See the Planet from a Tesla Model X, Spend a Actually Huge Windshield Replacement Bill


Tesla Model X owners may want to double check their insurance coverage coverage before hitting these rural highways in search of ecologically sensitive adventure.

Now that the electric SUV is rolling out of Fremont in bigger numbers, owners are beginning to encounter the typical headaches that come with car ownership. One particular nagging issue owners are discovering is the expense of replacing the acres and acres of glass that make up the vehicle’s panoramic windshield. (Which takes place to be the greatest in the industry.)

Not surprisingly, large glass equals a big repair bill when the Model X encounters wayward pebbles. 1 St. Paul man took to the Tesla Motors on the web forum following his vehicle suffered a windshield crack in the course of a Grand Canyon road trip with his family members.

The replacement cost? Just shy of $ two,300, just before tax. “Ouch,” was the general response from forum dwellers.

Based on exactly where an owner lives, and what coverage their insurance provider offers, that crack could be a extremely costly one. Some states require mandatory coverage for windshield harm. A single forum poster living in Toronto, Canada said his policy covers windshield repair, but the higher cost of the replacement is nevertheless less than the minimum deductible quoted for a Tesla ($ five,000).

No support there.

Of course, there are a lot of who’ll say the owners produced their Model X bed, and ought to lie in it. Hardware comes with a price, no one demands an electric SUV, and so on, and so forth. Consider it all you like, but that isn’t the point here. Who actually thinks about their windshield (and what it might expense to replace) when getting a automobile?

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Mercedes Expanding AMG Brand, Asking Dealers To Spend For Upgrades

Mercedes-AMG GT (C 190) 2014

Mercedes-Benz will open performance centers at particular dealerships across the U.S. to expand the AMG brand from enthusiast sub-brand to mainstream overall performance line, Automotive News is reporting.

Dealers may have to pay up to $ 200,000 for added showroom space and instruction, the report stated. The automaker expanded its AMG brand this year with the Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG and GLE450 AMG, which are efficiency variants of those cars but quit short of the full-functionality models.

The move is equivalent to how other luxury automakers watering down expanding their overall performance lines, such as Audi’s S-line and BMW’s M-division.

Last year, Mercedes-AMG sold much more than 11,000 models in the U.S. Sales of AMG-branded cars are anticipated to rise drastically with the expanded brand.

The dealerships would need to add 2,000 further square feet to current dealerships. Roughly 100 dealerships would add the efficiency centers, with half of those being “professional” centers with bigger studios. The centerpiece, according to the report, would be an 8-foot “Powerwall.”

According to the report, dealers will be compensated for the investment through greater incentives paid out for these autos.

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