Chevrolet Upstages Ford – Then Honda Throws Composite Shade on Both

Honda Ridgeline Rock Drop

You may’ve noticed an ad campaign by Common Motors touting the toughness of its steel cargo bed in comparison with Ford’s aluminum cargo hold. The Chevy came out battered and bruised, but Ford’s aluminum-bodied F-150 incurred multiple lacerations. GM, in its comparison, proclaimed itself the winner.

Then late Friday, a plucky upstart named Honda (you may know the organization for its motorized bicycles and electrical generators), threw massive shade on the Detroit rivalry utilizing the very same test.

Honda’s engineers (not the PR folks, although Honda PR distributed the video) performed roughly the very same rock-drop test as the Chevrolet advertising campaign. The outcome? Just some scratches in the Ridgeline’s composite bed. Not a dent. Not a break. And the in-bed storage door still opened and closed as designed.

Effectively done, Honda. Now all we need to have is a actual truck for your trick bed.

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