The Benefits in Using the Integrated Information System For Health Services

The Integrated Information System through the use of big data has changed all aspects of human life, including health services. If you previously need a substantial budget for a long time to collect a large amount of data for medical use, when this is no longer necessary to worry about. The integration of all data sources will make health work more effective and efficient. CCNA is one of the best IT companies that provide services for Converged Networks, Network Infrastructure, Wireless Network Solutions, converged voice, etc. For more information, you can also visit

The application of the latest technology in this integrated information system has created many positive things in which the process of analyzing, managing and utilizing data in the field of health has been faster, more precise, and accurate. In this way, the report on the health of patients up to medicine can also be controlled better. However, what are the benefits and types of reports that can be obtained when you use integrated information systems for health services?

Benefits for getting reports

By using the Integrated Information System, the meaning of health services can be more effective and efficient in managing the data needed during operations. Starting from the report on the health of patients, doctors, list of medical supplies, to the management of all employees. These benefits are important to be considered because they clearly can increase productivity so that health services can be provided optimally.

Besides, the report obtained also brings benefits for patients who need quick treatment, where the hospital or clinic can get information on the patient’s health history faster. That way, you can immediately refer to the appropriate poly or get the medication accurately. The integrated information system used can save the patient through existing reports.

Health services management also works better, because the possibility of running out of stock of medicines can also be minimized. The authorized officer can access reports on incoming and outgoing medicines regularly, to be able to provide all the necessary needs. Financial transparency will also be able to use integrated data.

The simple daily report

If before the report wrote manually, it will require a lot of time and effort. Now, with all the information systems integrated into health services, everything can be finished quickly. You can do from the simplest day-to-day reports, for example informing the arrival of patients, the number of patients treated, the type of disease, as well as the most visited poly by the patients.

Monthly and annual reports are more comprehensive

The integrated information system through the use of big data also allows you to get a full monthly and annual report more comprehensive. Interestingly, you should never ask for a report from each of the divisions in the health services agency because all of the data and information entered in the database has been integrated until it has been accessed easily by the authorities. This will certainly save your time.

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