2014 Honda Accord V6 Coupe 6MT Lengthy-Term Test: 36 Months and 45,500 Miles


It is been about seven months since I ran out of warranty in my 2014 Accord EX-L V6 6MT. We’re now just a touch more than 45,500 miles at the third anniversary of acquire, and I’ll confess I’m beginning to get a little itchy about the notion of keeping a new automobile for this extended. Only four times in my life have I kept a street-titled automobile past the 3-year mark: my 1990 Fox stuck about 67 months, my 944 was in my possession for the greater element of 10 years, and I nonetheless have two Porsches I bought during the initial term of the G.W. Bush administration. Other than that, it is been churn-and-burn, usually someplace amongst the 18-month and 30-month marks.

There are sound factors to swap the Accord out, and sound causes to maintain it, as you will see below. I’ve also had a few exciting incidents with the vehicle, a single of which might even be regarded as a legitimate blotting of the proverbial copybook.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Pedals, Image: © 2017 Jack Baruth

The sensible-footwear crowd likes to feel of “prestige” car purchasers as spendthrift morons effortlessly distracted by shiny issues and cynical marketing and advertising, but I’m beginning to see a genuine benefit to owning anything like a late-model Audi or BMW right after three years taking pretty great care of my Accord. That benefit can very best be described as “touchable durability.” Fairly a lot almost everything that I put my hands or feet on in this car now has severe signs of wear, from the fragile, straightforward-scratch leather of the steering wheel to the shiny metal cutting by way of the clutch pedal pad.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Worn Leather Seat, Image: © 2017 Jack Baruth

I often clean and situation the Accord’s interior from prime to bottom, but that doesn’t cease the plasticized leather from creasing or the plastic from receiving shiny. And the paint … nicely, it does not bear mentioning. The 1986 Jaguar Vanden Plas that I owned from 1995 to 1999 looked far better right after fourteen years and 95,000 miles than this almost new Honda does nowadays. The front bumper and hood are a constellation of primer-colored dots and chips. Any bird droppings not cleaned within the very first hour or so end up leaving a bumpy surface in the clearcoat. Not even a quadruple application of Zaino could stop the carnage, but I’ll be stripping the paint down once again in April and quad-coating it with the Jersey plastic pseudo-wax just to slow down the pace at which the finish disintegrates.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Damaged Bumper, Image: © 2017 Jack Baruth

To make matters worse, last week my son and I were stopped at a train crossing when we were hit in the rear bumper by an amiable, completely-insured stoner in a Mazda three with evidence of a number of earlier low-speed crashes. The 3 of us became quickly close friends — he’s a harmonica player who is searching to play some gigs, assuming his roommate stops harshing his buzz by stealing his rolling papers — but the Honda’s back bumper is going to want some significant refinishing. Luckily for us I light-footed the brake and let the impact roll us forward a handful of feet that saved us from a total smash-up and kept my sons’s neck from being also sore.

This is all trivial stuff, nonetheless, and if you want a vehicle that is painted properly in this day and age I can only suggest that you find a Silver Spur III or 1 of the South African kit vehicles that are sprayed in an environment that doesn’t need to have to comply with any environmental regulations whatsoever. I’m serious about that the Superformance I owned back in 2001 was the very best-painted sports vehicle I’ve ever observed. It was like seeking into a black lake at midnight. I had a lot of time to contemplate the excellence of the paint every single time I was waiting for a flatbed.

Less excellent: the Mystery Oil Leak. A month ago, I swapped out the front and rear brake pads simply because they’d ultimately given up the ghost at the 45,000-mile mark. This integrated numerous trackdays so I wasn’t especially bitter about possessing to invest $ 110 on new pads with the expectation of new rotors in the spring. It was 31 degrees outside and dark to boot when I lastly got about to carrying out the pads, but fortunately for me I had a head-mounted flashlight and all of the correct tools, like the machine to twist the Accord’s rear-caliper pistons back. What a crappy program that is, by the way. There’s no way that the calipers would survive a lot more than about 3 pad modifications with out losing the integrity of the piston seals.

Anyway, when I backed the automobile out the next morning, I saw there was fluid underneath. I originally thought it was brake fluid, but it was oil. And when I put the Accord in the air, I discovered oil on the crossmember. There was nothing at all above it, nonetheless, and the oil level seems regular. Nor has the Mystery Leak returned. In 45 days or so, when I put the summer time tires back on, I’m going to degrease almost everything and then check once more right after a month has passed. In the meantime, I’m remaining both each confused and watchful.

There’s been 1 final oddity three instances now the Bluetooth media interface on the method has decided to play music from the appropriate speakers but not the left ones. It doesn’t influence the CD player or the radio, and it does not take place each time. This would point to a dilemma with a stereo-conductor cable except the whole point of Bluetooth is to dispense with mentioned cable. Oh properly. It is my problem, I suppose, because the warranty on that stuff elapsed now.

The rest of the Accord is as you would expect. The engine remains robust during a current Focus RS test, I found the Accord could match Ford’s hyper-hatch in a “60 roll.” The transmission is a bit notchy in the winter but the clutch shows no true signs of put on. The wind noise that has plagued the driver’s B-pillar is, if anything, obtaining greater.

Which leaves me with just one particular query: Sell or keep? I’m now down to about $ 12,100 on the loan, so I’m in equity. This was a condition that none of my precious German sedans and coupes ever actually reached. Need to I just pay it off and preserve it? Or must I sell it, get my income, and take delivery of a 2018 Accord coupe EX-L 6MT? That is supposedly the final year for this engine/powertrain combination.

Pros of swapping cars: newer, far better audio interface, a couple of a lot more years exactly where I’ll be in a position to drive a stick-shift auto to work each day, could clear-bra the new coupe the day I get it, may get the pearl white alternatively of the plain grey.

Cons: would rather be spending my vehicle payment on one thing is not an Accord in March of 2019, new front end of 2016-and-up Accord Coupes is pretty stupid-looking, may possibly be seized with uncontrollable want to get Challenger T/A six-speed rather and therefore derail the one particular aspect of my life that tends to make vague financial sense.

Really feel free to supply your opinions in the comments. Or if you are interested in becoming an Accord-ian your self, proper now, then I believe I’d take $ 19,999 for the car post-bumper repair, with brand-new tires on the factory wheels and new rotors on all four corners. It would be nice to have an individual take the choice out of my hands like that. But if that does not come about, I’ll see you at the 42-month mark, exactly where we’ll answer the queries: What was that mystery leak? Is the clutch pedal pad really the identical a single that is found on the ’93 Civic, as a single of my Instagram followers told me? And will the V6 get even stronger in its fourth year? Tune in half a year from now and uncover out!

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2015 Ford Fiesta 1. EcoBoost Long-Term Test – The Obtain

2015 Ford Fiesta SFE Front 3/4, Image: © 2016 Mark Stevenson/The Truth About Cars

Earlier this year, I was preparing on showcasing on TTAC my 2008 Saturn Astra as a testbed of Millennial ingenuity.

Us Millennials want the newest technologies in our rides, but we don’t necessarily have the funds to purchase brand-new cars. We’re a debt-laden demographic, thanks to a combination of increasing education and living charges, but we want all that fancy connectivity. I figured I could most likely get away with adding all the technology I wanted to a vehicle that is eight years old, thus saving on the outlay demanded by a new automobile buy and the corresponding improve in my insurance premium.

Then the Fiesta occurred.

“Maybe we need to get a new auto,” I mentioned to Jennifer as I mulled the current state of the Astra. Following all, we are moving in a couple of months, and the last thing I want is for the aging Saturn to be stuck on the side of the road at the exit of Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! en route to Ontario.

My suggestion was, predictably, met with Jenn’s total and utter indifference.

“Maybe,” she verbally shrugged.

It was a Friday. Both of us had place in extended weeks at operate, both burnt out. We generally communicate through a series of grunts and facial expressions by this point in the week, so her response wasn’t unusual. Yet, for some purpose, the Astra’s present condition weighed heavily on my mind.

The Saturn was a buy of necessity. At the time, I had subcompact-vehicle money to devote on a compact vehicle. My substantial other at the time required a car that could safely cart about an infant, requiring four doors. I have two dogs, which necessitated a hatchback. The Astra fit the bill at that time. Now the Belgium-built compact was at that age when any unexpected future problem was probably to arrive hand-in-hand with a higher-dollar repair bill, all thanks to Basic Motors’ wise selection to import a automobile that has no components commonality with any of its other automobiles in North America.

“I feel we should seriously take into account a new automobile,” I mentioned.

“Maybe,” she replied once again.

The subsequent day, I produced a mental list of all the automobiles I’d driven in the final couple of years that were in our cost variety and also exciting to drive. The Nissan Micra was there. As were the Volkswagen Golf 1.8 TSI, Beetle 1.8 TSI, and Jetta 1.4 TSI. Rounding out the candidates had been the Kia Forte5, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (it is surprisingly not horrible), Scion iM, Subaru Impreza, Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta.

In fact, I drove three manual Fiestas in the last couple of years. One particular was the normal 1.6-liter 4. I also drove a brief stint in a Fiesta ST at a Ford occasion a couple of years ago — but that was outside our spending budget. The third Fiesta I tested, which produced nearly identical horsepower and torque figures as the naturally aspirated 1.6, was the 1.-liter EcoBoost three-pot. That was a entertaining small car, I remembered, and so was the Beetle.

It need to be mentioned I have a soft spot for the Beetle Classic. Retro wheels. A shape that is no longer too cute. And you can have it with a manual transmission and the 1.8 TSI. I dove into Volkswagen Canada’s website and discovered that VW was offering $ 3,000 discounts on ’15 Beetles.

When you’re in the store once again, could you verify to see if there are any leftover ’15 Beetle Classics in the system?” I asked my buddy who’s the general sales manager at a regional VW dealership. “With a $ three,000 discount, that may be a buy for us.

I did a search of Canada for new, non-reported sold 2015 Beetle Classic manuals. None came up in the search,” he replied.

Off to the Ford site I went, and this time the incentive to get was even higher.

Ford Canada was (and still is) providing $ four,250 in discounts on leftover ’15 Ford Fiestas. I once more remembered the littlest of EcoBoosts was a blast to hustle, even if it isn’t actually going that quickly.

2015 Ford Fiesta Incentives from Ford Canada website

The Ford website erroneously reported an unsold 2015 Fiesta SFE at the closest Ford dealer, MacPhee Ford, so I gave it a call.

“Do you nonetheless have a 1.-liter Fiesta in stock?” I asked. “The Ford website says you have a leftover ’15 Fiesta in Green Envy.”

“Erm, I don’t know. Let me check, ” stated the salesman. “I’ll call you back in ten minutes.”

Ten minutes went previous. Then 20 minutes. Then an hour.

Screw this. I’ll just drive more than there.

Upon my arrival, I walked about the showroom and waited for a person to say hello.

“Has a person helped you yet, sir?” asked an additional salesman.

“No, I was speaking to an additional salesman on the telephone, but he in no way named back.”

“What was his name?”

I gave his name and was passed back to him.

“Sorry I didn’t get in touch with you back. We don’t have that car. But we do have this Concentrate and some other Fiestas. To tell you the truth, the Fiesta is also tiny for you anyway,” he stated ahead of asking me about my actual demands. “You have close friends, don’t you? I bet you do. They won’t match in the back of the Fiesta. Why do not I get you the window sticker for the Concentrate?”

This banter continued interrupted many occasions by the salesman’s ADHD approach to consumer service for 45 minutes before he looked at his personal computer to find the closest ’15 Fiesta SFE.

“It’s at Fairley and Stevens … but how about I perform you up a deal on this Focus?”

I drove to Fairley and Stevens Ford, a short five minute jaunt down the highway, and was greeted by Jim, a jovial Newfoundlander.

“How’s she goin’ today?” he asked as Newfoundlanders do.

We sat down and worked out a tentative deal with no a test drive (I knew what I was obtaining). However, I told him any deal would be dependent on Jennifer’s go ahead.

I left the shop. We came back later in the day together. She drove the Fiesta and liked it. I drove it again and liked it again. We both hated the colour.

“There’s one in Saint John in Tuxedo Black. I can bring that in. That is no dilemma. And we won’t charge for the transfer,” Jim stated.

By the finish of the visit, the deal we have been presented with our $ 1,500 trade was $ 16,389 taxes in. (The tax rate on a automobile purchase in Nova Scotia is 15 percent.) Compared to the practically $ 23,000 we would have paid for a 2016 Fiesta at MSRP, I thought this was a pretty stellar deal. We tentatively agreed to the deal and went house to believe about it.

When I told the guys on Slack, Bark M. piped up.

Whoa whoa whoa

I’m late to this Fiesta

But you are giving them $ 500 plus holdback?

On a auto that is primarily lot poison?

Bark M: &quotNo&quot

Invoice cost on a ’15 Fiesta SFE with the Comfort Package was $ 18,758 just before tax and trade. Right after our trade and tax, the total primarily based on invoice came to $ 14,959.20. At retail, the value after trade and tax was $ 16403.60.

My deal, in reality, was only around $ 500 after an admin charge ($ 477) and a couple of other items have been calculated in.

Then Bark and Bozi spoke up collectively: Get an X Plan PIN they stated. 1 fantastic aspect of X Plan is the dealer isn’t permitted to charge an admin fee. Also, if you’re a member of the Mustang Club of America, you can get an X Program PIN — no Mustang required.

We went back to the dealership the next day, supplied my newly acquired X Plan PIN along with proof that I was a newly minted member of MCA, and the value dropped considerably: $ 14,998.90, trade and taxes integrated. The dealer also discovered an extra $ 750 conquest cash, which we added to the deal post tax to come to the above number.

In the finish, we ended up with a brand-new auto with a warranty and a monthly payment that’s about the equivalent of what it would’ve cost to keep the Astra more than the very same time frame. It is not Green Envy, thankfully, and Jenn was excited when she was ultimately handed the keys. Win, win.

I’ll be sharing my non-ST EcoBoost Fiesta encounter more than the lifetime of our ownership. If you have any inquiries, drop them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as feasible.

[Photos: © 2016 Mark Stevenson/The Truth About Cars]

Mark Stevenson is the managing editor of The Truth About Automobiles. He is very easily swayed into getting vehicles from brands that no longer exist. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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2015 Honda Odyssey Extended-Term Test: Eight Months in With Handful of Complaints

2015 Honda Odyssey EX

With six,402 miles under its belt, it is protected to say our 2015 Honda Odyssey is in its prime fresh adequate to really feel new, broken in sufficient to make the most of its three.five-liter V6, yet not beaten into submission by also several toddler snacks or dog hairs. We now have our Odyssey appropriate where we want it.

Alas, this also shall pass. The floor trays are not swiftly removed, so the winter’s salt and grime, mixed in with some of Prince Edward Island’s red dirt, is accumulating swiftly. Hairs from the dog, who’s usually kept behind the second row, are somehow attracting one particular one more along the sills of the two front doors. We’re quickly approaching the Odyssey’s 1st service, a cost-free one particular at Centennial Honda during our subsequent check out to the in-laws in PEI.

With a dirty, hairy interior and the 1st service complete, it’s official: our extended-term Odyssey is no longer new.

2015 Honda Odyssey EX floor trays, Timothy Cain/The Truth About Cars

We drove home from Summerside in our Odyssey EX at the finish of final June, and continue to accumulate mileage gradually. As typically as not, we drive a manufacturer-supplied press vehicle if the dog does not need to join us and the timing is hassle-free for a child seat swap. There’s a palpable sense of superior horsepower now, but we’ve but to see the fuel economy figures improve. Not only was our summer season driving far more highway-centric, the temperatures had been obviously milder and we had been on all-season rather than winter tires.

Perhaps then, it’s notable that fuel mileage hasn’t noticeably worsened. We’re consistently seeing around 24 miles per gallon on the U.S. scale, just below 10L/100km for Canadians. (MarkPorthouse.net’s calculator is fantastic if you don’t want to do the math your self.) The Odyssey’s combined EPA rating is 22 mpg. The bulk of our driving is in a suburban setting.

2015 Honda Odyssey EX dirty doorhandles, Timothy Cain/The Truth About Cars

Chasing and overtaking my brother in his 1.4T Cruze away from the MacKay Bridge tolls late one particular Sunday evening in January was a real joy, not just because the Odyssey is faster than my older brother’s auto – particularly when accelerating from moderate speeds to a highway pace – but due to the fact I’m secure in the understanding that he does not uncover any joy in prodding his own minivan. He drives a Dodge Grand Caravan, a van with a ideal-in-class three.6-liter 283-horsepower V6. Very best-in-class refers, of course, to the horsepower rating, not the engine itself. Lacking refinement, burdened by an uncooperative six-speed automatic, a Grand Caravan commanded to accelerate with all its gusto is not the happiest Grand Caravan, and is owned consequently by an unhappy driver.

That’s not to say the Odyssey’s six-speed automatic has all the charm of an S2000’s manual. Somewhat recalcitrant when cold, the Odyssey’s automatic is periodically befuddled by uphill acceleration at highway speeds. Mileage continues to eradicate numerous of the transmission’s poor habits, but a single wonders why minivan makers cannot install correctly smooth and cooperative transmissions the Sienna and Sedona units are not precisely paragons of functionality, either.

2015 Honda Odyssey sunglasses holder, Timothy Cain/The Truth About Cars

By way of almost eight months, other complaints merit small interest. With frequent fresh blankets of snow, we’re prompted to attain for sunglasses a lot more often these days than during the fall. This restores the belief that the Odyssey’s sunglasses holder, part of the conversation mirror that gives a fantastic view of the driver but a very distant look at the rear, is among the worst in the automotive industry. Numerous are built with less expensive materials, but I don’t recall experiencing a sunglass holder so incapable of accepting a pair of sunglasses. Oh, the space inside is acceptable, but the aperture is slim.

All other complaints revolve not about the van but the means by which Honda packages Odysseys. In standard Honda style, there are no alternatives, just trim lines. In hindsight, there are a couple of products that would be really nice to add to an Odyssey EX, but each need a leap to the Odyssey EX-L RES. That is a CAD $ 7,010 jump for a power tailgate and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

2015 Honda Odyssey EX rearview camera, Timothy Cain/The Truth About Cars

The filth of winter is most apparent on the tailgate, and the tailgate’s grimy state is most obvious beneath the lip, beside the rearview camera, right where your clean hands need to go to open the tailgate.

It is not a large deal. I’m going to survive with out a power tailgate. (I personally despise how slow so a lot of autos total this power-operated job, which includes the Mercedes-Benz GLC300 we’re driving this week. Take a knee although you wait.) But given the degree to which this has turn into an anticipated function, it’s odd that Honda Canada will not let you have a energy tailgate in an LX, SE, EX, or EX RES. For a energy tailgate, American Honda expects you to spend for a $ 36,950 Odyssey EX-L. It is unavailable on the $ 30,300 LX, $ 33,450 EX, and $ 34,400 SE.

As for the leather-wrapped wheel, it’s once again a feature without which I can cope. But practically every single press car that comes our way is a prime-spec model, so each time I get back into my personal vehicle, I’m missing out on the key touch point. Following extensive time in something pretty miserable like the Honda HR-V, there’s a sense of relief realizing there’s a wildly superior choice in our own driveway.

Except that the HR-V’s steering wheel is nice. And our Odyssey’s is not.

Timothy Cain is the founder of GoodCarBadCar.net, which obsesses more than the free of charge and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures. Adhere to on Twitter @goodcarbadcar and on Facebook.

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