Ex-employee Sues Tesla, Claims Age Discrimination Led to Firing

Tesla HQ

A materials engineer fired by Tesla Motors earlier this year is suing the automaker, claiming that his age led to the dismissal.

The discrimination suit filed by Thomas Flessner, 69, paints a picture of a Logan’s Run-like corporate atmosphere that values youth above all else, Fusion reports. It is the newest in a steady stream of complaints about the youth-focused culture within the tech sector.

Flessner joined the company as a contract hire ahead of earning a full-time position on the automaker’s engineering team in 2012. He claims that his casting operate earned him praise from CEO Elon Musk, and led to his position at the company’s Fremont, California factory. As soon as on board, even so, two of his 3 supervisors allegedly produced disparaging comments about his age, and one particular singled him out for it.

According to the suit, Flessner was regularly shut out of meetings, faced unusually harsh rebukes, and saw quite a few complaints about his work performance. He alleges that his supervisor typically called him out for operating too slowly. The average age of the engineering group was 27, Flessner claims.

His suit claims that “the younger engineers were not criticized for the speed of their work by (supervisor Paul) Edwards even though they did not accomplish their projects any more quickly than plaintiff.”

Although serving as manager of casting technologies, Flessner’s manager, Mark Young, allegedly shot down any feedback from him. Young’s comments had been along the lines of, “I don’t require that from an old guy like you.”

The therapy allegedly worsened when he returned to operate following taking time off for congestive heart failure. An ex-supervisor, with whom Flessner had a great functioning relationship, warned that his existing supervisors have been “gunning” for him. Prior to his termination in February, Flessner claims that he and Edwards worked on an “action plan” to boost his function performance.

The strategy stemmed from a September 2015 overall performance assessment, in which Edwards claimed he wasn’t operating quickly sufficient. According to the suit, “This criticism was unreasonable due to the fact it held Plaintiff to a higher normal than the other, younger, engineers. It was clear to Plaintiff that Mr. Edwards was implying that he worked slower due to the fact of his age. His operate had not changed and his review showed that he continued to supply value to the company.”

Flessner is suing for compensatory damages, including lost wages and stock possibilities, pre-judgment interest, attorneys’ costs and charges, and punitive damages.

According to Pay Scale, the median age of Tesla employees is 30 — about average for a tech firm. Previous media reports on employment inside the field revealed the surprising lengths to which some workers will go to stay away from getting seen as “old,” which includes 1 26-year-old worker who underwent plastic surgery to appear far more youthful.

In a society that prides itself on being diverse and non-discriminatory, Flessner’s lawsuit calls out an often ignored type of bias.

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Ghost in the Machine: Man Sues More than Possessed Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X, Image: Tesla Motors

Negative PR from customers annoyed by their difficulty-plagued Tesla Model X SUVs continues to hammer the electric automaker.

A lawsuit filed against Tesla by a California man is the most current bit of poor news (and press) for the firm. According to Barrett Lyon, the bizarre electrical gremlins operating loose in his Model X turned his automobile into a static driveway decoration.

It is no wonder Tesla CEO Elon Musk sleeps at the office and keeps his desk at the end of the production line.

The issues reported by Lyon and the initial delay in obtaining the Model X to customers are a big purpose why Musk wants to manufacture his own parts.

Lyon, who already owns a Tesla Roadster and a Model S, paid $ 162,000 for the automobile. Soon soon after, strange factors started to happen.

“The doors do some weird, wicked things,” Lyon told Courthouse News. “If you get in and slide sideways and accidentally tap the brake, the driver’s side door slams shut on your leg. That is not a quite good factor to have come about to you.”

The automatic doors also slammed shut on his wife, Lyon claimed, and opened unexpectedly, causing damage to the doors and products inside his garage. In parking lots, the doors open into other autos, he claimed.

The gripes outlined in the lawsuit do not finish there. According to Lyon, the autonomous Autopilot feature swerves the vehicle into other lanes for the duration of rainstorms, the self-parking feature doesn’t operate 90 % of the time, and the touchscreen freezes for no reason.

Allegedly, Tesla Motors was unable to fix the car, so Lyon filed suit to get his acquire quantity and registration fee back. He’s also seeking damages for breach of warranty and California Lemon Law violations.

The Model X now sits idle in his driveway.

“You acquire a vehicle like that, you expect it to perform,” Lyon said. “It’s grow to be clear to me that the automobile wasn’t ready for buyers. The service center is completely unprepared for the type of troubles they’re obtaining.”

In April, Tesla recalled 2,700 Model X vehicles to stop rear seatback failures. Other situations of issues with the model’s signature “falcon wing” doors have been reported, as effectively as complaints about loose weatherstripping and frayed carpets.

[Source: Courthouse News Service] [Image: Tesla Motors]

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