back in F1, Provided It Never ever Outshines Ferrari

Ferrari Alfa F1 2016

FCA and Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne mentioned that he would adore to see Alfa Romeo returning to the Formula 1 Championship with its own team, supplied that they are never, ever as very good as Scuderia Ferrari. Instead of becoming a genuine F1 contender, he imagines Alfa as the junior varsity team designed to situation future talent for its massive-league brother.

“Alfa Romeo in F1 could turn out to be a fine breeding ground for young Italian drivers,” Marchionne said soon after announcing GP2’s Antonio Giovinazzi as Ferrari’s new third driver at the company’s annual Christmas media occasion. “For that very reason we are pondering about bringing it back, as our competitor, to racing, to Formula One. It’s crucial for Alfa to return.”

Ferrari lately finalized a deal with Giovinazzi, putting the Italian F1 rookie in the shadows of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. It’s the initial time given that 2009 that Ferrari has fielded an Italian driver.

Alfa Romeo’s return to Formula 1 is a bit of a Catch-22, even so. Receiving back into high-profile racing would no doubt aid enhance sales of the brand, but Alfa will first need to sell enough Giorgio platform automobiles to rationalize the expense. According to Motorsport, even a ideal-case situation could place the timeline a couple of racing seasons away.

“The issue is that, at the moment, because of the launch of road vehicles that will come out quickly, there currently quite a few commitments from a economic point of view,” Sergio told reporters. “With the launch of the Giulia and the Stelvio we have to wait for a bit, but I hope to be able to bring it back.”

That stated, Alfa really almost managed to get itself onto a beginning grid this past year with Red Bull. Even so the proposal ended up in violation of FIA guidelines and was scrapped before anything was set in motion.

The Italian automaker has not participated in Formula 1 because its abysmal final season in 1985.

“The worst car I ever drove was the 1985 Alfa Romeo 185T,” Ricardo Patrese told Motorsport in 2000, “I didn’t get any championship points in in and fairly apart from the truth that it was not reputable and competitive, it was also not very nice to drive, because the turbo lag was quite uncomfortable.”

Embarrassments aside, the brand that helped bring Scuderia into existence might still deserve greater than being a coaching ground for its greatest drivers. Ferrari has been supplying energy units — some with Alfa Romeo badging — to rival teams for a although now. Alfa does not need Ferrari and could technically exist as a standalone operation.

“Alfa Romeo are capable of producing their personal chassis, just as they are capable of generating engines,” Sergio told Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper in an interview.

The 1st two Formula One particular planet championships in history were both won by Alfa Romeo automobiles, piloted by Italian Giuseppe ‘Nino’ Farina and Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio. Enzo Ferrari himself began out racing and managing a team for Alfa prior to setting up Scuderia in 1939. Now Ferrari just includes a small Alfa logo on the livery of its F1 cars, in an claimed bond of passion, sportiness, and shared values that are supposed to somehow unite them as brothers.

“It’s amazing how the Alfa marque remains in people’s hearts,” the Ferrari president stated for the duration of last year’s conference at the Italian team’s Maranello headquarters. “For that extremely explanation we are thinking about bringing it back, as our competitor, to racing, to Formula A single. It’s essential for Alfa to return.”

[Source: Reuters] [Image: Ferrari]

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Poor News for Sergio: Brexit Catapults Fiat Chrysler Off Key Stock List


After Britain referendumed themselves right out of the European Union last week, there was a lot of speak about how the country’s automakers would fare in the wake of the Brexit.

But what about an Italian-American automaker? Right now, investment bank Goldman Sachs removed Fiat Chrysler Automobiles from their “conviction” acquire list, citing uncertainty more than the fate of the EU, Bloomberg reports.

The list names stocks that the bank’s investment braintrust anticipate to outperform. When a company gets on the list, investors can’t be far behind, hoping for a bigger-than-anticipated return on their investment.

Goldman Sachs stated it removed FCA from the list due to fear that Britain’s exit from the EU would decrease economic growth throughout the EU, hampering vehicle sales. This, regardless of the reality that FCA claimed the Brexit would have small effect on its operations, regardless of getting relocated its tax residency to the UK in 2014.

Ten days ago, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne downplayed worry about the looming referendum in a media scrum, saying a potential “Leave” vote was “not that disastrous” for his organization.

This morning, Marchionne spoke about the problem at a Fiat launch in Italy. “We don’t like the (outcome of) the vote, but a clear notion was expressed about the EU and so this ought to be revised,” he told an Italian wire service, adding that the vote should serve as a wake-up contact to the EU to spend far more consideration to person countries’ appeals for reform.

Marchionne essentially referred to as for absolutely everyone to keep calm and carry on.

Regardless of being removed from the list, it wasn’t all undesirable news for Marchionne nowadays. Goldman Sachs kept a “buy” rating on FCA’s stock.

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Sergio Marchionne: Maybe EVs are the Future, Who Knows, What the Hell…


Shortly right after publicly dissing Tesla for the umpteenth time and speculating that electric automobiles aren’t the future, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne now says he desires to make an electric auto.

Effectively, maybe. If he has to. But it’s possibly gonna happen. This EV factor could be huge, you know.

The indecisive business head told Bloomberg that he’s taking into consideration adding a choice of EVs to FCA’s portfolio, with a Tesla-fighting electric Maserati becoming the most most likely offering.

Marchionne mentioned that making use of the Maserati Alfieri as an experimental platform for a new EV is an thought he finds intriguing, telling Bloomberg Television, “I’ve always thought the economic model that supports Tesla is anything that Fiat Chrysler could replicate as we have the brand and the cars to do it.”

The sleek Alfieri, a grand tourer that was expected to start off production this year, not too long ago saw its arrival date pushed back to 2018. Continuously changing timelines are the norm at FCA, so the delay could give Marchionne time to function on his Tesla-fighting dreams just before its launch. He admitted, although, that such a car wouldn’t take place until after her retires in 2019.

Yet another half-formed strategy festering in Marchionne’s brain is the creation of an electric city vehicle for the European market.

FCA sells no EVs in Europe, which is quickly ditching diesel as its fuel du jour. As major cities pass laws banning the use of fossil-fueled automobiles in city centers (or at specific instances or days of the week), a small EV would help the firm tap into a possible development industry. It would also boost the SUV-heavy company’s green credentials, provided that the electric Fiat 500e (a money-losing model that Marchionne hates) is only sold in North America.

The CEO claimed he’s still not convinced that EVs are “the solution for all of man’s ills,” but figures he may possibly as nicely experiment if everybody else is carrying out it. Peer stress is a hell of a drug.

[Image: Maserati]

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Is Sergio Cooking Up a Chrysler 300 Constructed on the Pacifica Platform?

2015 Chrysler 300S

Is Chrysler’s LX platform doomed to meet the exact same fate as the beloved Panther?

Replacing the aging Chrysler 300’s rear-wheel-drive architecture with that of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan is 1 notion festering in the mind of Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, judging by recent comments published by Automotive News.

Marchionne was speaking at FCA’s Windsor, Ontario assembly plant, where Pacifica production not too long ago replaced that of the retired Town &amp Nation. He was asked about the excess capacity that could happen once Dodge Caravan production ceases subsequent year, and what vehicle might fill it.

The FCA boss was non-committal, saying it was “premature to make other allocations” to the Windsor plant. The excess space could be taken up by Pacifica production if demand is higher, he stated, but noted that there was a mystery model they could bring — beneath the correct situations.

“Let’s fill that up, and then we’ll look at this,” stated Marchionne. “There is a product that is available that we can make right here. We’ll have to wait for the allocation of capital to be in the appropriate cycle for us to get it.”

In speaking about the Pacifica, Marchionne pointed out that the model’s platform could be flexible adequate to use for a next-generation Chrysler 300.

Say what?

The Brampton, Ontario-constructed Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger/Challenger ride atop the venerable LX platform from the old DaimlerChrysler days. The Pacifica’s Fiat-sourced platform is front-wheel drive, with provisions for all-wheel drive.

Final year, FCA pushed a redesign of its complete-size sedans off into the future, focusing instead on shuffling Jeep and Ram production to maximize output of its hottest promoting brands. Small auto production holds no interest for Marchionne — whilst in Windsor, he reaffirmed his commitment to outsource production of the slow-promoting Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart to another automaker.

With Jeep and Ram production lastly figured out, and little automobiles on their way out, that narrows down the choice of what automobile class could come to Windsor. Marchionne wants the Pacifica to compete with crossovers, so it is unlikely that a Chrysler-badged utility model would ever join it at the plant.

That leaves the 300, which has noticed its sales drop for the past 4 years — a trend observed across the as soon as-popular complete-size sedan field.

Will FCA kill the 300’s rear-drive architecture? If it does, exactly where does that leave Brampton Assembly?

Marchionne played coy with the possibility of a front-drive complete-sizer.

“It’s capable,” he stated of the Pacifica’s platform, “but that’s not a commitment.”

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Petition Demands That Sergio Spin Off Jeep in Order to Save It

Jeep Wranglers Coming Down The Line In Toledo

A group of Jeep fans desires Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne to make a Sophie’s Selection-style selection to save their beloved offroader.

To steer clear of the destruction of the storied brand at the hands of its parent organization, FCA must cast it loose, the group states in a strongly-worded petition.

“As owners and fans of Jeep vehicles, we are calling on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to separate Jeep from FCA’s steady of failing brands and debt,” the petition states. “We urge FCA to execute a spinoff to save Jeep.”

The group claims the sturdy-performing Jeep has FCA’s 6 billion euro debt hanging more than its head like a guillotine, whilst its association with owner Fiat risks undermining the brand’s reputation for rugged high quality. By spinning off the brand like FCA did with Ferrari, Jeep could survive as an independent, they claim.

The group goes on to say that although Jeep (like Ram) is a single of FCA’s chief funds makers, its sales performance is being taken for granted by Marchionne, who is using the brand as a money cow to lessen his company’s debt load.

“FCA’s strategy is not to honor the Jeep brand, but to cannibalize it,” they claim.

The petition was started by Michael Turk, a Virginia resident and life-extended Jeep aficionado. Turk’s first car was a 1985 CJ7, and he’s considering that bought two a lot more Wranglers, with a 1953 CJ-3B project car awaiting restoration.

In an e mail to TTAC, he acknowledged the extreme unlikeliness of his petition swaying the head of FCA into cutting loose one of his top income generators. Turk sees it just as giving a voice to the “undercurrent of concern” for the brand among Jeep loyalists.

“I began the petition since I am concerned that the headwinds for FCA spell disaster for Jeep,” he stated, adding that the troubles afflicting the brand concerns a lot more than just corporate debt.

“The coming increases in emissions requirements spell problems for a business that sees most of its income from light trucks and SUVs. Unless they make important changes (and its not clear they have the capital to do so) the stream of money from Jeep sales may possibly soon run quick and that will leave couple of very good choices for the brand.”

Turk said he’d like to see the petition turn out to be a “rallying point” for Jeep lovers, and hopes it compels FCA executives to commence seeing its customers as people, not marketplace share.

TTAC reached out to Jeep public relations officials about the petition, who chose not to comment on the matter.

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