Audi Provides Its Own Goodwill System To A3 TDI Owners

Audi Goodwill

Audi announced last week that owners of its A3 TDI model would be presented the exact same goodwill system offered to Volkswagen TDI owners.

The plan, which began Nov. 20, offers owners the same $ 500 prepaid Visa card that can be employed anyplace and a $ 500 dealership present card that can be utilized at Audi dealerships. 3 years of roadside assistance also will be integrated in the goodwill program.

According to Audi’s diesel data web site, accepting the goodwill package doesn’t preclude owners from suing Audi in the future.

The program seems to operate similarly to Volkswagen’s goodwill system.

Affected owners with Audi A3 TDI vehicles purchased prior to Nov. eight will want to register their auto through VIN number with Audi to receive their package. To activate their gift cards, owners will nevertheless need to go to an Audi dealership to have them activated there.

According to initial reports, roughly 120,000 diesel owners have registered their Volkswagen cars with the automaker to acquire their goodwill package.

Audi is only making offered its goodwill system to owners of A3 TDI cars. Vehicles equipped with Volkswagen’s three-liter diesel engine, which consist of the Q5, Q7, A6, A7 and A8, that Audi admitted used unreported auxiliary emissions manage devices to pass emissions tests are not eligible for the system.

“We are cooperating with authorities to investigate the problems affecting these TDI models,” the automaker mentioned on its site.

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Tesla Expanding Referral System, Nonetheless Probably Going To Be Messy

Tesla Model S Center Stage

In a letter to Model S owners, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that its referral “experiment” had gone properly and that the organization would be expanding the plan, according to HybridCars.

Owners can refer as numerous men and women as they want, and even though the “free” Model X cars have probably already been claimed in each and every of the three sales regions, the top referrer by Oct. 31 can trade in their Model S for a P85D with “ludicrous” speed mode. Referring 10 new purchasers now means you can get a totally loaded “Founder Series” Model X for the cost of a base Model X (a $ 25,000 savings according to the company).

It’ll still probably be ugly for whomever wins at the end.

Dealers in California have named the system illegal, saying the referral program amounts to “bird dogging” by the manufacturer.

Tesla has responded to the allegations by expanding the program and ignoring everybody anyway.

“We looked cautiously at these regulations,” Tesla spokesman Ricardo Reyes told HybridCars. “They have been enacted decades ago to avoid rogue salespeople, not from stopping close friends from recommending merchandise they enjoy.”

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