Volkswagen Lawyer: Automaker Might Get Back Unfixable Automobiles


A lawyer for Volkswagen said in court that the automaker would acquire back cars that it cannot fix in time, the very first admission from the firm that some of its vehicles might not be fixable, according to the New York Occasions.

Volkswagen lawyer Robert Giuffra told a court final week during hearings connected to the class-action lawsuits facing the automaker that the company hadn’t determined how many cars would be impacted.

“We may possibly have to do a buyback or some sort of a answer like that for some subset of the vehicles, but that hasn’t been determined yet,” Giuffra stated according to the report.

Final year, reports from Germany indicated that the organization was preparing to purchase back up to 115,000 older diesel automobiles that couldn’t be repaired.

Those automobiles would likely be older vehicles, fitted with Volkswagen’s EA189 engines, which Volkswagen of America boss Michael Horn told Congress in October would want significant hardware revisions to bring into compliance — with no any severe impacts on performance and fuel economy.

Horn told Congress that the vast majority of affected automobiles in the U.S. are older models with the EA189 engine — probably a lot more than 300,000 automobiles.

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