The Honda CR-Z Is Officially Dead In Canada

2016 Honda CR-Z

2016 will be the final model year for the extraordinarily slow-selling Honda CR-Z in Canada. Honda Canada spokesperson Maki Inoue confirmed that the CR-Z is completed, indirectly supplanted in Honda Canada’s lineup by the reborn Honda Accord Hybrid.

“As Honda aligns its solution portfolio to very best take benefit of growth opportunities in the marketplace, it will add a new Accord Hybrid, and discontinue CR-Z this year,” Inoue told GoodCarBadCar earlier this afternoon.

Of course, we knew the CR-Z was completed for. Separate articles on TTAC earlier nowadays made mention of an American Honda spokesperson’s impression that the CR-Z was currently dead and the glut of CR-Z inventory of which Honda dealers need to now rid themselves.

News that the CR-Z is dead north of the border is thus no surprise, particularly given the car’s disastrous reception in Canada. You believed the two-seat, hybrid hatchback was unpopular in the American marketplace? Oh, Canada: in comparison with their northerly neighbors, Americans were downright enamored with the Honda CR-Z.

Think about this: Americans purchase around nine times much more new automobiles than Canadians, but CR-Z sales in the United States were 25 times stronger than Canadian sales more than the vehicle’s lifespan.

It’s not that Canadians won’t buy Hondas. Much more than 11 percent of the new passenger cars sold in Could have been Civics. Indeed, the Civic has been Canada’s very best-selling auto in every single of the final 18 years.

But the CR-Z, underpowered and not as effective as you’d count on a two-seat hybrid to be, did Honda Canada no favors.

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