Nissan Titan Q&A Tomorrow at 9:30 AM ET with Brent Hagan – Submit Your Queries Now!

2016 Nissan Titan XD in Arizona

I’m currently putting the Nissan Titan XD through its paces in Arizona. This new truck from Nissan is infinitely exciting to me for a multitude of reasons: mostly its 5-liter ‘Triple Nickel” Cummins V-8 and its no-man’s-land placement in the truck marketplace. Even so, what may possibly be important to me might not be essential to you, and vice versa, so we are going to do a Q&ampA before our overview.

Tomorrow morning we will have Nissan Titan product preparing manager Brent Hagan right here on TTAC to answer any questions you send our way.

Hit the comments below and submit your concerns. We are going to try to do a reside-weblog-style solution tomorrow, but we may well not have time to implement it. If we don’t get it sorted in time, we will use the concerns you submit on this post to answer as numerous as we can starting at 9:30 a.m. ET tomorrow.

Note: We undoubtedly won’t have live blogging. If you have inquiries, make certain to post them right here just before tomorrow morning. 

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