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When it comes to the security of an airport, port or even a border control checkpoint it is necessary to verify what hundreds of vehicles and/or containers carry with them in an optimal way. Equipment such as the Nuctech Wetan F100 makes it possible to scan in real time what is contained in the cars, trucks and other vehicles entering a given space. Thanks to backscatter X-ray imaging technology, the security officer will be able to see what each vehicle contains without having to open it and check it one by one. This type of cargo inspection system is essential when it is necessary to check what a large number of people are carrying in their trucks or passenger cars, as it helps to avoid long queues. It is a tool that provides security to your customers.

Separate content by color

Products can be divided into organic and inorganic. Each of these products has different densities and shapes. To help security officers more easily detect any prohibited products, this type of equipment displays the contents of the container or truck in colors. For example, it is forbidden to carry certain liquids and organic products in a container being driven into a port. This type of scanner can be configured to display certain materials in a more striking color. In this case, if a person tries to pass with fruit or liquid, the scanner will display it in a color that will be easy to detect. The process is so simple that it is practically done in real-time. In fact, the scanner can be configured to help detect dangerous items such as weapons or knives.

Avoid awkward moments with customers

One of the advantages of using equipment like the Nuctech Wetan F100 is that there is no need to check what customers bring in their vehicles. If the security personnel were to do so, he or she might come across private items such as underwear. Although it is very likely that such items can be seen on the scanner screen, customers will not know about it and therefore an awkward moment is avoided for them. Thanks to a charge inspection system, security personnel can focus only on those cars or containers that contain a prohibited items and let the others through. This helps to speed up the passage of vehicles, avoids queues and, therefore, customers are not inconvenienced. Customers gain security, convenience, and speed when a company uses this type of scanner.