GM’s ‘Super Cruise’ Continues Its Slow Plod to Production


General Motors’ futuristic semi-autonomous driving technologies now appears tinged with nostalgia.

The automaker’s “Super Cruise” self-driving function was initial announced back in September 2014, but the new model several expected to be launched with the feature — the 2016 Cadillac CT6 — showed up without it.

Now, GM plans to debut the function subsequent year, and a recently intercepted letter from the federal government shows what to expect from the system.

Super Cruise permits drivers to let the vehicle take over some piloting duties on the highway and in site visitors, but it is not a completely autonomous program. It appears to be significantly less capable than Tesla’s old Autopilot, but that could be on goal. (We all remember the problems that company’s self-driving method developed.)

According to Reuters, a letter sent to GM from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration describes how vehicles equipped with the technology will automatically pull themselves over and cease, hazard lights flashing, if drivers go too hands-off.

The shutdown mode becomes activated if a road becomes as well twisty for the system to navigate, or if a driver fails to respond to repeated alerts. Nevertheless, the country’s road security regulator worried about the shutdown procedure. In its letter, NHTSA asked GM to “ensure that this fallback remedy does not pose an unreasonable danger to safety.”

It seems that the shutdown mode is a drowsy driver’s greatest pal. A GM spokesperson told Reuters that Super Cruise involves facial recognition technology that concerns alerts to prod a distracted or drowsy driver back to awareness. The alerts consist of a flashing gauge cluster light, seat vibrations, an audible warning, and at some point the voice of an OnStar representative.

If there’s no response, it’s assumed the driver is incapacitated and the program activates shutdown mode.

Barring an additional setback, anticipate to see Super Cruise offered on a Cadillac model sometime in 2017.

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Ford Super Duty Owner Gets Refund Following Diesel Pickup Grows Afterburner

Ford F-450 exhaust (Facebook)

If the dome light in Shelley Shields’ Ford F-450 Super Duty stopped operating, she could easily have read a book by the hellish glow emanating from underneath her pickup.

The Cochrane, Alberta driver returned the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel-powered automobile shortly soon after buy after noticing flames shooting from the tailpipe and the exhaust glowing like a certain component of Amsterdam, Truck Trend reports.

Pictures posted to Shield’s Facebook page show the circumstance underneath — and behind — the pickup. Fantastic for melting driveway ice, but certainly unsettling for the owner.


When Shields contacted Ford Canada for a repair, the automaker referred her back to her dealer. Fortunately for Shields, the people at Carstairs Ford didn’t take her for a ride. They offered to take back the car and handed Shields a full refund.

Whilst the owner walked away satisfied and no neighborhood cats identified themselves toasted, the trigger of the Ford’s red-hot pipe had forum posters questioning if the truck’s original equipment was to blame. The six.7-liter Power Stroke’s 6.4-liter predecessor was when recalled for diesel particulate filter overheating, but the automaker claims this glowing Super Duty is a one particular-off.


In a statement, Ford North American Trucks and Industrial Automobiles Communications Manager Jiyan Cadiz claims the issue doesn’t stem from the factory.

“We have completed our initial investigation into the Super Duty in Canada and have determined it was brought on by an incorrect repair soon after the truck was made,” said Cadiz. “We are not aware of any other incidents, and we are taking action to avert this from happening in the future. In this unique case, the consumer returned the affected truck and received a refund.”

“Incorrect repair” is a lot vague, but Ford forum posters claim they know the actual trigger. Diesel fuel poured into the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank throughout the pre-delivery inspection gets the blame, though it can’t be confirmed. If a technician did make such a whoopsies, it would primarily turn the exhaust system into an afterburner.

[Images: Facebook]

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Super Bowl 50 Industrial Round-up

Like these who only study certain magazines for the articles, the Super Bowl brings millions of people together in front of Tv screens to, ostensibly, watch a football game. A lot of will watch the event strictly for the commercials, which have turn out to be a cultural phenomenon in their personal appropriate. Others will watch for the halftime show, hoping for glimpses of nipples and/or sharks.

Car producers have taken advantage of the enormous quantity of eyeballs focused on the screen, and target them with higher-priced, cinematic advertising loaded with celebrities and inspirational messages.

Verify them all out … soon after the jump!

Initial alphabetically is Acura, who have teased audiences for numerous years with the coming-quickly NSX. Van Halen cashed a check from American Honda for this a single:

The longer director’s cut:

Subsequent is a moving father-son story from Audi, with audio from the recently-departed David Bowie:

… and the director’s reduce:

Buick unveils the new Cascada, spiritual successor to the Chrysler Sebring convertible, with football star Odell Beckham Jr. and model Emily Ratajkowski. We will add this video after it becomes available on-line.

Honda plays some Queen by means of the Ridgeline’s new in-bed audio program for a bunch of sheep:

Hyundai has four ads this Sunday. Initial is this humorous look at a new Apple Watch remote starter:

Next brings Kevin Hart, one more Queen song, and a appear at Hyundai’s Orwellian suite of connectivity apps:

Hyundai’s third commercial of the evening is a really feel-excellent story about the gearheads who design and style its cars:

Ultimately, a lesson about distracted driving, and how you will kill Ryan Reynolds if you aren’t driving a new Elantra:

Subsequent is Kia, with a shot across Toyota’s beige bow, starring, Christopher, Walken:

Mini brings a phalanx of celebrities and other folks, with a #DefyLabels hashtag:

SUBARU (Puppy Bowl Bonus)
Naturally, Subaru has to be distinct. Rather than airing their new series of advertisements in the course of the Super Bowl, they choose to assistance Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl with four dog-focused shorts:

So, which 1 was your favored?

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